Red Wings-Capitals quick take: Oy vey, OT win, but another 3rd period collapse

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to take out an Eastern Conference powerhouse in the Washington Capitals on Sunday afternoon.

The Red Wings blew a 4-1 third period lead but ended up winning 5-4 in OT thanks to Tomas Tatar’s second goal of the game. The Wings were great for 40 minutes, terrible in the 3rd period, and clutch in OT. It was still a frustrating game to watch.

Both teams’ lineups were in flux prior to the game, but the Capitals’ Twitter account confirmed the Caps’ lines…

The Wings’ Twitter account offered a “best guess,” and’s Dana Wakiji offered her pre-game skate set-up:

Washington started Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom and Tom Wilson at forward, Dmitry Orlov and Matt Niskanen on defense and Braden Holtby in goal;

Detroit started Gustav Nyquist, Henrik Zetterberg and Anthony Mantha at forward, Jonathan Ericsson and Trevor Daley on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

Jake Brenk and Francois St. Laurent refereed the game, with Travis Gawryletz and Vaughan Rody working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Zetterberg and Backstrom drew in for the opening faceoff, and Backstrom won his draw and the Capitals’ Orlov flipped the puck into the Wings zone. Tom Wilson set up Ovechkin in the slot but he bobbled the puck, and Zetterberg slid a puck to Mantha, who tipped a shot through the crease but wide.
  • Washington engaged in a high flip play and Bacstrom was stood up by Daley, and John Carlson swiped the puck and sent a backhander high and wide of the net.
  • The Wings changed some 58 seconds into the 1st, and Evgeni Kuznetsov swiped a puck from Ericsson and blasted a heavy shot wide of Howard;
  • Athanasiou, Larkin and Tatar worked with DeKeyser and Jensen to clear the puck, but the Wings could do little other than push the puck into the Caps’ zone.
  • Kronwall, Green, Abdelkader, Nielsen and Helm worked to grind the puck out down low in the Washington zone, swiping the puck and sending the puck to Kronwall, who blasted a shot wide.
  • 2:30 into the 1st, Detroit’s fourth line came out, and Glendening, Booth and Frk worked to push the puck up ice, they surrendered a bit of possession and control to the Caps’ fourth line, and Stevenson nearly sent a slot shot on net.

As Howard stopped the game’s first shot some 3:21 into the 1st, Luke Glendening headed to the penalty box for tripping.

  • Detroit won its defensive zone faceoff and cleared the puck immediately, with Nielsen, helm, Daley and Ericsson working to force Ovechkin to slide a simple shot into Howard’s glove.
  • Washington re-set at center ice and skated into the Wings’ zone, setting up vs. Larkin, Abdelkader, Ericsson and Daley, and the Caps worked the umbrella to Ovechkin…

And Ovechkin scored on the one-timer from Carlson, making it 1-0 Washington.

It looked like Howard might have wanted that one back. At 4:20 of the 1st, Ovechkin scored from Carlson and Kuznetsov.

