Red Wings-Predators quick take: Wings out-work, out-Wit the Preds

The Detroit Red Wings headed into Bridgestone Arena to tangle with the Nashville Predators on Saturday, with the Wings hoping to earn a rare win against the powerhouse Predators.

The Wings played an excellent 60 minutes’ worth of hockey, out-working, out-hustling and out-scoring the Predators, with Luke Witkowski scoring his first NHL goal, Gustav Nyquist scoring his 16th and Darren Helm scoring an empty-netter as Detroit emerged with a 3-1 victory.

Petr Mrazek stopped 31 of 32 shots and the Wings blocked a staggering 26 shot attempts in a superb effort.

Now the Wings head home to host the Maple Leafs, who lost 5-3 on the road to Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

The Predators’ lineup was in some flux before the game, but it was known that goaltender Jusse Saros would start opposite Petr Mrazek.’s Robby Stanley offered an informed estimate:

Predators projected lineup

Kevin FialaRyan JohansenViktor Arvidsson

Filip ForsbergKyle TurrisCraig Smith

Scott HartnellNick BoninoCalle Jarnkrok

Miikka SalomakiColton SissonsAustin Watson

Roman JosiRyan Ellis

Mattias EkholmP.K. Subban

Anthony BitettoMatt Irwin

Juuse Saros

Pekka Rinne

The Red Wings would skate without Mike Green (upper-body), as noted by the Red Wings’ Twitter account:

The Predators started Filip Forsberg, Ryan Johansen and Viktor Arvidsson at forward, Mattias Ekholm and PK Subban on defense and Jusse Saros in goal;

The Red Wings started Tyler Bertuzzi, Luke Glendening and Martin Frk at forward, Jonathan Ericsson and Trevor Daley on defense and Petr Mrazek in goal.

Brad Meier and T.J. Luxmore refereed the game, with Shane Heyer and Tony Sericolo working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Glendening drew in opposite Johansen and won the opening faceoff, and the Red Wings cleared the puck into Nashville’s zone, but the Predators skated in 3-on-2 and Forsberg fired a shot into Mrazek;
  • The Red Wings cleared the puck and started changing lines, with Darren Helm, Frans Nielsen and Justin Abdelkader trying to set up in the Predators’ zone. They went offside;
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg and Mantha replaced them, and worked with Ericsson and Witkowski. Mantha fired a shot wide of the net and Detroit went to and fro, with both teams skating shallow rushes that were parried away.
  • Detroit’s defensive cohesion got a little mixed up as DeKeyser skated with Daley, and Mrazek had to stop a tap-in attempt by Johansen.
  • 2:37 into the 1st period, Larkin, Athanasiou and Tatar took to the ice, and they were able to win a defensive zone faceoff, but they also allowed PK Subban to walk the puck into the Wings’ zone and pass the puck to Fiala, and Fiala’s shot was blocked;
  • 3:25 into the 1st, Jonathan Ericsson sent the puck to Justin Abdelkader, he flicked a puck wide of Saros, and that was tapped away by the Preds’ goaltender, Nashville went the other way and Zetterberg coughed up the puck to Forsberg, he worked the puck to Johansen, and after a wide shot was retrieved, Mrazek blocked a Matt Irwin shot…

And Luke Witkowski jumped off the bench to replace Trevor Daley, Anthony Mantha fed Witkowski with a breakaway pass and WItkowski deked backhand and scored on Jusse Saros.

Β Witkowski scored at 4:12 to make it 1-0 from Mantha.

