Red Wings-Bruins quick take: Closer than it looked, but no cigar

The Red Wings attempted to snap the Bruins’ 12-1-and-1 hex over Detroit on Tuesday night. The Wings caught a bit of a break as Bruins leading scorer Brad Marchand was serving the final game of his suspension, but Tuukka Rask started opposite Jimmy Howard on a 16-0-and-2 run.

The Red Wings were “run over” early by the Bruins, who took a 2-1 lead into the 3rd period, made it 3-1 and then got out-shot like nobody’s business as Detroit made it 3-2 late but could not tie the game.

Boston played a tremendous game for at least 40 minutes, while Detroit played for 4 or 5, and the Wings’ late flourish (a 16-7 shot advantage on a night when the Wings were out-shot 24-12 over the first 40 minutes) was frustrating because the, “Too little, too late” template has almost been trademarked by the Wings this season and the last.

Nick Jensen was arguably the Wings’ best player, and he was -3; Dylan Larkin had 3 of the Wings’ 16 giveaways, and he was the best forward; Howard was excellent in the Wings’ net, getting beaten by some gorgeous Bruins goals, but he wasn’t able to deliver an otherworldly performance–or one like Tuukka Rask, who is now 19-0-and-2 over his past 21 starts.

The Wings made a game closer than it was, as Darren Eliot suggested on FSD’s post-game show, and that’s frustrating, because the Wings were outclassed at times.

The Bruins’ lineup was known prior to the game, per’s Eric Russo:

Danton HeinenPatrice BergeronDavid Pastrnak
Jake DeBruskDavid KrejciRyan Spooner
Tim SchallerRiley NashDavid Backes
Frank Vatrano – Sean Kuraly – Austin Czarnik

Zdeno CharaCharlie McAvoy
Torey KrugBrandon Carlo
Matt GrzelcykAdam McQuaid

Tuukka Rask
Anton Khudobin

The Red Wings posted their best guess as to the Wings’ lineup as Darren Helm was a game-time decision:

Helm was in, but the lines changed, as’s Dana Wakiji noted:

The Bruins started Danton Heinen, Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak at forward, Brandon Carlo and Torey Krug on defense and Tuukka Rask in goal;

The Red Wings started Luke Glendening, Frans Nielsen and Darren Helm at forward, Jonathan Ericsson and Trevor Daley on defense and Jimmy Howard in goal.

Brian Pochmara and Chris Lee refereed the game, with Scott Cherrey and Ryan Galloway working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Nielsen drew in for the opening faceoff against Bergeron, and the Bruins won the draw to Krug, Patstrnak and then Carolo, who was checked heavily by the Wings. Detroit still surrendered the first rush to Boston and chipped the puck out of trouble, narrowly avoiding an icing.
  • Larkin, Tatar and Abdelkader came over the boards and worked the puck in deep, but a Tatar turnover yielded back-passing to the defense and DeKeyser and Jensen got the puck to center and then had to parry a Bruins rush with Howard’s help.
  • Bertuzzi, Frk and Athanasiou worked with a pinching Mike Green to push the puck into Boston’s end, regroup at center–twice–and Bertuzzi got the first shot on Rask 1:50 into the 1st.
  • Green then sent a shot off a Bruins stick wide of the net, and it was a wicked shot at that.
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg and Mantha completed the four-line rotation 2:15 into the 1st period, and Mantha centered the puck to Zetterberg, who hammered a shot wide of Rask from only 6 feet out.
  • The Bruins disrupted the Wings’ cycle and skated into Red Wings territory, where Heinen, Pastrnak and Bergeron found themselves overwhelmed by Daley and Ericsson. Nielsen’s line had to skate against a non-Bergeron group and Rask stopped the second Wings shot on goal at 3:18.
  • DeKeyser and Green fumbled an exchange and nearly gave up a 3-on-2 chance that the Bruins pumped to the point, and Carlo sent a heavy shot wide off a Bruins stick.
  • Detroit regained possession, dumped and changed, and a Jensen stretch pass didn’t work, so Abdelkader, Larkin and Tatar went offside.
  • Green helped Abdelkader, Tatar and Larkin set up in the B’s zone, but Boston was playing tenacious defense, so Detroit’s rushes, including a Green shot on a one-man rush and a Larkin rebound hammered wide, yielded very little.
  • Ericsson coughed up the puck to Backes after Backes avoided an Ericsson hit, and Daley got hammered as well, but played the puck to Frk, Athanasiou tried to center the puck to Bertuzzi, and the B’s cleared the zone…
  • 6 minutes into the 1st period, Detroit was dominating puck possession but not necessarily zone time…
  • And Danton Heinen clanged the puck off the goalpost and a teammate got the Bruins’ first shot at 6:12, ushering in a save and the first TV timeout.
  • At 6:12, the shots were listed as 2-0 Detroit, but attempts were 6-5 Detroit; hits 5-4 Detroit, giveaways 2-2, takeaways 0-0, blocked shots 3-3, faceoffs 2-1 Boston (33%).
  • The Wings won the faceoff after the TV Timeout, and they worked into the B’s zone before Torey Krug got the Bruins’ first official shot at 6:38, with the Bergeron line setting up in the Wings’ zone. Boston maintained possession and got a second shot off on Howard via Bergeron, and the Nyquist line regrouped and recoiled, with Nyquist dropping a zone entry to DeKeyser, who fired the Wings’ third shot on Rask.
  • Boston was getting shots off on its offensive zone forays, or at least shot attempts, and Detroit started to struggle to get through the neutral zone as the B’s woke up some eight minutes into the first period.
  • The Wings looked a little less cohesive line-wise as play continued, and Howard had to make a big stop on a Grzelcyk point shot.
  • 9:10 into the 1st, Jensen set up for a fine point shot that Rask had to stretch to save, but Tatar, Nyquist and Zetterberg were not in front of the net at the time, so Rask saw the 60-footer.