  • On the post-goal shift, Zetterberg got a turn mucking the puck to center, and the Larkin line replaced Zetterberg’s, skating up ice as Larkin looked to find Athanasiou, but chose to shoot instead, getting the Wings’ first shot some 5:15 into the 1st period.
  • Detroit cycled, but the Wings could not keep possession and control, so the Nielsen line came out, and Backstrom deked and dangled, but Howard made a big stop.
  • As play continued, Helm swiped the puck and raced into the Caps’ zone, but he was cut off and held up by Wilson and Bowey.
  • Some 6:30 into the 1st, Washington looked like it was over-powering and out-smarting the Wings, skating into Detroit’s zone and calmly setting up big shots on or near Howard.
  • The Wings just backed in, backed in, and backed in some more, affording Washington all sorts of time and space to shoot on Howard.
  • At 7:05, the shots were 4-1 Washington and attempts 8-6 Washington; hits were 2-2; giveaways 2-1 Washington, takeaways 3-1 Detroit; blocked shots 1-0 Washington; faceoffs 4-2 Detroit (67%).
  • As play resumed, Athanasiou, Larkin and Tatar worked together but iced the puck, and the Wings had to work very hard to pump the puck down the ice again.
  • Washington was dominating in terms of possession and control of the puck, speed with the puck on their sticks and zone time…
  • But Nielsen, Helm and Abdelkader set up Daley for a fine shot on Holtby as Daley played “late man”…
  • And Detroit followed that fine shift up with one in which Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha sent the puck to Kronwall in the high, high slot, and Kronwall blasted a slapper right into Holtby’s chest. No screen, no rebound.
  • The Wings’ fourth line did a better job of standing up at their own blueline, and 9:20 into the 1st, Tatar hopped off the bench and got a good scoring chance that went wide…
  • But the Caps went the other way and bumbled a scoring chance of their own, with Burakowsky and Eller back-passing blindly like Detroit tends to do.
  • At the 10:05 mark, the Caps raced in 3-on-2, but missed the net…
  • Detroit was at least standing up to the Caps’ attack…
  • Washington was already utilizing the Barry Trotz trap on defense, setting up in a 1-4 formation at their blueline…
  • And Washington was blocking shots with aplomb, forcing Athanasiou and Green to fire heavy shots into Capitals’ shin pads.
  • Off a smart Howard save, Athanasiou and Larkin raced into the Caps’ zone, but they turned the puck over and Washington set up in the Wings’ zone instead, with Howard making a sharp stop on the Capitals’ late man play with Washington traffic in front.
  • At 13:05, Detroit was out-shot 8-4 and out-attempted 13-12; hits were 6-5 Washington; giveaways 3-1 Washington, takeaways 4-2 Detroit; blocked shots 3-0 Washington; faceoffs 6-6 (50%).
  • As play resumed, Nielsen’s line found itself facing all it could handle in Washington’s defense…

But Justin Abdelkader swiped the puck from Niskanen, raced in on Holtby and deked and dangled to score a blocker side goal, tying the game at 1-1.

ย Abdelkader scored the 1-1 goal at 13:37 goal. Nielsen was given an assist during the first intermission.

  • The post-goal shift yielded more offense as Green raced in on a 3-on-2 and clanged a shot off Holtby’s butt-end;
  • More neutral zone play = TV timeout, and at 14:29, Detroit was out-shot 8-6 but the attempts were 14-13 Detroit; hits 7-5 Capitals; giveaways 3-1 Washington, takeaways 5-3 Detroit; blocked shots 3-0 Capitals; faceoffs 9-6 Detroit (60%).
  • After the TV timeout, Athanasiou, Tatar and Larkin set up in the Caps’ zone, tried to set up Jensen for a shot, and fumbled the exchange. Detroit dumped and changed, and the All-Overpaid line of Nielsen, Abdelkader and Helm (which has been very good) took a penalty.

After Jonathan Ericsson hooked a Capitals player, Abdelkader got called for “slashing” Nicklas Backstrom. Backstrom tucked Abdelkader’s stick under his arm.

Abdelkader sat at 15:49.

  • Detroit worked the PK with Nielsen and Helm working very hard to help Ericsson and Daley stifle the Ovechkin PP unit. As it turned out, Nielsen and Helm got an OK chance despite not sending the puck on Holtby, and Glendening and Larkin took over, standing up to the Capitals’ point men.
  • Washington still got Ovechkin set up for his one-timer, twice, but his shots went wide with Jensen in front of the Wings’ net.
  • Detroit killed the penalty despite Washington’s strong offensive pressure, and Abdelkader returned to the ice, helped Zetterberg set up Green for a chance that was simply in too tight to Holtby, and as the period wound down, Detroit was doing a much better job of “fronting” the Caps.
  • Jensen made some smart passes to Kronwall to diffuse some defensive tension in the final minute of play, and DeKeyser was strong on his feet as Backstrom tried to swipe the puck away from him.
  • That was the end of the first period.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings started slowly, their penalty-kill was terrible, giving up a goal to Ovechkin, and thankfully for Detroit, the Wings were able to get a game-tying goal on a broken play turned breakaway for Justin Abdelkader. Howard was solid and the Wings played better and better as the period progressed.

Statistically. Detroit was out-shot 8-6 and out-attempted 18-16; hits were 9-5 Washington; giveaways 4-1 Washington, takeaways 7-3 Detroit (possession changes 11-4 Detroit); blocked shots 4-2 Washington; faceoffs 11-8 Detroit (58%).