  • On the post-goal shift, Glendening’s line completed the four-line rotation, and Kronwall and Jensen helped work the puck out o the zone;
  • Tatar, Larkin and Athanasiou worked the puck to the point and Saros had to stop a slap shot 5:10 into the 1st.
  • Detroit seemed to have a bit of a jump on the Predators, who looked a little sloppy and a little disinterested early on.
  • Nashville engaged as Witkowski and Kronwall worked the puck down low, and Fiala fired a shot just wide of Mrazek;
  • The Wings got a far-away shot via Nyquist and changed quickly, with Larkin’s line earning a majority of ice time, and they surrendered a rush that yielded an off-the-post shot and a massive stop from Mrazek.
  • At 7:25, Detroit was out-shot 4-3 and out-attempted 10-7; hits were 6-3 Detroit; giveaways 1-0 Detroit, takeaways 1-0 Nashville; blocked shots 3-1 Detroit; faceoffs 3-2 Detroit (60%).

At the TV timeout, Danny DeKeyser was called for a penalty, sitting for slashing at 7:25.

  • Abdelkader, Glendening, Kronwall and Jensen did a good job of clearing the zone once, blocking a Predators shot and clearing the zone twice;
  • Nielsen took to the ice and his stick broke blocking a Johansen shot, and Nielsen and Helm were able to facilitate a change, bringing Glendening onto the ice as Daley and Ericsson joined the fray.
  • Nashville continued to cycle and Turris and Ellis bumbled an exchange, so Helm and Glendening were able to clear the puck and ultimately kill the penalty.
  • Mrazek then got some help stopping a Turris shot, and the Wings were doing an EXCELLENT job blocking shots;
  • DeKeyser set up Athanasiou for a slot shot that Saros stifled, and Nashville took over with the puck again.
  • Nashville was dominating possession and control, but Detroit’s counter-attack was superb:
  • Nyquist, Mantha and Jensen combined for an excellent scoring chance just before a TV timeout.
  • At 10:36, Detroit and Nashville were tied 4-4 in shots, but the attempts were 18-9 Nasahville; hits 6-4 Detroit; giveaways 3-2 Nashville; takeaways 1-0 Nashville; blocked shots 10-2 Detroit; faceoffs 3-3 (50%).
  • As play resumed, Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist worked the puck to DeKeyser and Jensen…

Jensen sent a slithery puck in off a lateral pass from DeKeyser, and Gustav Nyquist tipped the shot to make it 2-0.

Β Nyquist made it 2-0 at 10:54 from DeKeyser.

  • On the post-goal shift, DeKeyser and DeKeyser helped the Wings work the puck out of trouble, and as Nashville pushed the puck into Detroit’s zone, Detroit counter-attacked, carrying the puck into the Preds’ zone, and they came back to even up a 3-on-3 in which Mrazek made an easy stop.
  • 12:30 into the 1st, Detroit had taken possession and control away from the Predators, and even Glendening, Bertuzzi and Frk played a solid shift…

With Bertuzzi taking Subban with him as slashing and roughing penalties were called at 13:05.

  • Bertuzzi had Subban chirping in the penalty box, too.
  • The teams played 4-on-4 for a bit, with Nyquist, Zetterberg, DeKeyser and Jensen setting up offensively and Jensen and eventually Daley of all people forechecking.
  • Nashville had no easier time setting up offensively when Daley, Ericsson, Larkin and Tatar pushed the puck up ice on a 3-on-2, only to have Calle Jarnkrok block the puck out of play.
  • At 14:10, Detroit and Nashville were tied 5-5 in shots; attempts 19-12 Nashville; hits 7-4 Detroit; giveaways 3-2 Nashville; takeaways 2-0 Nashville; blocked shots 10-3 Detroit; faceoffs 5-4 Detroit (56%).
  • When play resumed, Nashville turned the puck over to a forechecking Trevor Daley, and he blasted a shot high over Saros’ stick;
  • Still 4-on-4, Helm and Abdelkader kicked the puck forward and forced the Predators to play defense for the most part;
  • When Filip Forsberg deked and dangled around Luke Witkowski, Mrazek made a superb stop…

But Witkowski got called for slashing at 15:11.

