All about #BrasilTemNHL

The gents from Red Wings Brasil are some of the most passionate hockey fans out there, regardless of the the time, distance and language differences between Brazilian hockey fans and the league they follow.

Red Wings Brasil’s Flavio de Moura reached out to me asking me to post the following, as well as a superb PDF which summarizes why so many Brazilian sports fans love hockey:

Hockey is a niche sport in North America and TV ratings are low, That said, you can imagine how hard it is for us here. We got only ESPN broadcasting games with awful play-by-play and color commentaries (this part you can leave behind) So, we got together and created the hashtag #BrasilTemNHL (Brasil Has NHL) and we’re pounding it everyday. We wish to be noticed by the League somehow. Just to set a flag on our way to have proper transmission on TV/Web, by people who love the sport.


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3 thoughts on “All about #BrasilTemNHL”

  1. I hope the NHL and the networks are paying attention or someone is reading this with the right connections to get proper NHL broadcasts in Brazil. Looks like the NHL has untapped market potential if they want it, and I think they do.

  2. Thanks Malik, being a brazilian reader in your blog for quite some time, I appreciate your help. Hockey around here is quite difficult to get any attention from local media. Back in the day, I was used to watch on ESPN a couple of hours after the game had been done. Nowadays, I just use, that’s a lot of $$ to spend, but I would say that’s worth it

    1. No problem. I hope that the post helps, even if it’s only a little. I know Brazilian NHL fans have a hard road to go.

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