Red Wings-Flyers quick take: shootout win ends losing streak, but 3rd period faltering provides cold comfort

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to snap a 10-game losing streak while battling the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night.

Detroit beat the Flyers 5-4 in a shootout, ending their 10-game losing streak, but the Red Wings surrendered 2-1, 3-1 and 4-3 leads en route to a 4-4 tie in a terrible, horrible, no good very bad 3rd period.

Dylan Larkin scored 2 goals and had an assist, Evgeny Svechnikov scored his first NHL goal and the Wings chased Mrazek, but Alex Lyon was excellent in relief and Detroit just plain old got flattened in the 3rd period, reminding us that this team is mediocre at its very best.

9 more games of this.

The Flyers’ lineup was known before the game, per’s Dave Hogg

Flyers projected lineup

Claude GirouxSean CouturierTravis Konecny

Oskar LindblomNolan PatrickJakub Voracek

Jordan WealValtteri FilppulaWayne Simmonds

Jori LehteraScott LaughtonMatt Read

Ivan ProvorovShayne Gostisbehere

Travis SanheimAndrew MacDonald

Robert HaggRadko Gudas

Petr Mrazek

Alex Lyon

And the Red Wings’ lineup was known as well:

The Flyers started Oskar Lindblom, Nolan Patrick and Jakub Voracek at forward, Ivan Provorov and Shane Gostisbehere on defense and Petr Mrazek in goal;

The Red Wings started Darren Helm, Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha at forward, Niklas Kronwall and Mike Green on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

Brian Pochmara and Dean Morton refereed the game, with Steve Miller and James Tobias working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Patrick, and Larkin won the draw to Green, the Wings chipped and chased, Larkin spun back and sent a shot in on Mrazek from the side of the net. Mantha helped get the puck back to Kronwall, who pinched, Larkin tried to over-play the puck, and despite a keep-in from Mantha, the Wings needed to regroup and change some 35 seconds into the 1st.
  • The Flyers were unable to enter the Wings’ zone with any structure, so Bertuzzi and DeKeyser sent the puck up to Zetterberg, Philadelphia responded by icing the puck, and Detroit forced the Flyers to chip the puck out of trouble again.
  • Frans Nielsen got the Wings’ second shot in on Mrazek, but Mrazek made a big stop, Filppula and the Flyers cycled down low in the Wings’ zone, and Ericsson and Nielsen overloaded the wing vs. Simmonds and Weal, Simmonds could not center the puck as Abdelkader stole it, he tried to cycle to Abdelkader, and the Flyers took over some 2 minutes into the 1st.
  • The Wings stood up at center ice to frustrate the Flyers again, and Howard played a dump-in to his defense. Green chipped, Glendening and Svechnikov jammed the puck out of the right wing corner boards, and Svechnikov centered the puck, but could not get a teammate to jab the puck in on Mrazek.
  • Just under 3 minutes into the 1st, Jensen and Green worked the puck down low, Jensen slid a puck toward Mrazek and the Flyers parried the puck away via a shot block.
  • Mantha, Larkin and Helm completed the Wings’ four-line rotation some 3:10 into the 1st, and the Flyers broke out, with Konecny generating the Flyers’ first real shot on goal at 3:40.
  • The Flyers re-set and skated back in, but DeKeyser sent a blind pass to Nyquist, he skated up with Bertuzzi and Zetterberg, Daley came up to pinch the puck in tight, Nyquist centered the puck from below the goal line, and Kronwall found Mrazek willing to stifle his centering pass.
  • Athanasiou fed Nielsen off a faceoff and Nielsen sent a sneaky backhand in on Mrazek, but he made a nice stop…
  • Filppula was felled by Kronwall, but nothing was called, and Detroit chugged up ice, Abdelkader and Athanasiou sent the puck in on Mrazek, and Detroit regrouped at center.
  • Athanasiou worked the puck back in deep, cycled and circled the net, but he was stopped, and Frk and Glendening worked with Svechnikov to try to eat the puck down low.
  • Philly escaped to center ice and chipped and chased, and Ericsson, Glendening, Jensen and Frk combined to clear the zone and set up the Larkin line for a little time of possession in deep.
  • The tide was turning, however, with the Flyers’ resolve stiffening and their sticks finding pucks, so Detroit’s opponent was waking up some 6:30 into the 1st.
  • Philly skated into the Wings’ zone and Giroux, Provorov and Gostisbehere combined to send a shot in that Bertuzzi blocked.
  • Gostisbehere, Patrick, Voracek and company cycled some more and Howard made a nice stop on a shot from some distance, and the first TV timeout hit at 7:14.
  • At 7:14, Detroit had out-shot Philadelphia 6-2 and out-attempted Philly 9-5; hits were 3-2 Philadelphia; giveaways 2-1 Detroit, takeaways 1-0 Detroit, blocked shots 3-2 Philadelphia, faceoffs 2-1 Detroit (67%).
  • With 12:46 remaining in the 1st, the Wings swiped the puck on the draw but Giroux stole it back, sent a shot in on Howard, and the Flyers cycled, with Howard having to make a stifling stop between his blocker and body.
  • Helm had to substitute for Larkin on the next draw, Helm won it and Detroit turned the puck over at its blueline, but Detroit recovered, skated to the Flyers’ blueline, and turned the puck over there.
  • Philly went the other way, but the Wings were swarming Philly’s puck carrier, and that resulted in steals and puck possession for the Red Wings.
  • The Wings slowly but surely attacked the Flyers as Philly was standing up at their blueline, and Philly counter-attacked nearly 9 minutes into the 1st, with Green helping Zetterberg carry the puck in.
  • Nyquist sent a smart backhand pass to Bertuzzi in the slot, and he generated a good scoring chance against Mrazek.
  • Detroit was able to get the puck through center ice as Frk, Glendening and Svechnikov at least looked competent, but a turnover at the blueline yielded a high save by Howard on Provorov;
  • Glendening and Athanasiou ate the puck in the Flyers’ zone with Abdelkader, but the Flyers escaped, chipped and chased, and Detroit took over, with Daley and DeKeyser helping Nielsen chip and Detroit chase, with Abdelkader and Athanasiou working with DeKeyser to cycle.
  • 10:45 into the 1st, Philadelphia iced the puck…
  • But the Flyers won the deep defensive zone draw, attacked the Red Wings’ Larkin line, and got some grind time before Mantha and Larkin tried to combine for a 2-on-2 attack.
  • Bertuzzi hopped over the boards early, Larkin got a shot on Mrazek, and with 8:17 remaining in the 1st, the second TV timeout hit.
  • The game was at least moving along nicely.
  • At 11:43, Detroit was out-shooting Philadelphia 8-7; attempts 13-10 Detroit; hits 6-2 Philadelphia; giveaways 3-2 Detroit, takeaways 1-0 Detroit; blocked shots 5-2 Philadelphia; faceoffs 4-3 Detroit (57%).