  • Nashville won the initial deep zone faceoff, but the Wings cleared the puck, and Larkin and Athanasiou cleared the puck easily;
  • Ellis faked a shot and fired the puck across to Roman Josi, who clanged a puck off the goalpost;
  • Ericsson, Daley, Helm and Nielsen got backed into the slot, and Mrazek had to make another big stop before Helm chipped the puck down ice and the Wings changed.
  • DeKeyser, Jensen, Glendening and Abdelkdaer joine the fray, and they did a good job of blocking lateral passes and clearing the puck down ice, ending the PK.
  • 17:50 into the 1st, Detroit was stretching the zone with long passes from defense to forwards, and Kronwall found Mantha for a slot shot on Saros via an 80-foot-long pass;
  • Detroit got a little strung out as the period wound down, trying to cheat a little bit with those stretch passes, and Nashville was all too happy to strip pucks off the Wings’ sticks and dump and chase.
  • The physicality between the teams cranked up a notch as well.
  • Part of the problem for the Wings was the ice–it was super chippy.
  • Daley did get a sneaky shot in on Saros as the Wings’ defenders continued to pinch…
  • The first period ended with the Preds under pressure in their own zone as Zetterberg buzzed them.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings played an excellent first period, attacking a Predators team struggling with confidence, and Luke Witkowski of all people scored a breakaway stunner, Nyquist slithered a tipped puck through Saros, and Detroit blocked an inordinate amount of shots to help Mrazek keep the Preds off the board.

Statistically, Detroit and Nashville were tied in shots 7-7 after the 1st, but the attempts were 22-15; hits 8-5 Detroit; giveaways 6-3 Nashville, takeaways 3-0 Nashville (possession changes 6-6); blocked shots 10-3 Detroit; faceoffs 9-6 Nashville (40%).

