Red Wings-Maple Leafs quick take: burned late, out-hustled, out-worked, out-Matthews

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to defeat a difficult opponent in the Toronto Maple Leafs on Sunday.

Detroit plain old got out-worked, out-hustled and out-scored in a 3-2 defeat in which the Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews scored the gamer with only 31 seconds remaining in regulation time. The Wings took a 1-0 lead and rallied from a 2-1 deficit in the 3rd period, but the Wings tried to nurse a 2-2 tie to overtime, and they were out-worked and out-detailed by a tremendously talented team.

This was a weird game in many respects, and when Dylan Larkin is -3 and his linemates, Andreas Athanasiou and Tomas Tatar are -2, that’s not the greatest sign.

Mrazek was good but not great, the Wings’ decision to play 7 defense (Ouellet skated in a rare game) instead of going with Witkowski seemed to backfire, and this was just another one of those nights against an opponent that the Wings seemed to be unwilling to out-work.

And Leaf fans went wild:


The Maple Leafs’ roster was known before the game…

As was the Red Wings’ lineup, at least minus the starting goaltender:

The Red Wings gave an answer as to who would start via a Tweet stating that Petr Mrazek led the team onto the ice for warm-ups.

The Maple Leafs started James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak and Connor Brown at forward, Jake Gardiner and Nikita Zaitsev on defense and Curtis McIlhinney in goal;

The Red Wings started Tomas Tatar, Dylan Larkin and Andreas Athanasiou at forward, Danny DeKeyser and Nick Jensen on defense and Petr Mrazek in goal.

Wes McCauley and Fredrick L’Ecuyer refereed the game, with David Brisebois and Scott Driscoll working the lines.