During the TV timeout, the Wings gave Mrazek a brief tribute:

  • When play resumed, the Flyers iced the puck, Zetterberg lost the draw to Couturier, and Bertuzzi and Gudas bumped and ground, yielding an interference call against Gudas.

Gudas squeezed Bertuzzi at 12:05 and he sat for interference.

  • ON THE PP: Detroit was unable to sustain possession as Frk fumbled the puck, and Mantha’s zone entry was a mess, so Mike Green set up skating to center, he drop passed the puck to Larkin, and he gained the zone, drop passed to Nielsen, and Green, Frk and Larkin worked together to send a sneaky shot in on Mrazek, but Letera was able to get an easy clear.
  • With 1:00 remaining in the PP the Wings changed units, and Nyquist took a Kronwall drop pass, gained the zone, and Zetterberg and Nyquist could not connect, yielding a Matt read skate-up that Abdelkader stole. Detroit re-set and re-entered the zone, Nyquist fired a shot in on Mrazek and the puck was bumped into the crowd off Mrazek’s helmet.
  • Detroit lost the next faceoff, and the Flyers essentially killed the penalty as Detroit’s PP clock ticked down to single digits. Nyquist was unable to attack on the Kronwall drop pass, and that was it. 2 shots for the PP…
  • And the Flyers raced into the Wings’ zone, going laterally and passing player to player, but Zetterberg was able to steal and stifle, Detroit cleared, and DeKeyser got a shot on Mrazek from distance.
  • The Wings re-set at center and Athanasiou sent a shot in as Mrazek held on with 5:14 remaining.
  • At 14:46, Detroit was out-shooting Philly 11-7; attempts 17-10; hits 7-2 Philly; giveaways 5-2 Detroit, takeaways 2-0 Detroit; blocked shots 5-2 Philly; faceoffs 6-5 Detroit (55%).
  • When play resumed, the Wings ground the puck out down low, with Svechnikov, Glendening and Frk kicking and jamming the puck loose, but the Flyers were able to clear the zone and attack Detroit, where they found the Wings’ defense standing up.
  • Svechnikov got dumped by Hagg sans penalty, and DeKeyser and Jensen played catch before springing Nielsen for a solid rush. DeKeyser pinched, Abdelkader ground and the Flyers iced the puck.
  • Detroit lost the deep offensive zone draw, and Zetterberg, Daley, Nyquist and Bertuzzi faced the Flyers’ attack, with Zetterberg stealing the puck, Konecny responding with a shot and DeKeyser clearing the zone.
  • With 3:15 remaining in the 1st, Philly set up at center, attacked, and Green gave the puck up but Helm battled the puck free once and twice, Larkin skated up and Mantha flipped a sideways shot in on Mrazek, who stopped him…
  • Philly raced in 3-on-2, and Howard made a nice stop while wearing a white mask, stoning MacDonald;
  • Green then helped Abdelkader chip and chase; Athanasiou centered the puck but Mrazek smelled that coming and lay down his blocker to block the centering pass…
  • Detroit re-set in its own zone with 1:43 remaining, and Ericsson slid the puck up to center, Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi surrendered a rush, and Giroux sent a pass to Gostisbehere for a shot, but he was stopped.
  • Daley helped Detroit skate up and into the Flyers’ zone, a shallow clear yielded a change-and-attack for Larkin’s line, and the Wings got a little cute, having to re-set at center before Mantha chipped a puck off a Flyers skate wide of Mrazek.
  • Ultimately, the Flyers’ sticks and skates were in the right spots, and luck was on Mrazek’s side as well.
  • With 30 seconds remaining, the Flyers raced into the Wings’ zone, and Voracek was stopped by Howard on the blocker side.
  • Nielsen and company worked into the Flyers’ zone, Philly could not clear the puck, and the first period expired as a scoreless one.