Individually, Jensen led the Wings with 2 shots, and Nyquist, Witkowski, Mantha, Athanasiou and Daley had 1 shot; Witkowski and Ericsson had 2 hits; Daley had 2 giveaways, Mantha 1; Ericsson, Kronwall and DeKeyser blocked 2 shots apiece; Glendening and Nielsen led the Wings in the faceoff circle at 2-and-1 (67%); Detroit was +10; Daley played 8:04, Ericsson played 7:56, Jensen 7:37, DeKeyser 6:27, Abdelkader 6:13, Kronwall 6:03, Larkin 5:54.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • The 2nd period began with a faceoff puck flipped out of play by the Predators, so Helm, Nielsen and Abdelkader re-set at center ice, won the draw and Abdelkader blasted a puck wide of Saros, yielding a Predators rush into Detroit’s zone that the Wings quickly cleaned up.
  • Nashville was hungrier for the puck, stick-checking and skating hard into the Red Wings to separate pucks from sticks, and the Preds looked like they weren’t kidding any more as Josi jammed a slap shot into Mrazek’s pads…
  • Zetterberg, Mantha, Nyquist, Kronwall and Witkowski got backed in and had to dump and change though the change involved Mantha trying to throw the puck out front with Ericsson buzzing into the Predators’ slot.
  • Nashville continued to press, however, and bad turnovers by Larkin and Athanasiou yielded serious Predators pressure in the Wings’ zone. Ultimately, the net was knocked off its moorings in the Wings’ zone, and Detroit was able to change 2:41 into the 2nd.
  • Bertuzzi, Glendening and Frk took to the ice and struggled to clear their zone, with Nashville getting a shot off a Frk turnover;
  • The Preds also put the hammer down in terms of checking in their own zone, and while Frans Nielsen was able to shovel a puck out into the slot off a Preds turnover, Nashville was blocking shots and fronting the Wings well.
  • Detroit’s defense was very aggressive, however, and Daley and Ericsson really harassed the Predators in their own zone.
  • Nashville was shooting the puck at every opportunity, and 4:36 into the 2nd period, Detroit engaged offensively…
  • And the Predators were in full flight as well, so, “Fight’s on,” as they say.
  • PK Subban over-skated the puck and Larkin, Tatar and Athanasiou skated away from the Preds, but fired another shot wide, giving Nashville a rush that Kronwall and Witkowski parried;
  • Detroit persisted, and Nashville pressed, yielding some “tennis hockey” in which both teams went back and forth, firing harmless shots at or wide of the net.
  • 7 minutes into the 2nd, Frk, Glendening and Bertuzzi were hemmed in their own zone, and Smith got a good shot off on Mrazek.
  • 7:12 into the 2nd, Nashville out-shot Detroit 3-2 in the 2nd and 10-9 overall; attempts were 30-21 Nashville; hits 13-7 Detroit; giveaways 10-5 Nashville, takeaways 4-2 Detroit; blocked shots 13-3 Detroit; faceoffs 13-7 Nashville (35%).
  • Nashville nearly scored off the faceoff post-TV timeout, but Mrazek made a nice stop and Helm, Nielsen and Abdelkader helped Daley and Ericsson stop a Preds rush…
  • Regrettably, the Wings turned the puck over to Viktor Arvidsson at the blueline, he raced in on Mrazek, and Petr had to make a BIG stop to keep the Wings’ lead at 2.
  • Detroit changed lines and Mantha worked fairly hard to push the puck away from the Wings’ end, and he backchecked, as well.
  • Nyquist then stole a puck and shuffled the puck to Witkowski, who pinched in from the point and jammed the puck in on Saros’ left goal pad.
  • Off a faceoff win by Glendening, Jensen pinched in from the point as well, getting a good scoring chance on Saros, and the Red Wings’ forwards came back to afford Jensen the opportunity to get back into play as they blocked Predators shots.
  • Both teams were playing high-octane, fast-skating games as the 10-minute mark passed.
  • Mrazek made a sharp stop on Subban and a wraparound block on Craig Smith…But Mrazek had to desperately stop Fiala with the shaft of his goal stick.
  • Mrazek then made a sharp stop as the Preds tried to spring Forsberg behind Detroit’s defense.
  • At 10:23, Nashville was out-shooting Detroit 11-4 in the 2nd and 18-11 overall; attempts 40-24 Nashville; hits 13-9 Detroit; giveaways 10-6 Nashville, takeaways 4-2 Nashville; blocked shots 14-3 Detroit; faceoffs 16-8 Nashville (33%).
  • As play resumed, Nashville’s Arvidsson flicked a slot shot wide of Mrazek, and Detroit raced the other way, chipped and chased, and Tatar sent the puck out front for Larkin, but the Predators blocked away the attempt…
  • Filip Forsberg sashayed into the Wings’ zone and skated into the slot, and he was blocked by Kronwall;
  • Detroit iced the puck trying to feed Athanasiou for a breakaway, the Wings surrendered the deep defensive zone faceoff, and Larkin’s line struggled opposite Jarnkrok and company, with the Predators blasting a heavy shot into the crowd.
  • The Wings were starting to skate on their heels as Nashville pressed them.
  • Bertuzzi, Glendening and Abdelkader worked with DeKeyser and Jensen to get out of a defensive jam, Abdelkader fed Bertuzzi, he slid the puck to Glendening and Saros made a stop…
  • With Bertuzzi mucking and grinding after play, chatting with Subban behind the Predators’ net.
  • Zetterberg was thrown out of the faceoff circle for cheating, Mantha and Zetterberg could not set up, and Daley’s stick broke, yielding a Predators rush. Daley got a stick from the bench and he worked with Ericsson to clear the zone, but Nashville continued to pressure the Wings.
  • Detroit was getting its rushes the other way, although they were isolated, and Frans Nielsen raced into the Preds’ zone and fired a sneaky shot on Saros…
  • The Wings had some trouble passing the puck to each other as the period began to wind down, and at 14:01, Nashville was out-shooting Detroit 11-8 in the 2nd and 18-15 overall; attempts were 45-27 Nashville; hits 13-10 Detroit; giveaways 11-6 Nashville; takeaways 4-3 Nashville; blocked shots 17-3 Detroit; faceoffs 20-10 Nashville (33%).
  • When play resumed, Nashville chipped and chased its way into the Wings’ zone, and Ellis found Salomaki down low, but Mrazek got some help from the goalpost, and Mrazek doggedly gloved a puck as Salomaki and Watson ground out the puck down low.
  • Mrazek then stopped Ryan Johansen in the slot;
  • Detroit rushed the other way, with Zetterberg ultimately playing defense to cover up for Ericsson…