The Wings made a slight tweak to their lineup as well, sitting Martin Frk for Xavier Ouellet on defense, thus going with 11 forwards and 7 defensemen.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Bozak and Bozak tied things up but the Wings were able to push the puck back to Mrazek, go D-to-D, and Detroit turned over the puck, with Mrazek stopping a James van Riemsdyk shot.
  • Dylan Larkin raced up the left wing and fired a shot on McIlhinney some 30 seconds into the 1st period, and Ericsson fed Tatar for a big boomer that went wide of the Leafs’ net.
  • Toronto dumped and changed and Ericsson and Daley set up with Nielsen and Helm, who turned the puck over for Matthews. Nylaner coughed up the puck to Abdelkader, Nielsen dropped the puck to Helm on the left wing side skating into the Leafs’ zone, and Helm got the second shot on McIlhinney 1:15 into the 1st.
  • Zetterberg drew in vs. Kadri for an offensive zone draw, Kadri was tossed, and Marner lost the draw, Zetterberg tipped a Jensen shot wide, and Nyquist and Mantha cycled, working with Jensen as he pinched in, reversed and Nyquist shoveled the puck out to center ice trying to feed DeKeyser.
  • Toronto took the puck and Mrazek had to stop a Marner shot; Toronto then fired another shot on Mrazek, who made a good stop on a point shot, and Detroit dumped and changed some 2:15 into the 1st.
  • Detroit disrupted the Leafs’ rush as Bertuzzi, Glendening and Abdelkader worked the puck into Toronto’s zone and then forced Toronto to ice the puck, with Ouellet and Kronwall touching up for icing at 2:36.
  • Larkin’s line completed a four-line rotation but lost an offensive zone faceoff and afforded Toronto a full-ice rush before blocking Dominic Moore’s shot out of play.
  • Witkowski and DeKeyser then played together as the Wings went offside at the Leaf line 3:06 into the 1st, and Zetterberg’s line drew in at center and lost a draw.
  • Toronto cycled the puck to the point and Bozak coughed up the puck to Mantha, who raced into the Leafs’ zone and fired a big shot into McIlhinney before bumping Zaitsev after the play expired.
  • The Wings tried to place Helm, Nielsen and Abdelkader opposite Matthews’ line, and they did a fairly good job working with Ericsson and Daley, pushing the Leafs out to center and affording Mrazek an easy stop on a perimeter shot.
  • Detroit was doing a solid job of blocking Toronto shot attempts, too, continuing their strong shot-blocking from Saturday.
  • Athanasiou, Larkin and Tatar set up in the Leafs’ zone and cycled hard opposite Marner and company, ultimately forcing the Leafs to ice the puck at 4:49;
  • The refs afforded Kronwall a free pass holding Marner up on a 1-on-1 situation, and that sort of set the standard…
  • Off a shot block, Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist skated up ice 3-on-2, with the Wings dropping the puck to Nyquist in the slot. He fired the shot wide of McIlhinney;
  • Toronto was counter-attacking well, roaring into the Wings’ zone with their heralded speed, and Mrazek had to stop a Moore redirect as the first TV timeout hit at 6:10.
  • At 6:10, Toronto led in shots 5-2 and in attempts 7-5; hits were 7-1 Detroit; giveaways 2-0 Toronto, takeaways 0-0; blocked shots 1-0 Detroit; faceoffs 4-4 (50%).
  • The Red Wings won the post-TV timeout faceoff, and Dylan Larkin centered a superb wraparound attempt, but the puck rolled wide of McIlhinney.
  • Nielsen, Helm and Abdelkader joined the fray as Kadri’s line took to the ice, and Toronto raced into the Wings’ zone again, they turned over the puck, and Detroit recoiled at center ice, with Frans Nielsen firing a long shot into McIlhinney.
  • Zetterberg ended up working opposite Matthews, and the Leafs set up in Detroit’s zone, cycling to the point and firing a point shot wide of the goal. The Wings were able to regroup and Nyquist got a long shot off on McIlhinney, but Toronto was keeping the Wings to the perimeter.
  • Mantha still was able to walk in and fire a heavy shot on McIlhinney, and Nyquist took a point shot rebound and rolled it wide of an open net.
  • Toronto was forced to ice the puck  at 8:26, and Larkin’s line took to the ice, working against a Matthews line that won the draw, cleared the puck and changed.
  • A bad turnover by Kronwall yielded a big shot wide of the Wings’ net by the fourth line, and Athanasiou and Tatar nearly connected for a goal, but the puck ROLLED OVER THE NET and stayed out.
  • 10 minutes into the 1st, Brown fired a shot wide of Mrazek, he gave the puck to DeKeyser, Nielsen flubbed an exchange with Helm, the Leafs set up, and the Wings disrupted the Leafs cycle and changed.
  • Babcock was getting Matthews and Kadri away from Nielsen, and Bertuzzi, Glendening and Larkin worked together as a makeshift fourth line, with the Leafs shutting the Wings down.
  • Mrazek made a big stop on Matthews…
  • And Mrazek’s mask came off–because he shook it off–and the whistle went as Hyman fired a shot into the empty net. The goal was waved off IMMEDIATELY because Mrazek was no longer wearing his helmet.