The 1st period in summary: For the Red Wings, a scoreless first period in which the Wings dominated in terms of shots and attempts, as well as possession time and time of attack…That’s a victory.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Philadelphia 13-9 and out-attempted Philadelphia 23-13; hits were 8-4 Philadelphia; giveaways 5-5; takeaways 2-0 Detroit (possession changes 7-5 Detroit); blocked shots 7-2 Philadelphia; faceoffs 7-7 (50%).

Individually, Larkin led the Wings with 3 shots, and Nyquist, Nielsen and Svechnikov had 2 shots; Nyquist, Green, Kronwall and Svechnikov had 1 hit; Zetterberg had 3 giveaways; Jensen and Abdelkader had takeaways; Green and Bertuzzi blocked 1 shot; Larkin was 2-and-1 (67%) on faceoffs; Detroit was even in plus-minus, and Green led the team with 7:34 played; Kronwall played 7:09, DeKeyser 7:06, Larkin 7:14, Bertuzzi 5:58, Daley 5:57, Abdelkader 5:57, Zetterberg 5:46, Nyquist 5:40, Ericsson 5:37.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Patrick and Larkin won the draw again, the Wings chipped and chased, Larkin dumped a Flyer and Detroit held the puck in, so Larkin cycled to the point, Green sent a shot toward the net, the Flyers’ Patrick took the puck and sent it behind Howard, Philadelphia watched Detroit ice the puck–despite the fact that Anthony Mantha beat a Flyer to the puck…
  • And the Flyers won the deep offensive zone draw, cycled from forward to defense, and Mantha had to flip the puck out of trouble.
  • Philadelphia set up and attempted to attack the Wings’ line, and some careless play by Bertuzzi required Daley and Zetterberg to cover up, but Z’s pass was behind Nyquist, and Jordan Weal blasted a heavy shot off Nyquist’s blocking stick.
  • Nielsen and Filppula drew in for an offensive zone draw and Filppula won it, but Abdelkader stole the puck, he fed Athanasiou, and AA shanked the puck off the shaft of Mrazek’s stick.
  • The Red Wings did not win the deep offensive zone faceoff on the ensuing play, and Philly forechecked with Ericsson and Daley struggling to push the puck out from below the Wings’ goal line.
  • Detroit re-set, Abdelkader forechecked into Philly’s zone, and the Flyers snuck Konecny onto the ice…

And Evgeny Svechnikov got called for tripping Lindblom at 2:27.

  • ON THE PK, and after Howard had a skate blade replaced by Paul Boyer, Glendening drew in for the faceoff, Daley pushed the puck out to center and sent a backhand in on Mrazek, with Glendening smartly skating toward Mrazek to make the Flyers’ goalie hold onto the puck.
  • Detroit lost the deep offensive zone faceoff, and Philadelphia chipped and chased, Nielsen sent the puck out of trouble, and 3 minutes into the 2nd period, the Flyers set up.
  • Gostisbehere set up Giroux, the Flyers’ Voracek cycled around the side boards, Giroux found Voracek and he fanned on the puck.
  • Philly re-set at center, Helm joined the Wings’ fray, and Gostisbehere was blocked and then blocked off by Helm.
  • With 45 seconds remaining in the PK, Larkin and Glendening returned to the ice to work with DeKeyser and Daley. Philly set up, Patrick sent the puck to Lindblom and Daley and Larkin cleared the zone.
  • Philly skated back in, Konecny tried to get around Green, Philly cycled from Laughton to Letera, and Abdelkader mashed, but the Flyers ground, a point shot was blocked but the Flyers retained possession of the puck, and 5 minutes into the 2nd, Green blocked a Sandheim shot.
  • Green and Kronwall set up as the Wings changed lines, Kronwall fed Zetterberg and he chipped the puck deep, with Detroit stealing the puck and then finding it stolen by the Flyers.
  • Zetterberg held the puck in for Bertuzzi, he returned the puck to Zetterberg, and Z fired a shot out of play on a deflection.
  • 5:47 into the 2nd, Detroit won a faceoff, Daley sent a shot wide, and DeKeyser came back as Howard made a block stop…

