So here we are on Saturday night: a discussion post

So it’s Saturday, and I’m just peeking my head out from under the covers as my depression starts to abate. I hate having a chronic illness, and if you’ll pardon the pun, it drives me nuts when it interferes with my ability to churn out content.

It’s not good business sense for a new blogger to go dark for three-and-a-half days, I know, but when a depressive episode hits, it’s like getting knocked off my feet with an 8-foot-tall wave of fatigue, and that wave gives me no inkling as to when I might be able to get up. A couple of hours? A couple of days? A couple of weeks? It’s all very murky at first, and that’s frightening more than depressing.

I’m trying to get up now, and trying to look around.

Where are we, as Wings fans?

  • Two more losses deep into what’s now an 0-8-and-1 slide. Losses to Los Angeles and Anaheim, back-to-back.


  • I’ve got my DVR ready, and when Saturday night’s Sportsnet Headlines are over, Ill be watching at least one of the games, hopefully both before tomorrow night’s 3 PM start. At least last night’s game had some life to it, or so I’m told.


  • We’re apparently knee deep into the discussion as to whether Jared Coreau can play as Jimmy Howard’s back-up going forward, with the media and fans leaning toward, “No.”



  • The Tank is now of common knowledge among the fan base and is being discussed at length. This annoys me to no end as I want to see the Wings at least be competitive to provide a better example for their struggling players…


  • But this is what I’ve meant when I’ve said that, “Water will find its level” all year long–the Red Wings are going to finish where their skill level, depth of talent and competence at hockey belong, just as water conforms to the shape of its container.


  • It’s also no longer inappropriate to talk about players taking part in the World Championship this May in Denmark (see: Larkin, Abdelkader and Howard may reprise their roles on Team USA; will AA and Mantha play for Canada?)…


  • Nor is it inappropriate to start talking about the tight playoff race in the AHL’s West Division as it applies to the Grand Rapids Griffins as perhaps being of equal importance to the Red Wings’ record. The Red Wings will have playoff teams representing the organization this month, and they’ll be the Griffins and Toledo Walleye.


  • Along those lines, there is at least some minor intrigue regarding the Red Wings’ pursuit of NCAA free agents. With David Pope almost sure to sign with the Wings, is there anyone out there that you’re interested in?


  • Ah, and yes, of course, there is what’s going on with the website. Unless you’ve got any desire to submit a logo (250 px by 250 px and 150 px by 500 px, emailed to, I believe that it’s time to gather the entries together and get a vote going. After the logo contest comes the website redesign, so prepare your ideas!


  • “Comments on comments” was perhaps the most interesting post I’ve ever made in terms of user response. It turns out that it’s not “about that one person” and more about how you all get along, and I’d prefer to talk about some voluntary “code of conduct” than anything else, because I’m going to try to find an “ignore” button, but one way or another, we’re going to have to try to live with each other.


  • Again, this is a shit time to talk about it, but I can’t believe it, I’ve gotten two patrons during my involuntary siesta, and and exist to extend the community and keep this website ad-free…God, I feel embarrassed mentioning this in this post, but I wanted to cover all the bases. I hope this is a start.


  • If you have any comments or concerns regarding anything else, please do leave them in the comments section or email me or Facebook message me as necessary.


  • Thank you for reading, and now I’m going to try to get back to covering hockey:


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18 thoughts on “So here we are on Saturday night: a discussion post”

  1. Rather than worry about a backup goalie, the Wings may want to look at a #1 Goalie.

    Grand Howard is cruising at .909 SV%, 2.87 GAA and ZERO shutouts. Those are not NHL #1 Goalie Stats. Not stealing any games especially in 1 goal loses.

    Big E was -4 vs Ducklings? Or Did Howard add a couple of minuses?

    Hope the Wings don’t have any NHL ready goalies and will only get worse as Howard gets older and slower
    HSJ need not respond about her boy, again

  2. Good to see you back! Let’s get started. I agree that a #1 goalie is needed but also a couple of top defensemen, a front of net guy & sniper. Hey

  3. Good to see you back! Let’s get started. I agree that a #1 goalie is needed but also a couple of top defensemen, a front of net guy & sniper. Hey

  4. Brief note on comments: I found it very distasteful that the one member used your absence as a time to give themselves a trophy and play victim. Its also unfortunate to see a couple posters leave, primis being one. Wanted improvement, and didn’t get it. Comments of recent have been pleasant and non confrontational. My .02 And ready to be done.