  • At 11:30, Detroit was out-shooting Toronto 7-6 and out-attempting Toronto 15-12; hits 8-4 Detroit, giveaways 3-2 Toronto, takeaways 1-0 Detroit, blocked shots 4-3 Toronto, faceoffs 6-6.
  • When play resumed, Matthews’ line worked vs. Nielsen, and Nylander fired a shot wide of the net, Gardiner fanned on a shot, and Toronto seemed to take over to some extent.
  • Nielsen’s line worked with Ericsson and Daley to clear the puck to center ice and change, and Kadri’s line came on for Toronto, with Nielsen falling and Toronto taking over the puck again.
  • Marner slid the puck to the point, Rielly fired the puck on net and Mrazek made a BIG stop in traffic.
  • Mrazek had to make another sharp stop off a Zetterberg faceoff loss…
  • And Detroit iced the puck at 12:56.
  • Glendening drew in with Zetterberg and Nyquist, he lost the draw, and Toronto cycled around the perimeter, working the puck to the point for yet another shot that Mrazek gloved.
  • Larkin then drew in and lost a draw, yielding a Kapanen shot on Mrazek that Petr squeezed shut.
  • Toronto won the next faceoff in the offensive zone, too, and the Larkin line had a hard time getting through center ice as the Leafs really took over play.
  • Detroit at least stifled some Leaf slot passes, and when Ouellet pinched, Ericsson came back to stifle the Leafs’ rush.
  • Hyman, Matthews and Nylander = rolling shot wide by Nylander, Nielsen clears puck.
  • 14:40 into the 1st, Detroit was out-shot 10-7.
  • Hyman curled in the Wings’ zone to Hainsey, and his shot was tipped high, Mrazek stopped Hyman, and he held on as the Leafs got shot 11 shortly before a TV timeout.
  • At 14:56, shots were 12-7 Toronto, attempts 21-15 Toronto; hits 10-5 Detroit; giveaways 4-3 Toronto, takeaways 1-0 Detroit; blocked shots 4-4; faceoffs 9-8 Toronto (47%).
  • Zetterberg drew in vs. Kadri as play resumed, and the Wings got squeezed up the boards all the way into Toronto territory, and the Leafs dumped and chased, Zetterberg carried the puck out on the backhand, but he turned the puck over at center, and Kadri and Marner were stood up by Jensen and Kronwall.
  • Mantha, Zetterberg and Nyquist were engaged fully as they attacked the Leafs, but Toronto parried away Detroit’s rush.
  • After Kronwall stopped Komarov, Glendening and Bertuzzi raced up 2-on-2, but were stopped by McIlhinney;
  • Athanasiou fed Glendening as well for an offensive foray that ultimately resulted in a Helm centering pass through the crease and an Ericsson point shot.
  • Nielsen, Abdelkader and Helm buzzed around a bouncing puck, firing a couple of shot attempts at or near McIlhinney, and Toronto really looked lost.
  • Ericsson and Daley coughed the puck up to Kadri, Marner was blocked off by Nielsen, he tried to feed Larkin, and the puck rolled into the Wings’ bench.
  • Long story short, the Wings were out-grinding the Leafs, but Toronto was afforded easy shots and chances by the Red Wings, so play was dead even.
  • With both teams playing somewhat sleepy hockey…
  • The clock ticked down on the first period, with Zetterberg, DeKeyser and Ericsson grinding the puck loose to Mantha, who raced through the middle and fired a fumbling shot on McIlhinney as Mantha was double-checked by the Leafs’ defense.
  • Toronto raced up the other way, and Mrazek stopped Marleau, Mantha fumbled the puck and Mrazek made another stop.
  • Off a Glendening faceoff loss, Mrazek had to stop Hyman, Toronto cycled, Nylander’s shot was tipped by Hyman for Matthews, and Detroit blocked the attempt, ending the first period.

The 1st period in summary: Both teams played somewhat sleepy hockey, and the Red Wings attacked during the first half of the period, skating hard into the Leafs’ zone and holding the puck there, but Toronto hacked away at the Wings’ territorial advantage, ultimately firing 15 sneaky shots in on Mrazek from 20-40 feet out as the Wings seemed to tire.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 15-12 and out-attempted 24-20; hits were 12-8 Detroit; giveaways 5-4 Toronto, takeaways 2-0 Detroit (possession changes 7-4 Detroit); blocked shots 4-4; faceoffs 11-9 Detroit (55%).

Individually, Mantha, Ericsson and Larkin had 2 shots apiece, and Mantha had 4 attempts; Ericsson led the Wings with 3 hits, and 9 other players had 1 hit; Zetterberg, Nielsen, Larkin and Daley had giveaways; Zetterberg and Athanasiou had takeaways; Nyquist, Kronwall, Bertuzzi and Athanasiou blocked shots; Larkin’s 5-and-2 (71%) led the Wings in terms of faceoffs; DeKeyser led the Wings with 7:54 played; Ericsson played 7:14, Zetterberg 6:58, Nyquist 6:45, Daley 6:21, Abdelkader 6:09, Mantha 6:08, Larkin 6:03, Jensen 6:02.