And Detroit raced up the other way, with Helm charging up ice, Larkin skating in 2-on-1, and Larkin used the Flyers’ defenseman as a screen before sniping a shot through Mrazek’s blocker.

Larkin scored to make it 1-0 at 6:08 from Helm.

  • Bertuzzi, Zetterberg and Nyquist buzzed on the bump-up shift, with Nyquist missing on a prime scoring chance;
  • Patrick, Voracek and company ran into the Wings’ defense nad found their shot attempts blocked going the other way…
  • And Detroit set up in the Flyers’ zone, with Nielsen blockered away by Mrazek on a broken play.
  • Simmonds raced in on Howard and sent a backhand wide, but Simmonds drew a power play…

As Ericsson headed off for slashing at 7:13.

  • At 7:13, Detroit was out-shooting Philadelphia 3-1 in the 2nd and 16-10 overall; attempts 32-21 Detroit; hits 8-7 Philadelphia; giveaways 6-5 Detroit, takeaways 3-0 Detroit; blocked shots 11-7 Philadelphia; faceoffs 12-10 Detroit (55%).
  • ON THE PK, Detroit won the defensive zone faceoff and Glendening and DeKeyser backchecked as the Flyers took over possessoin, with Gostisbehere sending and then taking a pass from Voracek, but Daley and Larkin and Glendening skated away, Glendening raced up the wing…

And Glendening fired a top shelf shot over Petr Mrazek’s glove to make it 2-0.

Β Glendening made it 2-0 at 7:59, from Daley.

  • Detroit won the center ice draw and surrendered possession to the Flyers, but Detroit stood up at the blueline and forced Philadelphia to go offside.
  • Nielsen, Helm, Daley and DeKeyser did a nice job of battling the puck loose, but Simmonds and Voracek sent the puck to Giroux, to Gostisbehere and back to Giroux, he clanged a puck off the goalpost and the Flyers stuffed the rebound home.

Giroux centered the puck off the goalpost behind Howard, and Couturier beat DeKeyser in a stick battle for the puck as Howard flailed to try and get his glove over to stop the puck.

Β Couturier scored to make it 2-1 at 6:53, from Giroux and Gostisbehere.

  • On the post-goal shift, Detroit won the opening faceoff, parried away a Flyers rush, and went offside as Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi tried to skate over the blueline sans puck.
  • The Flyers won the next faceoff and attacked fairly heavily, but Detroit emerged with the puck, Larkin swept the puck around the goal on a wraparound, he was stopped;

Ericsson chipped a shot toward the goal, Svechnikov kicked the puck to Larkin, Larkin’s shot was stopped by Mrazek’s toe, and Svechnikov spun and fired his first goal into an empty net.

Β Svechnikov scored his first NHL goal at 9:57, making it 3-1, from Frk and Larkin.


