The Athletic’s Scott on the Tomas Tatar trade

The Athletic’s Topher Scott discusses the Tomas Tatar trade to Vegas, suggesting that the Red Wings “won” the deal (via significant video analysis):

The Red Wings lost a player with a lot of ability in their trade of Tatar. He played on their top two lines and he played on their power play. But … he didn’t play like that all the time.

In too many games, I wanted more. I could see the high-end ability he could bring to the team. I just didn’t see it as much as I would have liked. As any Red Wings fan would tell you having listened to Mike Babcock and Jeff Blashill over the past decade, CONSISTENCY is the attribute coaches crave the most.

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7 thoughts on “The Athletic’s Scott on the Tomas Tatar trade”

  1. I can’t really argue here. Tatar could be a 30-40 goal guy with consistency. He never found it. When he’s on, he’s really *on* though.

    I think we all just wish he had that kind of fire more often, or all the time. DET will miss his pop a bit, but ultimately I think they’re better off with the 3 picks. And if even 1 of those 3 turn into anything, boy howdy look out. Vegas could really, REALLY regret it, since they have NO pipeline still. Even though all three picks are spread out.

    And Tatar has 1G in 3 GP with Vegas, but he’s -3.

    In a perfect world here, Vegas slumps now until the end of the season, finishes poorly, and then is a first round exit. That’s best for DET’s 1st rounder from them.

    1. Since they are going to win the division, it really doesn’t matter if Vegas wins the first round, just as long as they don’t play in the conf finals.

  2. Vegas already has a far better pipeline than we do. Frankly better than many franchises. And they have a boatload of picks at their disposal. And remember, Tatar is under contract for 3 more years. Vegas could recoup some picks by selling him as a UFA in 3 years.

  3. Vegas has a better pipeline because of the expansion draft. Are you seriously using this as an indictment on the Wings and other teams?

    1. Umm, not sure where I said that. Primis suggested Vegas may regret the Tatar trade because they surrendered 3 picks “and have NO pipeline” .
      So I merely shared my opinion that the Vegas pipeline is already more impressive than ours, and several other franchises.
      What have I said wrong?

      1. You said nothing wrong, but there are times that we’re judged upon the preponderance of our comments (which can suck and/or be unfair).

        We can still get along despite the odd jab here and there, though I don’t recommend them out of hand.

  4. What Vegas has is irrelevant to the wings situation. We got a great return for a guy with a lot of term left. We need picks and Tomas isn’t getting any younger. With this deep draft, we will have the opportunity to get two great top 31 picks.

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