FSD had the scoring chances listed at 6-4 Toronto on their 15-12 shot advantage.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • Tyler Bozak and Dylan Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff and Toronto won the draw, chipped and chased, and Detroit slid the puck up ice, where Jensen’s pass for Athanasiou yielded a spin-around and backhand shot that went off a Leaf and wide as Tatar got tripped up.
  • The Wings re-set, Athanasiou found Larkin but he fired the puck wide of the net, and Larkin battled the puck free, but Toronto took over down low, chipped the puck down ice, and Ericsson set up behind his net, fed Abdelkader, and Nielsen got a long shot on McIlhinney 1:12 into the 2nd.
  • Zetterberg then got his customary faceoff toss, and the opponent customarily beat Anthony Mantha deep in the offensive zone, but Toronto iced the puck, so Zetterberg got a second chance to tie up a draw.
  • Instead, Toronto won the draw, skated through neutral ice, and sent the puck to the point. Rielly was stopped by Mrazek, Mrazek stopped another shot by Nylander, and Nylander slid the puck across to Rielly, but Mrazek fought the puck away.
  • Detroit iced the puck 2:03 into the 2nd, and the Wings won the draw and iced the puck again…so Zetterberg won another draw and Detroit chipped and changed.
  • Nielsen fed Helm and he raced into the Leafs’ zone, hit Carrick, and ground the puck out down low, so Nielsen fed the point, Ouellet sent a sneaky shot in and McIlhinney made a big stop.
  • Marleau skated into the Wings’ zone, dropped it to Marner, Mrazek made a big stop and lost the puck, he had to stop Marleau again, and Detroit exited its own zone…
  • Toronto’s Moore set up Komarov in front on the next shift, and going the other way, Bertuzzi fed Glendening, who was hooked.
  • Detroit continued to hold onto the puck, pulling Mrazek for a sixth player, and Witkowski dumped the puck into McIlhinney.

Zaitsev sat for hooking at 4:05.

  • Detroit’s power play wound up with an offensive zone faceoff win that Larkin held and cycled to the point, working with Abdelkader, Bertuzzi, Athanasiou and Daley, and the Leafs chipped the puck out of play…
  • Off a Wing…so there was no penalty.
  • Detroit won the next draw and Daley fired a long, long shot in on McIlhinney;
  • Larkin took a draw on the right side of the ice and he won it to Athanasiou, Daley fed Larkin, they returned pucks, and Toronto raced out 2-on-2, with Hyman getting a fine shot on Mrazek shorthanded.
  • Bertuzzi, Larkin and Abdelkader entered the Leafs’ zone, Abdelkader worked the puck down low, to the line it went, Daley and Larkin gave and went, gave and went, and Larkin sent a shot in on Abdelkader that was tipped wide of a WIDE OPEN NET.
  • Toronto cleared the zone and Detroit changed with 40 seconds remaining on the PP.
  • Nyuist, Tatar, Mantha, Zetterberg and Kronwall worked the puck to Nyquist in the high, high slot…

And Nyquist ripped into a snap shot off the lateral feed from Tatar, and Mantha tipped the puck down and past McIlhinney to give the Wings a 1-0 lead.

 Mantha scored goal #20 at 5:51 of the 2nd period, giving Detroit a 1-0 lead.

  • The post-goal shift yielded a Leafs dump-in and some fairly decent Leaf pressure along the boards, but Nielsen, Helm and Glendening raced up ice…
  • Helm fed Nylander on accident, Nylander skated away on a BREAKAWAY, and he fanned on a slot shot by looking up instead of looking at the puck.
  • The Wings struggled to clear the following deep zone faceoff, and Gardiner sent a long shot in on Mrazek…

And Jensen’s pass that was swiped by Bozak went back to Gardiner, Gardiner ripped a slapper in on Mrazek and James van Riemsdyk tipped the puck down in on Mrazek.

 James van Riemsdyk scored at 7:02 from Gardiner and Bozak.

  • The Red Wings lost the puck on the post-goal shift…

And Toronto capitalized at 7:20. Toronto set up off the tournover by Kronwall, Larkin and Athanasiou fumbled the pass intercept, and Mitch Marner slid the puck laterally, Mrazek bit on the fakes, and Marner scored easily.

 Mitch Marner made it 2-1 at 7:20.