  • Detroit battled the puck to center ice and parried a Flyers rush away during the post-goal shift, and Daley chipped without a chase, forcing DeKeyser to steer a Flyer wide.
  • AA found Nielsen, he worked up ice with Abdelkader, Detroit pushed the puck to the point, where Green and Kronwall dumped it deep, and the Flyers cleared the zone, working hard to attack the Wings’ zone without reward.
  • Kronwall and Green set up, Green fed Helm, and the puck stayed in the middle of the ice.
  • Philadelphia chipped and changed while deep in the Wings’ zone, and MacDonald could not send the puck on net, so Zetterberg and Mantha nearly set up Jensen for a goal…
  • Philly skated the other way 3-on-2, and Sandheim could not send the puck in as Detroit blocked off the Flyers’ rush.
  • After a TV timeout at 12:40, Svechnikov and Glendening buzzed down low in the Flyers’ zone, sending the puck out front for a Frk shot on Lyon.
  • Detroit won the next draw, but Nielsen and Athanasiou watched the Flyers send the puck down into the Wings’ zone, and Daley and DeKeyser had to battle very hard to flip the puck out of trouble.
  • Philadelphia re-set, re-entered the Wings’ zone and Detroit was on its heels somewhat, but the Wings stiffened up and stood up to the Flyers’ attack, forcing them offside.
  • Detroit attacked the Flyers’ zone on the next shift, with Larkin, Svechnikov and Helm working together, and as Jensen stifled a Flyers rush, Detroit went the other way, Larkin raced in and sent a shot in, Green got the rebound off Lyon, but he made a big stop;
  • With 5 minutes remaining in the 2nd, Kronwall blasted the puck through but essentially iced it from center ice.
  • When the Wings won the deep defensive zone draw, Detroit was able to chip and change, and Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi watched a Flyers shot go wide, Bertuzzi and Jensen cycled, and the Flyers took over, with Laughton breaking in alone…
  • And HOWARD was equal to the task, as was JENSEN, who lifted Laughton’s stick.
  • The Flyers continued to attack the Red Wings, and Howard chose to smother a puck and get a TV timeout with 3:44 remaining in the 2nd.
  • At 16:14, Detroit was out-shooting Philadelphia 7-2 in the 2nd and 20-11 overall; attempts 39-27 Detroit; hits 13-11 Philadelphia; giveaways 6-6, takeaways 4-0 Detroit; blocked shots 13-10 Philadelphia; faceoffs 19-13 Detroit (59%).
  • When play resumed, Abdelkader had to take the defensive zone draw, which he won, and the Wings chipped the puck down ice, Abdelkader and Nielsen chased, but the Flyers skated into the Wings’ zone offside.
  • Detroit was able to win the defensive blueline draw, Larkin, Mantha and Helm worked with the Wings to push the puck deep, but Coutureir skted back into the Wings’ zone, Howard had to make a big scrambly stop and then a second on Weal, Helm and Green and Kronwall dealt with some hits before Detroit chipped the puck deep and changed, and there were 2 minutes remaining in the 2nd period.
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg, Jensen and Ericsson worked the puck up ice, Detroit changed as Ericsson pinched, and Bertuzzi gave the puck away.
  • Bertuzzi stole it right back from Giroux, the Wings parried away a non-icing call and Abdelkader, Nielsen and Athanasiou cycled with Green, but the Flyers emerged with the puck and cleared the zone.
  • With under a minute remaining, Detroit chipped away and Svechnikov sent a long shot in on Lyon, who smothered the puck with 31.3 remaining.
  • Detroit lost the offensive zone draw, Philly skated into the Wings’ zone, centered the puck, and Detroit took over, with Svechnikov dumped sans call, Frk dumped sans call, and time nearly ran out with Frk blasting a heavy shot on Lyon off a bad giveaway by Couturier.

The 2nd period in summary: Detroit played a dominant period, out-hustling and out-working the Flyers to the tune of 3 goals on Petr Mrazek, who was pulled just short of halfway through the game. I didn’t think that Mrazek was pulled for poor goaltending, but coach Dave Hakstol sent a message that the Flyers heard as they were a better team–but still not as good as the Wings–after the pull.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Philadelphia 9-5 in the 2nd period and 22-14 overall. Philadelphia went 1-for-2 in 3:40 of PP time, Detroit 0-for-1 in 2:00.

Detroit out-attempted Philly 41-30; hits 14-13 Philadelphia; giveaways 8-7 Detroit, takeaways 4-0 Detroit (possession changes 11-8 Detroit); blocked shots 12-4 Philadelphia; faceoffs 20-15 Detroit (57%).