Individually, Abdelkader, Booth, Tatar, Green, Kronwall and Daley had 1 shot; Tatar had 3 attempts; Abdelkader, Booth, Mantha, Ericsson and Kronwall had 1 hit; Mantha had a giveaway and a takeaway; Abdelkader had 3 takeaways; Jensen and Daley blocked shots; Larkin’s 5-and-1 (83%) faceoff record led the Wings, who were +5; Daley played 8:20, Ericsson 7:49, Larkin 7:26, Green 6:26, Kronwall 6:06, Athanasiou 5:47, Kronwall 5:40.

FSD had the scoring chances at 4-3 Detroit.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • The second period began with Backstrom’s line starting opposite Zetterberg’s, and the Wings won the opening faceoff, mashed the puck through center ice, and turned it over in the Caps’ zone. Tom Wilson got a good shot that Howard stopped, Washington cycled, and a bumble at the blueline yielded a lot of zone time for the Caps, who hemmed in the Zetterberg line for 1:15.
  • After the Capitals iced the puck, Larkin, Tatar and Athanasiou ground out the puck down low as the Capitals iced the puck and afforded Detroit an offensive zone faceoff.
  • Detroit re-set at center but weren’t able to penetrate the Caps’ zone the first time they pushed; the second time, the Wings were able to skate into the Capitals’ zone, but their shot attempt, by Niklas Kronwall, was blocked into the crowd.
  • Washington managed to take a dumb penalty as Abdelkader was held up along the side boards, and Zetterberg came out as the 6th man, with Green ultimately firing a sneaky shot in on Holtby, who made a hard stop look easy.

Eller headed to the box at 3:03, upset that Abdelkader was holding Eller as much as Eller was holding Abdelkader.

Eller went for “holding the stick.”

  • The Wings’ unit of Kronwall, Frk, Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist lost their initial offensive zone faceoff, skated the puck into the Caps’ zone, and Frk fanned on a shot, giving Washington an easy clear into the Wings’ bench.
  • The second unit came out only 35 seconds into the PP, and Green, Tatar, Athanasiou, Larkin and Abdelkader worked the puck back into the Caps’ zone, lost it, skated back up ice again, and Washington really collapsed on the puck carrier, forcing the Wings to skate into a wall of penalty-killers.
  • Nyquist did find Zetterberg for a rush into the Caps’ zone, but Mantha went offside as the Wings’ power play looked…messy.
  • Messy and ineffective.
  • As the power play expired, Frk got a slapper on Holtby, but the Capitals’ goaltender gobbled the puck up.
  • Glendening, Nielsen and Helm came out for the post-PP shift, and they worked with DeKeyser and Jensen to cycle quite well in the Caps’ zone and generate zone time and grind time. Holtby ultimately had to stop a Helm shot at 5:53.
  • Larkin got a chance on Holtby as well off a rush by Daley, but Larkin ended up swearing at himself…
  • AND LARKIN MADE A TREMENDOUS ATTEMPT TO SCORE ON A BACKHAND-TO-FOREHAND attempt that Holtby and Burakowsky kept out of the net.
  • Washington rode some energy off of the tremendous stop by Holtby, but Detroit was more tenacious regarding its puck carrying, and the Wings’ defense was better, too.
  • The Helm-Nielsen-Abdelkader line continued to get the Wings’ most consistent chances, however.
  • At 7:54, Detroit was out-shooting Washington 6-1 in the 2nd and 12-9 overall. Attempts were 29-19 Detroit; hits 11-6 Washington; giveaways 5-1 Washington, takeaways 8-4 Detroit; blocked shots 9-2 Washington, faceoffs 17-12 Detroit (41%).
  • After the TV timeout, Washington got a great cycle going in the Wings’ zone, but Jensen made a big block, Nielsen made a big steal in the slot and the Wings parried the Caps’ chances.
  • Mantha, Zetterberg and Nyquist then got a cycle going, but they ultimately had to watch Green and Kronwall barely clear the puck away from the Capitals’ forecheckers.
  • At 10:27, Detroit was out-shooting Washington 7-1 in the 2nd and 13-9 overall; attempts were 29-20 Detroit; hits 13-6 Washington; giveaways 5-1 Washington, takeaways 8-5 Detroit; blocked shots 9-4 Washington; faceoffs 17-13 Detroit (57%).
  • As play resumed, Glendening, Nielsen and Helm iced the puck and then won the defensive zone faceoff, pressuring the Capitals as they skated up ice and working opposite Backstrom and Ovechkin;
  • Daley fired a shot wide of the net, but as Larkin’s line hopped over the boards, they regrouped at center…and gave up a high slot shot to T.J. Oshie.
  • Zetterberg set up Nyquist for a fine chance that Nyquist deked and dangled but put off the side of the net;
  • The line continued to shut down the Capitals’ offense.
  • Frk, Glendening and Booth came out 13 minutes into the 2nd, and they let DeKeyser and Green cycle and fire a shot wide of the net.
  • Larkin and Kronwall found Athanasiou down low and he set up Tatar in the slot, but Holtby was strong and stopped the shot;
  • Athanasiou fanned on a shot, and…