  • The Wings were able to muck and grind their way to a TV timeout, and at 7:48, Detroit was out-shot 6-5 in the 2nd and 21-17 overall; attempts 32-27 Toronto; hits 14-8 Detroit; giveaways 8-4 Toronto; takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 5-4 Detroit; faceoffs 18-14 Detroit (56%).
  • As play resumed, Jensen fed Zetterberg, he roared up ice with Mantha and Nyquist…and they went offsides 3-on-2.
  • Nielsen’s line took over and lost the blueline draw.
  • Toronto continued to skate into the Wings’ zone with ease, and the Wings were NOT BLOCKING SHOTS with any aplomb, yielding lots of work for Mrazek.
  • Abdelkader hit a Leaf and ended up down on the ice…
  • Witkowski ended up setting up behind Mrazek, he fed Bertuzzi, Bertuzzi dangled into Toronto’s zone and set up a cycle with Nyquist and Glendening, Detroit re-set at center, and Toronto cleared the zone.
  • At 9:40, Toronto was controlling the puck and Detroit was struggling to get the puck out of its own defensive zone.
  • Larkin’s line gave it a good go, but ultimately, Matthews fed Nylander for an easy shot on Mrazek.
  • After a TV timeout at 10:20, in which Toronto led 7-5 in shots in the 2nd and 22-17 overall…

Detroit took a penalty. Ouellet went for slashing at 10:39 of the 2nd. It was a legit slash on the hands.

  • Toronto set  up on the PP but Glendening forced Gardiner to fumble the puck, and he slid the puck across to Dylan Larkin…
  • Larkin deked and dangled McIlhinney OUT OF HIS SHORTS, but Larkin went wide of the net, and he fired the puck off McIlhinney’s skate and wide of the net.
  • Toronto won a defensive zone faceoff, re-set in the Wings’ zone, Mrazek stopped JvR, and Detroit cleared the puck out of play.
  • Toronto set up on a down-low play after winning the offensive zone faceoff, but Bozak fanned on a lateral pass that had him viewing a gaping, open net…
  • Toronto continued to work vs. Glendening, Abdelkader, Ericsson and Daley, Marner bumbled a tip attempt, Toronto continued to dominate possession, but Glendening cleared the zone as Detroit FINALLY got to blocking some Leaf shot attempts.
  • Toronto continued to fire long shots at the Wings’ net after the penalty expired, but Larkin went the other way…
  • And Toronto held Larkin and Athanasiou to the boards, yielding easy clears for the Leafs.
  • At 13:09, Detroit was being out-shot 25-17.
  • Zetterberg stole the puck from the Leafs’ D on a pass across by Mantha, and Zetterberg RIPPED a shot into McIlhinney’s pads…
  • Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha persisted but had to change as they kept the Leafs in their own zone, and Glendening, Bertuzzi and Abdelkader worked together to play a strong shift.
  • At 14:28, Detroit was out-shot 10-6 in the 2nd and 25-18 overall; attempts were 42-29 Toronto; hits 17-9 Detroit; giveaways 10-5 Toronto; takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 8-5 Detroit; faceoffs 20-19 Detroit (51%).
  • When play resumed, Detroit seemed to struggle to clear their zone, and Toronto fired a couple of pucks at or near the Wings’ cage before Tatar, Larkin and Athanasiou…
  • Fired a shot into Kronwall’s legs and afforded Toronto a 3-on-2 in which Tatar came back to help block the puck.
  • Toronto was just peppering the Wings’ goal and the surrounding area with pucks…

And Dylan Larkin flipped the puck over the boards in his defensive zone, taking a delay of game penalty at 16:00.

  • Glendening, Abdelkader, DeKeyser and Jensen started the PK opposite Kadri and company, and the Leafs won the offensive zone faceoff, but the Leafs fumbled their exchange and had to re-set at center.
  • Detroit at least kept the puck to the perimeter, grinding on the Leafs, and Jensen cleared the puck down ice and Detroit changed with 1:15 remaining in the PK.
  • Toronto worked against Nielsen, Helm (who got away with a hold on Nylander), Ericsson and Daley, and Toronto entered the offensive zone, cycled, and Detroit let Toronto fumble another exchange to their defense.
  • Abdelkader and Glendening ground the puck out of trouble and Glendening raced up ice, only to be smeared along the side boards by Gardiner…
  • So the power play wound down and so did the period, hitting the 2-minutes-remaining mark with Athanasiou, Larkin and Tatar cycling. Tatar fired a shot from the high, high slot in on McIlhinney, but he was stopped, and Detroit re-set at center.
  • Ultimately, Zetterberg, Larkin, Ericsson, Daley and Nyquist cycled down low, Zetterberg tried to center the puck, and Toronto was able to clear the zone.
  • The Wings sped back into Toronto’s zone, McIlhinney stopped Nyquist from the slot, and Nyquist feathered a blind pass to no one as he split his own defense.
  • Toronto’s Marner raced away from the Wings and fired a shot in on Mrazek off a semi-breakaway, and as Toronto regrouped, the 2nd period expired.