And Trevor Daley smacked Ryan Johansen in the numbers along the end boards, yielding a cross-checking minor at 15:05.

  • Nashville set up on the power play, with Turris, Sissons, Fiala, Josi and Ellis working against Larkin, Glendening, DeKeyser and Jensen.
  • Larkin ended up racing into the Predators’ zone, he worked the puck back to the Wings’ defense, and Detroit changed, bringing Nielsen, Helm, Ericsson and Daley onto the ice.
  • Mrazek and Kronwall were able to clear the puck thanks to Subban gloving the puck out of the defensive zone, and the Wings used their blueline faceoff to clear the puck all the way down the ice.
  • Johansen high-sticked Jensen, sans call, and Nashville set up in the Wings zone, with Johansen, Subban, Forsberg, Arvidsson and Sissons cycling around the perimeter.
  • Glendening and DeKeyser cleared the zone, however, and while the Predators banged several shot attempts wide of the Wings’ net, Mantha, Nyquist and Zetterberg were able to chip the puck away.
  • Nashville pounced on a Wings turnover and Bonino placed the puck off the outside of the post behind Mrazek, Nashville set up, and Mrazek punched a puck to the corner, with the Wings chipping and changing
  • Nashville came after the Wings HARD as the 2nd period wound down, and Detroit did an excellent job of blocking shots.
  • Athanasiou swiped the puck at the Preds’ line and raced in on Saros, but the Preds’ goalie was up to the challenge, stifling AA after he stole the puck from Subban.
  • Nielsen’s line replaced Larkin’s, and they worked hard through center ice, doing their best to stifle Predators rushes. They gave Nashville a hard time, and when the Preds set up in Detroit’s zone, Larkin’s line replaced Nielsen’s…

And Colton Sissons took a tripping minor at 19:48.

  • Zetterberg, Mantha, Nyquist, Frk and Daley set up on the power play, and Frk got a shot off before the period ended. Saros made the stop.

The 2nd period in summary: The Predators surged out to a strong start and offered spurts of serious offense, but Mrazek was excellent, the Wings’ work habits were good defensively, and ultimately the 2nd period involved a pair of teams that worked very hard to blast pucks on the net and then get back to stifle the opposition’s opportunities.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 14-13 in the 2nd and 21-20 overall; attempts were 54-32 Nashville; hits 13-11 Detroit; giveaways 13-7 Nashville, takeaways 4-3 Nashville (possession changes 16-11 Detroit); blocked shots 21-3 Detroit; faceoffs 22-14 Nashville (39% for the Wings);

