TSN’s Dreger talks Flyers and Mrazek

From TSN:

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger reports the Philadelphia Flyers are having ongoing discussions with the Detroit Red Wings regarding goaltender Petr Mrazek.

The Flyers, already without starter Brian Elliott, lost fill-in starter Michal Neuvirth to a lower-body injury in Sunday’s win over the New York Rangers.

Rookie Alex Lyon stopped 25 of 26 shots in relief as the Flyers improved to 30-19-10 on the season.

Update @ 2:33 PM: TSN also posted this:

Glendening has drawn interest from the Toronto Maple Leafs, as reported on Friday. Coach Mike Babcock said recently “the people that need to know, know” when asked about his trade wishes.

Well, now we know one of them. Glendening, 28, broke into the NHL under Babcock in 2014-15. The idea would be for Glendening to replace oft-scratched centre Dominic Moore on the fourth line.

The belief is the Maple Leafs offered a fifth-round pick for Glendening, while the Red Wings countered by asking for a second-round pick. Talks were tabled at that point, with the Leafs unwilling to pay that price. Glendening has three years left on his deal at $1.8 million and the Red Wings are amid a rebuild.


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10 thoughts on “TSN’s Dreger talks Flyers and Mrazek”

  1. What do you think we could get for Mrazek? He’s been on as of late and is still only 26 years old + has shown signs of being a top 10 goalie for almost a year. A second or a third probably?

    1. It *sounds* like the return won’t be very high. A 3rd round pick, a 2nd round pick, that’s about it for now.

  2. As much as I feel the Wings have screwed Petr around, despite his own attitude problems, there is no reason to dump him for a 3rd or lower round pick.
    The guy simply has too much potential and they’d be cutting off their nose to spite their face to get rid of him for a low pick. But, then again, this organization is making bizarre moves nowadays so who knows.

    1. I wonder what happened between the organization and Petr to sour the relationship. SOMEthing had to have happened to cause this mess…

      1. No question about it. It may have been Petr’s fault to some degree but he’s a young guy and surely there was enough maturity within the locker room and within the organization to set him straight. Instead, they denigrated his character and his value at the same time.
        To me, that is the ultimate in stupidity.

        1. It just doesn’t make sense to me. There are lots of Red Wings past and present who’ve been dumb young guys at times and have managed to navigate the waters of youth without being written off, or at least without being jettisoned. But I do understand that KH holds grudges. It’s why the Wings didn’t re-sign Mitch Callahan, who fit in perfectly in GR.

          1. If Holland trades Mrazek instead pushing to move Howard now or waiting to move Howard this off-season he’s ruining the Wings for years to come. I was a little young back when they didn’t have a starter they believed in as the Yzerman started leading the team back into the playoffs but that’s what we’d have again, much like the teams the Wings are talking about moving Mrazek to. And then there are the rumors of Holland leaving this summer. Nothing makes sense.

  3. I think there’s a good reason not to trade Glenny. The fourth line is not meant for Smith, Bertuzzi, Rasmussen or shevy. The only person Glenny would be holding back is Turg but he is becoming less and less relavent (Ignore the recent Hat trick). Glenny eats up minutes even though he doesn’t produce point. He’s almost like MLB pitcher that have a 5.80 ERA but will pitch 185+ innings so he is a designated “inning eater”. Glenny has more value now than a 5th rounder.

    1. People have begun noticing that Glendening is useful as a 4th-line center. He’s not the Frans Nielsen match-up guy that Babcock tried to make him out to be, but he does have value, and I think that’s why the Wings aren’t screwing around with his trade value.

      1. I’d still trade Glendening for a good price. I have no doubt the Wings could find a cheaper 4th line center option and penalty killer. Heck, they could draft one early if they wanted to, or maybe Turgeon starts out in that role while we pray his hands develop? And if they don’t maybe he’s that guy who does the same thing for less? He’s projected at 3rd line center at best, isn’t he?

        Time to save money and make room for kids to rotate in and out as needed to spend next season evaluating what the Wings really have while Larkin, Athanesiou, Mantha and Bertuzzi continue to grow.

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