Brooks Orpik felt that Tomas Tatar dove as Orpik was called for interference at 14:04, yielding another Red Wings power play.

  • At 14:04, the shots were 9-2 Detroit in the 2nd and 15-10 Detroit overall; attempts were 34-22 Detroit; hits 14-6 Washington; giveaways 6-1 Washington, takeaways 8-5 Detroit; blocked shots 12-4 Washington; faceoffs 17-17 (50%).
  • The Wings lost the opening faceoff but kept control of the puck in the offensive zone, with Zetterberg playing catch with Kronwall and Frk.
  • Nyquist and Mantha were unable to keep the puck in, but Detroit re-set at center ice, entered the offensive zone, and Green replaced Kronwall, giving Frk a shot that Wilson blocked, breaking his stick.
  • Detroit worked the 5-on-3-and-a-half, and Zetterberg actually one-timed the puck on a slapshot, but Holtby made a big stop.
  • Green, Tatar, Larkin, Athanasiou and Abdelkader took over on the PP unit, and they lost an offensive zone draw, re-entered the zone, worked the umbrella formation and fired the puck wide of Holtby.
  • That was the power play.
  • With 3-and-a-half minutes remaining in the 2nd period, Detroit needed to bear down on the Capitals, and instead, they let Ovechkin skate into the slot, but miss a fine pass…

And Glendening, Helm and Nielsen worked a perfect breakout together, Nielsen found Helm, Helm fired a shot on Holtby and his rebound went to Glendening, who chipped in the 2-1 goal.

Glendening made it 2-1 from Helm and Nielsen at 16:53…

AND on the bump-up shift, Detroit dumped and chased, Zetterberg swiped the puck from Niskanen via a stick lift and centered the puck to Mantha, who jammed home the puck 9 seconds after the 2-1 goal.

Mantha made it 3-1 at 17:02. Zetterberg and Jensen had assists.

  • Detroit continued to press offensively as the period started to wind down, and Nielsen, Helm and Abdelkader were excellent, grinding the Caps down.
  • DeKeyser made an intriguing pinch to help Nyquist and Zetterberg get a shot off, but up came the Caps on the rebound…
  • And Detroit shut ’em down.
  • Howard made an AWFUL turnover to Ovechkin behind the net, but Jensen stopped it…

And the Red Wings roared up the other way, with Dylan Larkin setting up Tomas Tatar for a top-shelf goal on Holtby with only seconds remaining in the period.

ย Tomas Tatar scored from Larkin at 19:49 of the 2nd period.

The 2nd period in summary: Detroit played OK for the first half of the second period, but they got better and better as the period progressed, and ultimately, the Wings’ smart, detail-oriented and intense play yielded 3 late-second-period goals and a firm lead in the game. Here’s hoping that the Wings can keep it.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Washington 17-2 in the 2nd and 23-10 overall; attempts were 46-23 Detroit; hits 17-6 Washington; giveaways 6-1 Washington, takeaways 9-5 Detroit (possession changes 15-6 Detroit); blocked shots 14-5 Washington; faceoffs 21-19 Detroit (53%).