  • Athanasiou’s line came out as the “Game of Thrones” theme song blared from Lance Luce’s organ, and again, the last-minute line rotations = not so impressive cohesion.
  • 10 minutes into the 1st period, shots were 5-3 Detroit, and Boston was cycling in the Wings’ zone, with Bergeron’s line battling Athanasiou’s. Nielsen’s line snuck out for the final portion of the Bergeron line’s shift, and Glendening and Helm worked their way to a workmanlike shot through traffic.
  • The Wings were doing their best to stand up to the Bruins’ attack at their blueline, but Boston was still gaining possession in the offensive zone, and Howard had to make a big stop on McAvoy before the B’s bumbled what was a remarkable rebound opportunity.
  • Both teams looked a little disconnected 12:30 into the 1st.
  • The second TV timeout hit at 12:34, and at 12:34, the shots were 6-5 Boston; attempts 14-12 Boston; hits 9-4 Detroit; giveaways 5-2 Detroit, takeaways 0-0; blocked shots 5-5, faceoffs 3-3 (50%).
  • The Red Wings collapsed in front of the crease and Tim Schaller nearly scored, but he whiffed on a superb scoring chance;
  • Bergeron’s line played against Zetterberg’s for a good chunk of time as the Wings iced the puck at 13:43, and Zetterberg won the defensive zone faceoff and his linemates forced Rask to play the puck to his teammates.
  • Boston was doing a nice job of getting into the Wings’ zone and setting up, to the tune of 9 shots to Detroit’s 5 some 14:40 into the 1st, but their shots were perimeter ones.
  • Boston’s game was getting crisper and crisper as the Wings started to struggle to keep up with the aggressive stick checks.
  • Jensen made a slick play to Abdelkader, when the Wings were unable to keep the puck in the zone, Jensen blasted it out of play, and the third TV timeout hit at 15:41.
  • At 15:41, Detroit was out-shot 9-5 and out-attempted 17-12; hits were 10-5 Detroit; giveaways 5-2 Detroit, takeaways 0-0; blocked shots 5-5; faceoffs 4-4 (50%).
  • When play resumed, Athanasiou, Larkin and Bertuzzi were back together opposite Krejci, Spooner and DeBrusk. The Bruins pushed the puck into the Wings’ zone and got a shot off.

Niklas Kronwall did an excellent job of negating Jake DeBrusk in front of the Wings’ crease, but DeBrusk sold a hooking penalty at 16:08.