The 2nd period in summary: Detroit scored the game’s first goal off a pretty play, but the Wings surrendered a pair of goals in 18 seconds, and they played the balance of the 2nd period as if they were down by more than a goal, retreating into a defensive shell and just lacking confidence as Toronto was able to pepper Detroit’s net and the area around it with shots and attempts. The Wings needed to step up in the 3rd. The fact that turnovers yielded to both goals against stung.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 12-8 in the 2nd and 27-20 overall; attempts were 48-33 Toronto; hits 19-11 Detroit; giveaways 10-6 Toronto, takeaways 3-1 Detroit (possession changes 13-7 Detroit); blocked shots 11-5 Detroit; faceoffs 23-20 (53%) Detroit.

Individually, Mantha and Larkin co-led the Wings with 3 shots, and Larkin had 8 attempts; Nyquist, Tatar, Nielsen and Ericsson had 2 shots; Abdelkader, Tatar and Ericsson had 3 hits; 6 different players had giveaways, and Zetterberg, Larkin and Athanasiou had takeaways; Abdelkader, Kronwall and Athanasiou blocked 2 shots apiece; Larkin’s 10-and-5 (67%) faceoff record led the Wings, who were -10; Daley led the Wings with 14:42 played; Ericsson played 14:14, DeKeyser 13:58, Larkin 13:32, Jensen 12:56, Zetterberg 12:28, Abdelkader 11:54, Nyquist 11:51, Athanasiou 11:09.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • Larkin lost the initial faceoff of the 3rdperiod, but Tatar and Athanasiou ground out the puck down low for a short period of time. Toronto attacked the Wings’ zone twice, but they were repelled…
  • And Athanasiou dumped and changed, with Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha taking over and working with Ericsson and Daley to gain the offensive zone blueline.
  • Regrettably, Toronto had an easy time of clearing the puck whenever Detroit would enter Toronto’s zone, and the Wings looked flat.
  • Abdelkader, Nielsen and Helm did a slightly better job of battling a puck into Toronto’s zone, with Helm getting a shot attempt, and they forced Toronto to get tagged with a hand pass.
  • Toronto continued to win faceoffs, and the Leafs started to muck and grind the puck out down low in the Wings’ zone, with Moore’s line doing a fine job of battling and punishing the Red Wings’ fourth line.
  • Mrazek had to make his first stop of the period 2:57 into the 3rd.
  • Glendening, Bertuzzi and Abdelkader worked together to try to wrap the puck around the Leafs’ goaltender…
  • And Abdelkader and Carrick nearly tossed gloves after hacking, whacking and otherwise trying to stir each other up.
  • At 3:22, Larkin, Tatar and Athanasiou drew in for an offensive zone draw, they lost it, and the Wings couldn’t keep the puck in, so Mrazek had to facilitate the Wings’ attack.
  • Instead, Matthews fed Hyman, Larkin swiped the puck away but Toronto still attacked the Wings, with Zetterberg’s line somewhat desperately joining the fray.
  • Toronto skated in 3-on-2, and JvR fired a shot high and wide, Toronto cycled, and Nyquist, Zetterberg and Mantha were stood up at the Leafs’ blueline.
  • 5 minutes into the 3rd period, Toronto was nursing its 2-1 lead, playing an ugly Babcockian game.
  • Ultimately, Detroit had to ice the puck at 5:38, and Detroit was able to clear its defensive zone with Abdelkader, Nielsen and Helm working with Ouellet and Kronwall, but instead, Matthews skated in ALL ALONE as Larkin could not contain him, and Mrazek made a BIG stop.
  • At 5:44, Detroit and Toronto were tied 1-1 in shots in the 3rd, but Toronto led in shots 28-21 overall and attempts 50-37; hits 24-12 Detroit; giveaways 11-6 Toronto, takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 11-6 Detroit; faceoffs 24-23 Detroit (51%).
  • Zetterberg won a draw to DeKeyser as play resumed, and Jensen centered the puck to Mantha, he missed the puck, Nyquist held the puck in, Zetterberg cycled, put one off McIlhinney’s blocker, and Detroit continued to cycle, with DeKeyser sending a sneaky tipped shot in on McIlhinney.
  • Jensen chipped and Larkin, Athanasiou and Tatar chased, but the Leafs emerged with the puck, and Komarov, Kapanen and Moore cycled in the Wings’ zone, hemming the kids in.
  • Larkin and Tatar tried to do too much, and some 8:20 into the 3rd, Hyman raced in, deked, and Mrazek made a MASSIVE stop with Daley’s help.
  • Mrazek booted another Leaf shot to the side boards, and Zetterberg, Jensen nad Nyquist worked the puck into Toronto’s zone, Nyquist found ZETTERBERG…