Individually, Tatar and Helm had 3 shots; Green, Frk, Larkin and Daley had 2 shots; Tatar had 6 attempts; Abdelkader, Booth, Mantha, Glendening, Ericsson and Kronwall had hits; Mantha had a giveaway and a takeaway, and both Abdelkader and Daley had 2 takeaways; Jensen blocked 2 shots; Larkin’s 9-and-2 (82%) faceoff record led the Wings; Detroit was +20, and Ericsson’s 14:23 led the team; Green played 14:20, Daley 14:13, Kronwall 13:46, Nyquist 13:26, Zetterberg 13:11, Mantha 12:35.

FSD had the scoring chances at 12-3 Detroit.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • The Wings lost the initial faceoff and Washington raced into the Wings’ zone, firing a heavy shot wide of Howard.
  • Washington looked crisp and sharp to start the 3rd, working the puck up ice well, but Detroit was winning battles for the puck, and Gustav Nyquist got the period’s first shot on Holtby some 40 seconds into the 3rd period.
  • Washington was undeterred, getting a shot on Howard some 20 seconds later, and Howard had to make a massive stop on Evgeny Kuznetsov, using his blocker to shut Kuznetsov down.
  • Washington had snagged 3 shots in a minute of play, and Detroit was coughing up the puck in its own zone…
  • But the Wings looked better–and dangerous–outside of their zone, chipping shots on the Caps’ goaltender.
  • Washington continued to press…

And off a rush, Brett Connolly converted a lateral pass into a goal on Howard’s blocker side at 2:32.

ย Kronwall, Abdelkader and Green got caught watching as Connolly scored the 4-2 goal 2:32 into the 3rd. Beagle got the assist.

  • Zetterberg’s line played the post-goal shift, and they did an OK job of standing up against the Caps…with Mantha stopping Ovechkin, charging into the Caps zone and firing a shot wide of the net.
  • Mantha played very physically…
  • And Jensen got a great chance on Holtby from the blueline.
  • Detroit seemed to steady itself after the 4-2 goal, and while the Wings weren’t pressing offensively, they were playing a strong 200-foot game against a Capitals team that was buzzing.
  • Green set up Athanasiou for a fine chance that Holtby stifled;
  • 5 minutes into the 3rd period, Eller raced into the Wings’ zone, but Detroit chipped the puck out of play, Jensen worked with Zetterberg’s line to get the puck out of trouble, and the Wings ground the puck out down low.
  • Detroit got its cycle going as the Larkin line worked with Jensen, but they also gave up a 4-on-2 that Tatar had to clear;
  • Howard made a massive, massive stop on Tom Wilson, and Wilson ran Howard over…

So Detroit went to the power play at 7:24 as Wilson was called for goaltender interference.

  • It would be nice if the Wings scored an insurance goal…
  • But that was unlikely given the Wings’ power play percentage.
  • And Jay Beagle got the first scoring chance of the 3rd period, racing into the Wings’ zone 1-on-3 and still being let go.
  • With only 1:25 left on the PP, Kronwall and Nyquist engaged in the drop-pass entry and the Zetterberg unit set up, with Nyquist trying to set up Zetterberg in the slot.
  • Washington was doing a good job of tying up the Wings’ sticks along the side boards and then clearing the puck, so Detroit didn’t re-enter the Caps’ zone until there were 28 seconds left in the PP. Athanasiou, Larkin, Abdelkader, Tatar and Green worked the puck down low, Green one-timed a shot into Holtby and he saw it, so that was more or less the power play.
  • Glendening, Helm and Nielsen played the final couple seconds of the PP, and Helm nearly set up Glendening for a goal, but Glendening’s tip went wide.
  • Nearly 10 minutes into the 3rd period, Washington pressed.
  • Howard made a smart stop on Oshie after Ovechkin won the battle for a bouncing puck, and Howard made another stop on Oshie, ushering in a commercial timeout.
  • At 10:14, Detroit was out-shot 7-5 in the 3rd but out-shot Washington 28-17 overall; attempts were 55-33 Detroit; hits 19-10 Washington; giveaways 10-2 Washington; takeaways 10-5 Detroit; blocked shots 16-6 Washington; faceoffs 24-24 (50%).
  • As play resumed, the Capitals bumbled their breakout, chipping a pass into their bench, and Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist did a good job of aggravating the Caps and actually pushing the puck into Washington’s zone before Washington recoiled, Ovechkin fired a shot on Howard and the Caps iced their own hold-in attempt.
  • Mike Green made a terrible turnover that Burakowsky deked and dangled into Howard;
  • Tatar, Larkin and a pinching Jensen did a nice job of cycling and nearly setting up Athanasiou back-door…
  • Zetterberg’s lost faceoff and an Ericsson stumble = Howard had to make a massive stop on Smith-Pelly;
  • Zetterberg’s line continued to battle its way through the defensive zone, and they were OK but not great opposite Beagle, SMith-Pelly and Orlov…

And eventually, Orlov pinched, swiped the puck, afforded Beagle a good lateral pass, and Orlov beat Howard glove side going side to side.