Individually, Larkin led the Wings with 6 shots and 8 attempts; Svechnikov had 4 shots, Nielsen 3 and Nyquist 2; Abdelkader, Green and Bertuzzi had 2 hits; Zetterberg had 4 giveaways; Jensen, Abdelkader, Nyquist and Zetterberg had 1 takeaway; Green blocked 3 shots, Nyquist 2 and Bertuzzi 2; Glendening led the Wings with a 5-and-2 (71%) faceoff record; Detroit was +14, and Green led the Wings in ice time with 14:11; Kronwall played 14:11; DeKeyser 13:25, Daley 13:08, Larkin 12:16, Ericsson 11:51, Nielsen 11:48, Jensen 11:25, Helm 11:23.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for one more period-opening faceoff and he battled Giroux, who hacked Larkin twice, and Giroux got tossed for cheating. So Larkin won vs. Konecny, Detroit battled the puck deep into Flyers territory, and a bad DeKeyser pinch did not haunt them as Daley chipped the puck deep again from the Wings’ blueline.
  • Detroit then forced the Flyers to ice the puck 28 seconds into the 3rd.
  • Nyquist had to draw in instead of Zetterberg opposite Giroux for the off-the-icing draw, and Philly chipped the puck down on Howard to change players.
  • Green returned to Philly’s end, Bertuzzi could not keep the puck in, and Detroit turned the puck over in their own zone, yielding an Andrew MacDonald shot from the point that Howard gobbled up.
  • Philly appeared to be pissed off.
  • Nielsen won the defensive zone draw and the Wings were able to clear the zone, but the Flyers attacked again, Jensen had to poke the puck away from Weal, Simmonds stole the puck, Gostisbehere found Filppula, Gudas got a long shot and Howard held on.
  • Detroit won the next faceoff, Glendening battled Sandheim for the puck, and DeKeyser stole the puck via one-timer on Lyon that was stopped.
  • Detroit sustained pressure for a moment, Larkin was unable to keep the puck in, and the Wings worked the chip-and-change play, with Bertuzzi battling deep, challenging Laughton, and Philly forechecked hard, but Zetterberg sent the puck to Bertuzzi, he kept grinding, Detroit was unable to retain possession, and Green chipped the puck deep.
  • Detroit set up with Jensen and Ericsson playing catch, and Jensen sent the puck deep, but the Flyers returned to the Wings’ zone, Detroit parried a dump-in, and then the Wings blocked a couple of shot attempts, with Svechnikov making a big block.
  • Ericsson and DeKeyser set up with 4:01 gone in the 3rd, and Frk and Svechnikov chipped, Lyon played the puck to his defense, and up came the Flyers.
  • Simmonds fed Filppula, Howard stopped the puck, and Detroit coughed the puck up again, with Athanasiou trying to grind it out down low in the Wings’ zone. Howard ultimately earned a whistle via a blocker side hold.
  • With 4:34 gone, Glendening drew in for a draw vs. Giroux, who got tossed again, and Glendening won the puck to Helm, Detroit surrendered pucks to the Flyers, and Philly cycled in the Wings’ zone…
  • But Daley stole the puck, Glendening and MacDOnald kicked and jammed for the puck, Larkin swept it out front, Bertuzzi found Green, he was held up some, Larkin ground out the puck down low, and Konecny and Green went at the bump and grind game, with Detroit clearing its zone.
  • Philadelphia had the edge in puck control and puck possession–as well as momentum–for the first 6 minutes of the 3rd.
  • Konecny sent the puck to Lindblom, and Howard stopped Lindblom, and Detroit cleared the zone.
  • Gostisbehere swiped the puck from Athanasiou, the Flyers worked it to the point, Howard stopped the puck off the point and then stopped Konecny in tight.
  • A TV timeout hit with 13:32 remaining/with 6:28 gone, and at 6:28, Philadelphia was out-shooting Detroit 7-1 in the 3rd but was out-shot 23-21 overall; attempts 42-41 Detroit; hits 18-16 Philly; giveaways 11-8 Detroit, takeaways 5-0 Detroit; blocked shots 12-12; faceoffs 25-15 Detroit (63%).
  • When play resumed, Nielsen won a defensive zone draw and Daley chipped and chased, with Nielsen skating in and firing a hard shot over Lyon’s glove, wide.
  • Philly sent the puck into Detroit’s zone, but Nielsen competently cleared the zone, fed it to his defensemen and got off the ice.
  • Philly chipped and chased, Detroit parried a rush, Abdelkader forechecked, and Philly sent a shot in on Howard…
  • Laughton, Letera and Read cycled…

And as Laughton sent the puck past Mike Green, the puck bounced off Matt Read’s groin and into the net.

Read scored off his groin at 7:46 from Laughton.

  • Detroit iced the puck and Zetterberg had to win a deep defensive zone draw, with Nyquist helping clear the zone.
  • Detroit then took a penalty, and Lyon skated off to the bench as the Flyers went on a 6-on-5 rush.
  • Philly ragged the puck at center, skated in, and Giroux fed Filppula, he sent the puck to the line, and Provorov was blocked by Glendening.

At 8:40, Zetterberg went for high-sticking.

  • Detroit chipped the puck out of trouble on their first defensive zone faceoff, but DeKeyser, Glendening, Larkin and Daley had to work with a Flyers team mucking the puck down low in Detroit’s zone, Gostisbehere and the Flyers tried to work a seam pass, and Gostisbehere scored.

Gostisbehere scored off a one-timed lateral pass working with Giroux and Voracek.

Β Howard had no chance as Simmonds screened Howard. Gostisbehere scored at 9:40 from Giroux and Voracek.