Individually, Jensen led the Wings with 3 shots, and Nyquist, Witkowski, Mantha, Nielsen, Athanasiou and Daley had 2 shots; Ericsson led the Wings with 3 hits, and Witkowski and Athanasiou had 2 hits; Daley had 2 giveaways; Jensen, Tatar and Nielsen had takeaways; Kronwall blocked 5 shots, Ericsson and DeKeyser 3, Witkowski and Nielsen 2; Glendening’s 4-and-3 (57%) faceoff record led the Wings, who were +10; Ericsson led the Wings with 15:23 played; Daley played 14:57, Jensen 13:57, DeKeyser 12:59, Kronwall 12:41, Larkin 11:32, Abdelkader 11:10, Zetterberg 10:48.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • Detroit won the opening draw and started the 3rd period on the power play but Kronwall dropped the puck to Nyquist, Detroit pushed the puck to Frk once, it was blocked, and twice, in which Calle Jarnkrok raced in on a shorthanded breakaway, and Mrazek made a HUGE stop.
  • Detroit changed PP units and Athanasiou was sprung into the Preds’ trap, he managed to grind thep uck to Daley, he set up Tatar, and Daley, Larkin, Tatar, Athanasiou and Abdelkader worked together, with Larkin firing a shot through Abdelkader’s screen and into Saros.
  • The PP wound down to its final seconds as Nielsen’s line took to the ice, and they lost a faceoff and surrendered a 2-on-2 rush. Mrazek had to hold onto a puck at the side of the net as Sissons exited the box and raced into traffic.
  • Glendening’s took to the ice, won a defensive zone draw, and cleared the zone, but as he headed off the ice, Nielsen and Helm got hemmed in, and defenseman Anthony Bitetto ran Mrazek as the Predators crashed the net.
  • Detroit changed lines, won the defensive zone draw, and forced Nashville to ice the puck trying to stretch pass the puck into the Wings’ zone.
  • Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist worked with Daley and Ericsson, and some 3:30 into the 3rd, Mrazek had to make a big stop on Forsberg, Nashville changed, chipped, and cycled, but Mantha’s impressive effort on defense stifled Nashville’s rush and nearly resulted in a too-many-Preds call.
  • Detroit was trying to grind the Predators down, but Bertuzzi, Frk and Glendening were taking no prisoners, either.
  • Off the next offensive zone faceoff, Jensen and Helm fired pucks at the net, Nielsen had a shot blocked with Saros down, and Detroit forced Nashville offside.
  • 5 minutes into the 3rd period, Detroit was looking for a 3-0 goal, and was willing to deal with some Predators’ counter-attacks to score it.
  • Again, Mantha looked really, really solid in terms of his detail work and grit–he wasn’t just poking at the puck with his stick, but skating into battles instead.
  • At 6:01, shots in the 3rd were 6-3 Detroit, 26-24 overall; attempts 60-41 Nashville; hits 13-12 Detroit; giveaways 15-8 Nashville; takeaways 4-4; blocked shots 23-6 Detroit; faceoffs 27-17 Nashville (39%).
  • When play resumed, Larkin’s line raced into the Predators’ zone, and Larkin nearly fed Athanasiou for a goal, but Saros made a superb stop on the tap-in.
  • Detroit seemed to take over offensively, but Nashville was still trying to grind out pucks down low when they got into Detroit’s zone.
  • Play got a little chippy 7:21 into the 3rd, and that benefited the Predators. Nashville was more than happy to swipe bouncing pucks and jab at the Wings’ passes, hacking and whacking Detroit with impunity.
  • Mrazek made a big stop on Craig Smith, he was de-helmeted, and play stopped with 11:06 remaining in the 3rd.
  • Mrazek may have helped the strap come loose. Just a little bit.
  • Jensen was having a very, very good game as well, bearing down physically and skating up into the rush nearly seamlessly.
  • The 10-minute mark passed with Detroit out-shooting Nashville 29-25.
  • Mrazek made a BIG blocke stop as Johansen was fed in the Wings’ slot, battling a puck out of play to usher in a TV timeout.
  • At 10:38, Detroit was out-shooting Nashville 9-5 in the 3rd and 29-26 overall; attempts 63-47 Nashville; hits 13-13; giveaways 15-10 Nashville; takeaways 5-5; blocked shots 23-8 Detroit; faceoffs 31-20 Nashville (39%).
  • When play resumed, Zetterberg’s line played as if they were PK’ing, and Mrazek had to make a big stop as a puck went off his mask.
  • Detroit still pressed offensively, and Athanasiou and Larkin both chipped sneaky shots on Saros, who had to make some tremendous pad and blocker stops.
  • Nashville attacked heavily when they had the puck, and with 8 minutes remaining in the 3rd, Detroit’s shot-blocking prowess (for one night at least) was bailing it out.
  • Mrazek made a big stop on Bonino and the Preds set up offensively in the Wings’ zone, but the Nielsen line pushed the puck out and down the ice, and Nashville had to re-set.
  • As the clock wound down, it felt like Nashville was running out of time, which isn’t a bad thing.
  • Mrazek was making big stops on Smith, Ellis and the rest of the Predators, and the final TV timeout of regulation hit with 5:50 remaining.
  • At 14:10, Detroit was out-shooting Nashville 10-8 in the 3rd and 30-29 overall, but the attempts were 68-49 Nashville. Detroit had blocked 24 shots.