And Nyquist’s pass to Zetterberg was an excellent re-direct that Zetterberg put into the back of the net behind McIlhinney.

 Zetterberg scored the 2-2 goal at 9:17 from Nyquist and Helm.

  • Tatar swiped the puck in the crease on the post-goal shift, too, but McIlhinney made a superb stop in tight.
  • Detroit set up in the Leafs’ zone, and Larkin, Athanasiou and Abdelkader did a great job of buzzing the Leafs’ net.
  • With 10:22 remaining in regulation, Detroit was out-shooting Toronto 5-4 in the 3rd but was out-shot 31-25 overall. Attempts 54-41 Toronto; hits 25-13 Detroit; giveaways 11-6 Toronto; takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 11-6 Detroit; faceoffs 25-24 Detroit (51%).
  • Zetterberg took the post-TV timeout draw and lost it, so Toronto skated to center ice and went offside at Detroit’s blueline.
  • Zetterberg won the next draw at the Wings’ blueline, and Detroit ultimately ceded possession to Toronto, which went offside again.
  • Glendening, Larkin and Bertuzzi worked together to get the puck back to the point, where Ouellet fumbled and afforded Toronto a 2-on-1 in which Komarov flipped a Kapanen pass wide of an empty net! Detroit got VERY lucky there.
  • With 8:40 remaining in regulation, Toronto was earning the territorial advantage, and that was bad.
  • Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha tried to counter-attack the Leafs, but Toronto set up in the Wings’ zone instead, and Kadri deked and dangled his way down low opposite Nyquist, who had to glove the puck up ice (penalty not called) to relieve pressure.
  • Mrazek turned the puck over as JvR’s line worked hard to get a goal, but Larkin swiped the puck and fed Tatar for a break…which was shut down by Toronto.
  • Komarov also hit Nielsen very dirtily with 6:30 remaining.
  • Abdelkader and Nielsen raced to the Leaf line but went offside, and with 6:12 remaining in the 3rd, the game was getting nasty.
  • Mantha NEARLY scored as a Nyquist pass dribbled wide of the Leafs’ net with 5:50 remaining in the 3rd…
  • And Mrazek held on for a faceoff with 5:10 left, yielding the final TV timeout.
  • At 14:45, Detroit was out-shooting Toronto 8-5 in the 3rd but out-shot 32-28 overall; attempts were 56-44 Toronto; hits 26-16 Detroit; giveaways 12-7 Toronto, takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 11-6 Detroit; faceoffs 27-27 (50%).
  • Toronto won the post-TV timeout faceoff and bumped pucks around to the blueline, and Jensen got tripped up so he was unable to clear the puck, but he got away from Connor Brown, Nielsen raced in and fired a shot high and wide, Ouellet played the puck to the line, and Detroit tried to set up.
  • Toronto iced the puck sans icing call, and Toronto chugged up ice, with Kronwall nearly taking a penalty holding up Marner.
  • Larkin, Tatar and Athanasiou cycled down low with 3:45 remaining, Tatar was tripped, Ericsson fired a shot tipped wide by Athanasiou, and Tatar clanged a shot just wide of the net from the high slot.
  • With 3:20 remaining, Ericsson dumped Zaitsev, Mantha fired a slapper wide of the Leaf net, Zetterberg kicked and jammed, but the Leafs cleared the zone…
  • DeKeyser found Mantha, he swiped a Leaf giveaway and pushed the puck deep, hacking a Leaf defenseman. Zetterberg and Nyquist could not hold the puck in, Toronto’s Matthews fired a shot off Jensen, and Detroit set up on defense.
  • Mantha flipped the puck in and the Wings changed lines…
  • With 2:20 remaining, the leafs charged into the wings’ zone, Nielsen fumbled a puck but Ericsson found Helm, and while Abdelkader beat a Leaf to the puck, Detroit was still called for icing.
  • Nielsen lost the defensive zone draw, Toronto ground out the puck down low vs. Ericsson and Daley, Toronto went point to point and tried to set up a slot tip, but Toronto held the puck in, and a bad turnover by Daley almost cost Detroit a goal.
  • With 1:20 remaining in regulation, Toronto seemed to have more jump, but Detroit countered, with Athanasiou not quite able to split the Leafs’ D.
  • Toronto charged up 3-on-3, and Mrazek made a MASSIVE STOP on Patrick Marleau.
  • Detroit iced the puck with 37.8 remaining in regulation, and Detroit won the defensive zone draw, but…