ย Orlov made it 4-3 at 14:02 from Beagle.

  • Washington really put the hammer down after the Orlov goal–which included some very bad bumbles by Ericsson and Mantha, who did not clear the Wings’ zone…
  • And Detroit was hemmed in its own end, big time, as the 15-minute mark passed.
  • Ovechkin, Backstrom and Wilson got to work on Green and DeKeyser, as well as Abdelkader, Nyquist and Larkin, and Deroit had a hard time clearing the zone…
  • While Wilson and Orpik hammered Nyquist with successive hits.
  • The lines got scrambled by Blashill, and that was OK.
  • Helm, Nielsen and Ericsson worked with Daley and Ericsson with 3 minutes remaining, and the Caps got some good chances and the Wings iced the puck with 2:41 remaining.
  • Detroit lost the defensive zone draw and Howard had to make an excellent job before the Wings iced the puck again, unable to change.
  • With 2:16 left, Detroit was trailing in shots 14-5 in the 3rd, and Glendening iced the puck with Holtby out.
  • With 2:00 remaining, Ovechkin swiped the puck, cycled, shot the puck off Daley, and Washington worked the 6-on-5 against an exhausted group of Red Wings players.
  • Daley blocked another Ovechkin shot and the wings tried to change.
  • Larkin, DeKeyser and Green got on ice but Helm and Glendening were stuck on the ice…

And DeKeyser got called for holding at 18:45.

  • 6-on-4.
  • Detroit called a timeout with 1:15 remaining,
  • Ericsson, Daley, Larkin and Glendening lost the defensive zone faceoff, Washington owned the perimeter, Ovechkin waited for a big slapper and Daley blocked #8 up high;
  • Kuznetsov cycled around the back boards, Washington’s Carlson set up Backstrom…

And Backstrom tied the game at 19:13.

ย Backstrom played the left wing and worked a pass from Carlson into a high shot over Howard’s glove.

  • Detroit let the Caps push the puck into the offensive zone for the final couple seconds of play, and then Nyquist raced up ice, and regulation ended.

The 3rd period in summary: Inexcusable collapse.

Shots in the 3rd were 15-5 Washington, 28-25 Detroit after 3. Shot attempts 56-47 Detroit; hits 23-13 Washington; giveaways 10-3 Washington; takeaways 10-5 Detroit; blocked shots 17-10 Washington; faceoffs 30-28 Washington (48%).


  • Zetterberg, Nyquist and DeKeyser started OT, and Zetterberg won the draw, got the puck to DeKeyser, up to Nyquist it went, and Zetterberg ground it out vs. Kuznetsov, Oshie and Orlov…
  • Oshie skated in but Howard stopped him, and Washington cycled and changed.
  • Ovechkin worked vs. Mantha, Zetterberg and DeKeyser. He was stopped by Mantha.
  • Both teams changed with 3:44 remaining, and Athanasiou, Mantha and Green watched Burakovsky skate in, get a pass from Carlson and flub it.
  • Burakovsky worked the puck to Backstrom, he found Burakovsky, and Howard made a big stop.
  • Mantha, Green and Athanasiou changed, leaving Mantha out the longest, and Jensen and Larkin took to the ice.
  • Larkin tried to feed Jensen on the rush, and he was blocked off.
  • Tatar joined the rush, Kuznetsov tried to pass the puck laterally and Jensen stopped the puck with a sliding block.

Detroit raced up the other way and Tomas Tatar took a pass from Dylan Larkin, twisted, deked and dangled, and he scored the game-winner.

Tatar scored the game-winner at 2:47 of OT. Detroit won 5-4. Larkin had the assist.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary:ย 

Final shot attempts were 57-49 Detroit.

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