    Anyway, I dont think fans want to lose 7-0, but still want them to be competitive, just lose in regulation.

    I also have had this question in mind for a while: we all have criticisms for how to improve the team…but we want them to lose and the front office to be swept away. Those two dont mix.

    1. That’s the biggest bugaboo…we all want change, but the ways in which changes occur tend to be paradoxical…

    2. I was quite literally on my back for a couple of days, so I didn’t get to see that comment…You only get so many second chances, you know?

      1. The primis comment is separate from the rest – misplaced by me.

        In any case, Holland seems to be just riding the bad contracts out. If he can get rid of them sooner, fine. But he won’t take back more bad contracts or give up picks. It’s the slow way to turn around. We are not a patient bunch.

        He is more prone to a rebuild. Why else would he trade Tatar, on an OK (at worst) deal, not even a year after signing him?

        1. Shit happens comments-wise. If we can get along…mostly…that’s good enough for me.

          I agree with you, it looks like Kenny is going to ride things out, assuming that he isn’t burnt out, and if that is the case, we have 2-4 more years of ups and downs before the ups become the norm…but absent the infusion of a Tavares or Karlsson, there’s not much TO do other than weather the storm and hope to hit more regularly at the draft table (though there are incremental moves here and there, like the Tatar trade, that can be done to bolster the chances at one side or the other).

  5. Vegas is dropping fast. It mite mean pick #24 at best.
    Wings are dropping fast but will end up in a spot that likely a #6 or #8
    I think AA and pick(s) would be great currency. BE BOLD!

    Notice a lot of input today, very glad for you George!

    I became slightly near-sited recently. My own built in ignore button.
    Free speech is an important thing anywhere. No blame or shame and we all win.

  6. Hey George. Apparently my previous comments wishing you well and reminding others not to attack other posters with flippant comments about mental health have been deemed “distasteful”…well at least according to a couple of readers. I hope you didn’t take it that way. I take mental health very seriously and have never attacked others with insensitive comments like that.

    But I will be stepping back for awhile. Hopefully those that are focused on me can re-direct their energy to posting about hockey. Maybe I’ll check in later. Good luck with the site and with your struggles. FatSavage.

    1. Ok F#ts#v#g#, most of your info if great and researched well. Take a couple deep breaths, and allow in the fact that our team is losing now and everyone is slightly pissed.

      It might be easier if you redefined comments with a new user name less confrontational and pain-full to say, and then let that filter your messages to us.

      I would listen to what a PleasinglyPlumpPrimitive has to say. (Impish sarcasm implied here please) Im just trying to say, give a little, and so will others.

      1. This is a hard time for EVERYone to comment because our nerves are on edge. That doesn’t make FS or anyone else less welcome to share.

        I would like to thank EVERYONE who is trying to make the community work. I’m incredibly grateful for the constructive criticism we’ve issued regarding each other and ourselves. If we all try to give a little here and there, this can still work.

      2. That’s next level thinking there, but its probably always been the content of comments. Give a little improvement there, get a little respect.

    2. FS, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of this s***, and I don’t mean your comments. The interpretation thereof is…severe, and that’s just unacceptable.

      I hope you can feel welcome enough to post because that’s the concept here–when I reviewed the comments in that entry, they sure as hell weren’t about one person, but instead, disagreements between several individuals.

      1. Yeah George. When I send you well wishes and encourage others to refrain from insensitive mental health comments like “FS, you are a psychopath, you need help, you are a sick puppy, etc…” …and somehow that’s interpreted as me being distasteful then clearly there is no reasoning with some people. Your comments on comments discussion clearly showed that it is not all about me, and how other readers are just as annoyed with my “critics” as they are with me. So out of respect for you I’m going to take a break. Would love to see those who attack me actually discuss hockey instead.

  7. “Would love to see those who attack me actually discuss hockey instead.”

    Not trying to be rude but if you would just take some advice from others (and your own, because you haven’t talked hockey in weeks, even in this very post that had discussion going!), we’d all be better off. Like, you were gone, hockey talk continued, but you decided to crtisize us for not having enough engagement when there wasn’t a post for three days.

    Please come back with less holier than thou. You act so self-important, when you’ve driven away commentors. Read back your comments and look how much I or Me you use.


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