As play resumed, with Athanasiou and Tatar racing up ice, Detroit got called for too many men–and it was a lame call–with 5:42 remaining in the 3rd. Bertuzzi served the bench minor.

  • Detroit won the defensive zone draw and cleared the puck down ice…

But Nashville was able to stretch the offensive zone, with Subban finding Craig Smith with a 100-foot pass. Smith made no mistake, firing a puck five-hole on Mrazek to make it 2-1.

Β Smith scored to make it 2-1 at 14:35. Subban and Saros had the assists.

  • Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist took to the ice with Kronwall and Witkowski, and they managed to work the puck into the Predators’ zone twice, cycling down low and grinding on the Predators’ defense…
  • Nashville countered, with Sissons, Smith and Bonino buzzing down low, and Mrazek just grabbed his stick in time to make a big save…
  • Time ticked down on the Predators, and Detroit had to ice the puck with 3:42 remaining, and Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha a bit gassed.
  • Zetterberg drew in for the defensive zone faceoff, he tied it up and Nyquist chipped so that the Wings could change.
  • Nashville hammered the puck into Detroit’s zone, and Helm, Nielsen and Abdelkader worked the puck out of trouble, swiped the puck from Nashville at center ice, and dumped and changed with 2:55 remaining.
  • Zetterberg, Tatar and Glendening played together and Tatar drew a penalty…
  • 6-on-5, the Wings just ragged the puck and then pressed into the Predators’ zone, with Jensen and Mantha playing drop pass city.

Kyle Turris headed off with 2:15 remaining.

  • Athanasiou, Larkin, Abdelkader, Daley and Kronwall won the deep offensive zone faceoff but Nashville cleared the zone easily, and Detroit struggled to get through center ice.
  • The Preds hacked and whacked the Wings as well, and Kronwall got called for Bonino diving.

Niklas Kronwall put his hand around Nick Bonino and Bonino fell at 18:45, so Kronwall was called for a penalty.

  • Nashville called a timeout to pull Saros.
  • So Nashville went 6-on-4 to start the 4-on-4 as a 5-on-4 Nashville.
  • Nielsen and Helm won the faceoff…

And Nielsen fed Darren Helm at the Wings’ blueline, Helm made no mistake in sweeping the puck down ice and it hit the Predators’ goal, yielding a 3-1 lead at 18:41.

Helm scored from Nielsen at 18:41.

  • The Predators still pulled Saros, and Mrazek had to make a big stop on Josi rushing into the slot…
  • Subban and Josi tried to work a give-and-go, but the Wings blocked shots, Subban got too fancy, Mrazek played the puck out to Glendening, and while DeKeyser could not clear the puck (as per usual), the Preds high-sticked the puck down with 10.5 remaining in regulation.
  • The Wings won the defensive zone draw and pushed the puck to center ice as time expired.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings simply out-ground the Predators, and while they gave up a poor power play goal against, and Mrazek had some hard saves to make, Detroit ultimately prevailed because they out-worked their opponents and their attention to detail was superior.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary:


The final shot attempts were 73-54 Nashville.

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