  • The Red Wings won the next center ice draw, but with 10:00 remaining in regulation, the Wings looked like they were withering on the vine.
  • Simmonds went offside at 10:09, and a TV timeout hit.
  • At 10:09, Detroit was out-shot 11-1 in the 2nd and 25-23 overall; attempts 48-43 Philly; hits 18-17 Philly; giveaways 11-8 Detroit, takeaways 5-0 Detroit; blocked shots 14-12 Detroit; faceoffs 28-18 Detroit (61%).
  • Detroit won the post-TV timeout draw and Larkin, Helm and Mantha cycled, Mantha battled away and so did Larkin, but a reverse play by Larkin did not work, Kronwall fed Mantha at the blueline and the shot just floated wide of Lyon.
  • The Wings got away with one as Helm poked down a Flyers defenseman, and the Wings re-set in their zone, changing.
  • With 8:50 remaining, Green fed Abdelkader, Gudas took over and the Flyers attacked via a chip and chase.
  • Daley and DeKeyser found center but the Flyers chipped it back in, Howard put a puck off the glass that the Flyers took, and DeKeyser was de-sticked by Read, Voracek blocked Athanasiou, and the Flyers iced the puck…
  • Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi showed a little more spirit, but Ericsson and Jensen had to block a shot, clear to center once, twice, and then Detroit tried to attack, but the Flyers’ Read skated in instead, and Jensen blocked his shot.
  • The Flyers won the next draw, but Glendening, Frk and Svechnikov got an increasingly rare shift, Howard played Filppula’s dump-in back to Filppula, Frk jammed, the Flyers got the puck to their blueline and fired a shot wide, Green worked the puck out of trouble and Svechnikov cleared the zone.
  • With 6:12 remaining, the Flyers were at least shooting less.
  • Detroit won the next draw…

The Red Wings attacked the Flyers with a chip and chase play, Mantha fed the puck to Larkin out front off a battle with Gostisbehere, and Larkin flipped the pass in over Lyon’s shoulder.

Β Larkin made it 4-3 via Mantha at 14:06.

  • Detroit won the center ice faceoff and had to re-set at center as Nielsen, Athanasiou, Abdelkader, Daley and DeKeyser surrendered the blueline…

And Travis Konecny chipped the puck into the goal as he beat DeKeyser off a pass by Giroux…and the play was blown dead due to the net off…


The referees reviewed the play, called Toronto, and they awarded the goal to Philadelphia at 14:34.Β  The game was tied 4-4.

  • DeKeyser and Daley did a terrible job at the blueline, and DeKeyser did a worse job of checking Konecny, so the game was tied.
  • Giroux got tossed from another draw and Zetterberg won it, but the Flyers stole the puck, skated into the Wings’ zone, and Philly cycled to the point, re-set, Zetterberg’s stick broke, and MacDonald sent a shot high and wide.
  • Zetterberg got a stick from the bench, the Flyers cycled in an umbrella PP formation, and Detroit looked weak…
  • But Bertuzzi blocked a pass, Nyquist cleared to center, and the Flyers chipped and changed.
  • With 4:10 remaining, Larkin chipped the puck deep, but the Flyers won the puck away from Detroit, Larkin gave up the puck to Filppula, he circled the net, pushed it to the point, and Provorov sent the puck wide.
  • Mantha then lost a puck battle and Gostisbehere fired a point shot wide, Weal cycled, Larkin and Mantha and Helm were all in trouble, the loose puck went to Simmonds, and Howard got help from the goalpost!
  • The Flyers had the Wings flopping and flailing, and Gudas sent a shot that Howard stopped, but the net came off its moorings, yielding a TV timeout with 2:41 remaining in regulation.
  • At 17:19, Detroit was out-shot 14-3 in the 3rd and 28-25 overall; attempts were 62-46 Philadelphia.
  • When play resumed, Detroit won the draw, but Glendening, Nielsen and Abdelkader surrendered possession, Howard stopped a tipped shot by Gostisbehere, and Detroit had to take another defensive zone draw.
  • Detroit blocked the next Flyers shot, cleared to center, and Nielsen’s line went off as the Flyers chipped and chased.
  • DeKeyser could not clear the zone, Bertuzzi and Ericsson worked down low, Ericsson fanned on the shot first and then sent it out to center second, and Detroit cleared the zone.
  • Philly chipped and chased again, forechecking the Wings, but Bertuzzi swiped the puck, Green found Nyquist, and he put a puck off Lyon’s blocker.
  • Detroit got a deep offensive zone draw and Mantha, Larkin and Helm tried to grind, but gave up the puck, pushed it out to center, and Philly skated back in, with Giroux feeding a shot near Howard. Daley blocked it with his body, he played the puck as his stick was held, and Provorov sent a shot that Howard stopped.

Worse, Detroit got caught as DeKeyser high-sticked Konecny at 19:25.