William Nylander skated right through the crease, stealing the puck from Jensen, skating away from Larkin, and firing the puck through DeKeyser to Matthews, who chipped a high shot under the crossbar and in.

 Matthews made it 3-2 at 19:29, from Nylander and Hyman.

  • Detroit tried to get the puck up ice, but Toronto happily went offside at the Wings’ line, and Detroit called timeout with 14.9 remaining in regulation.
  • Larkin, Athanasiou, Nyquist, Zetterberg, Mantha and Daley all attacked the Leafs’ zone, but the Wings ran out of time.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings scored the game-tying goal and stopped engaging offensively, trying to nurse a 2-2 tie to overtime. As you might expect, the Leafs exploited the Wings’ lack of aggressiveness, scoring a 3-2 goal late to take the 2 points and embarrass the Wings at home.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary

The final shot attempts were 60-47 Toronto. Detroit blocked 13 shots.

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8 thoughts on “Red Wings-Maple Leafs quick take: burned late, out-hustled, out-worked, out-Matthews”

  1. This was a weird game in many respects, and when Dylan Larkin is -3 and his linemates, Andreas Athanasiou and Tomas Tatar are -2, that’s not the greatest sign.

    XO and Larkin took 2 Penalties each in the 3nd Period! When is the coach going to stop Larkin’s PENALTIES

    Those 3 plus DeK (trying to play goal) and SMALL Jensen to for the last min, excellent coaching

    Line on the ICE for the last minute was in total disarray. AND all the wrong players defending in the last min.

    Wonder why Matthews was all alone

    And Mrazek’s mask came off–because he shook it off–and the whistle went as Hyman fired a shot into the empty net. The goal was waved off IMMEDIATELY because Mrazek was no longer wearing his helmet.

    Bull POOP. Did you watch the game, if so maybe glasses are due

    Mrazek was good but not great, did you fall asleep??

    I had a chance to watch the whole game, good game, Momentum swings. I am going to take any games I don’t see with a Grain of Salt. Lucky I didn’t get Centre.
    Ice this Year

    Howard gives up 4 goals in a loss and not outshot by more than 10???


    1. Yeah, I watched the game. Mrazek made sure his mask popped off. Please don’t tell me I’m spewing bullshit.

      1. That is not what happened and the Mask had to be repaired at the bench. Mrazek was picked as the 2nd or 3 rd Star.

        Blogs sometimes focus on the negative, there will be enough games in the future with very few positives. ALL IN ALL Mantha might be a their best player. Tonight you were seeing many things different than Sports Net and mr. Bullshit or what ever you want to call it.

      2. Let me put it another way: You can totally disagree with me, you can be upset with me, you can call me out, but please do not tell me I’m full of shit because we disagree. That’s not cool, and I’m not comfortable with insults toward other posters, either. It’s one thing to disagree and it’s another for us to hurl insults. The latter won’t be tolerated.

  2. Was there any reason given as to why Frk was a scratch? Seemed like an odd time to pull him and his right hand shot with Green out.

      1. I see, it’s hard to make sense of some of the lineup decisions based on what the coach and GM stay in the media.

        1. Technically speaking, “Uh huh.” Frankly, I thought that we would have seen Witkowski over anybody else because he scored a goal on Saturday, but nope, he got scratched.

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