  • DeKeyser got 2 minutes.
  • So the Flyers set up for a deep offensive zone faceoff, Giroux won the draw, the defense pushed the lateral pass and Howard made a big block off Couturier.
  • Simmonds and Voracek worked it to Gostisbehere, Voracek found Giroux, Howard stopped Simmonds and the rebound rolled wide, Gostisbehere sent a shot wide and OT was in the offing.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings rolled over and died, surrendering 3 goals and scoring 1 on a lucky play for Larkin. Detroit was ultimately out-shot 15-4 in the 3rd and surrendered a PPG.

OT would start with the Flyers on a 4-on-3 PP.


  • Detroit started the OT 4-on-3 for 1:26 or less.
  • Detroit won the center ice draw and cleared the puck down ice.
  • Glendening, Ericsson and Daley worked the PK as the Flyers set up in the offensive zone.
  • Gostisbehere fed the puck to Giroux, he sent it to Couturier, who hurt Glendening, then Voracek fanned on a shot and the Wings cleared the zone.
  • Philly skated to center, dropped back, and Nielsen, Kronwall and Jensen looked on as the Flyers cycled.
  • Giroux, Simmonds, Gostisbehere and Voracek worked the puck in front, Howard stopped the puck and Detroit killed the penalty.
  • Detroit killed the penalty.
  • Philly skated in with Konecny feeding the slot, Larkin went the other way, but was blocked off at center, DeKeyser and Larkin fed Green, he wentto Mantha, Mantha kicked the puck to the slot and DeKeyser jabbed the puck in on Lyon from a point blank range but was stopped.

  • Mantha’s no-look blind drop pass almost worked.
  • Detroit went to 3-on-3.
  • Athanasiou skated out to center and backed up with 2:45 remaining in Ot. He fed Green, Green wrapped the net but lost the puck, and AA took over, reversed vs. Weal, lost the puck, AA set up behind the net, and AA fed Helm, who fired on Lyon.
  • Blockered away, Detroit changed…
  • Detroit changed, so the Flyers took over with 2:00 remaining in OT.
  • Provorov sent the puck up to Giroux, Zetterberg and Nyquist backed in with Green, Voracek found Giroux and HOWARD MADE A HUGE STOP…
  • Nyquist skated up into the corner, he fed Green behind the goal line, Green backed off and Detroit changed.
  • Green set up and skated into the offensive zone, preparing to feed Larkin, he found Green and Lyon stopped Green.
  • With 1 minute remaining, Larkin jammed away on the goal line via Daley, but Lyon stopped him.
  • Mantha set up as the high man, Larkin skated out to center ice, then back in 1 on 3, he fed Daley, he missed Mantha, and Philly took over.
  • Provorov sent the puck to Couturier, Provorov set up wit h20 remaining, Athanasiou skated n to Mantha, and back it went, so AA could not convert, and we went to a shootout…
  • As Lyon stoned DeKeyser.


  • NIELSEN started for the Wings, skated in and looked forehand backhand and fired a GOAL through Lyon’s legs.
  • Voracek went in slow and was STOPPED by Howard.
  • NYQUIST skated in left wing side and was STOPPED by Lyon.
  • Weal skated in and was POKE CHECKED away by Howard.
  • LARKIN skated in and was STONED by Lyon.
  • Patrick had to keep the game alive, and he skated in, skated in, and SENT IT WIDE.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary:Β 

The final shot attempts were 71-52 Philadelphia.

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6 thoughts on “Red Wings-Flyers quick take: shootout win ends losing streak, but 3rd period faltering provides cold comfort”

  1. Strange game, dominant 2nd then dominated in the 3rd.

    Nice to see them break the streak and nice to see them chase Razor from the net. Its was also a bit comical to see Razor flopping around in his net with a different jersey on for once.

  2. Even tankers have to be happy THAT streak is broken.

    Ive been seeing Flyers play better when Mr. Lyon is in play. I’m thinking it just happened again,. Suspicious pattern of preference….?

  3. You do have to wonder if Mrazek will ever figure it out.
    So much talent and big game attitude.

    I’ve been a pretty big fan, but honestly: as long as we get a 3rd round pick, it’s water under the bridge. I just can’t root for Philly to make the conference finals. And would Mrazek even play six games if they did?

    I don’t mind seeing him out for a swim when Svech is shooting.
    Confidence seems to mean a lot for that kid and we could use
    a decent sniper with some bulk and willingness to play inside.

    Draft a top-three D, and hey, we’re approximately 1/3 of the way there.

  4. Svech played great on both ends. Not sure about the west coast games, but he was good tonight. Figured he’d get more more minutes.

    1. No more than 8ish minutes in any game I believe. Give him more for ANY reason. Nice Mr. Nyquist would understand a 10 game demotion, Right?

  5. The minute Ken mentioned that Couturier hadn’t scored in 15 games, I knew he’d score against us. πŸ™‚ Great to see Larkin get that monkey off his back, too.

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