  • Boston set up, was repelled at the Wings’ blueline, and Bergeron raced in, put a shot off Howard’s glove, and shanked the rebound wide.
  • 39 seconds into the PP, the Wings and Bruins changed PK and PP units, respectively, and Helm, Nielsen, Daley and DeKeyser watched Howard gobble up a Bruins shot from the right wing half boards.
  • Glendening and Larkin came out for the ensuing faceoff, won it, and cleared it;
  • Larkin got interfered with trying to chase a dump-in, but McAvoy got away with one;
  • Boston set up in the Wings’ zone and Krug and Krejci worked the puck to Spooner, the puck was tipped, and Pastrnak cycled…
  • But Abdelkader found Athanasiou, the pair skated into the B’s zone, and Spooner shut the Wings down and shut the damn door with a fine defensive play.
  • Zetterberg found Mantha on the right wing and he was stopped by Rask, Nyquist and Mantha mucked the puck back to Green at the blueline, his stick snapped on the one-timer, and Boston emerged with the puck, but Daley parried the B’s rush.
  • Backes got open on the right wing and blasted a heavy shot at the Wings’ net, but Howard made a superb glove stop;
  • Glendening took the final faceoff in the Wings’ zone and won it, and that was that for the first period.

The 1st period in summary: The Wings and Bruins felt one another out and felt one another up in the first period, with the Wings adjusting to new lines with some clunkiness in terms of the number of shots given up and the Bruins looking passive for the first couple of minutes before pounding perimeter shots and a couple of good ones at Howard. The Wings killed a penalty and acquitted themselves decently.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 13-7 and out-attempted 23-14; hits were 11-7 Detroit; giveaways 7-2 Detroit, takeaways 1-0 Detroit (possession changes 7-3 Bruins); blocked shots 7-5 Detroit; faceoffs 8-7 Detroit (53%).

Individually, Jensen led the Wings with 2 shots; Green, Mantha, Helm, DeKeyser and Daley had 1 shot; Ericsson had 3 hits, Jensen, Abdelkader and Helm 2; Larkin had 2 giveaways and the team’s only takeaway; Jensen blocked 2 shots; Glendening was 5-and-0 (100%) on faceoffs; Ericsson led the Wings with 7:48 played; DeKeyser played 7:10; Daley 6:53, Green 6:38, Jensen 6:29, Zetterberg 5:34, Abdelkader 5:32, Larkin 5:28.

FSD had the scoring chances at 6-2 Boston.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • Nielsen drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Bergeron, who won the draw to Carlo, and the B’s mucked the puck into the Wings’ zone, where Howard played the puck around the side boards and Glendening broke into the B’s zone, shoveling a puck toward the slot, where Rask gobbled the pass up.
  • Larkin took the second draw in the Bruins’ zone, lost it, and Larkin came back to stop a Chara foray into the Wings’ deep slot.
  • Tomas Tatar generated the Wings’ first power play as he was hooked, and on the Wings’ short 6-on-5, Tatar’s dekeing and dangling cost the Wings a solid chance.

Charlie McAvoy went off for hooking at 1:20.

  • Nyquist, Mantha, Zetterberg, Kronwall and Frk set up on the first PP unit, and Nyquist got the Wings’ first shot of the period, but the Bruins shot the puck down the ice;
  • Detroit re-entered the zone…

Henrik Zetterberg and Gustav Nyquist retrieved the puck, the gents worked the puck down to Kronwall at the center point, Frk took the pass and one-timed it through Rask’s thigh, blocker and into the goal.

Frk scored on the power play at 2:08 from Kronwall and Zetterberg.

  • Detroit had a bit of a sloppy time on the post-goal shift, with Athanasiou keeping the Bruins to center ice, and Tatar, Zetterberg and Abdelkader played the next shift together, with Green and Kronwall.
  • 3:30 into the 2nd period, Detroit chipped and chased as the Nielsen line worked against Bergeron and Pastrnak.
  • Pastrnak set up Bergeron for a STELLAR one-timer, but Howard was up to the task of stopping the shot.
  • Detroit iced the puck but won their defensive zone faceoff and cleared the zone; Boston continued to press, and Howard had to make a shoulder stop on a Backes blast from an oblique angle blocker side.
  • Detroit tried to attack, but Mantha was held up by Chara, and the two exchanged pleasantries.
  • Larkin, Mantha and Nyquist worked the puck into the B’s slot, but no Wing was available, so Bosotn took the puck and skated into the Wings’ zone, where Howard had to make a big stop on Grzelcyk.
  • Spooner also blasted a shot in on Howard off the defensive zone faceoff, but he missed the net high. Boston was shooting everything it possibly could at the Wings’ net.
  • Detroit was also backing in too easily, affording Boston time and space.
  • When the Wings were in the offensive zone, they played superbly well, cycling and creating their own pressure on the B’s net, but their defensive play was suspect at times.
  • That, and the Bruins were really good.
  • The refs let a couple of hooks go on both sides some 7:10 into the 2nd, and they resulted in a Howard blocker stop and then Jensen setting up Frk for a boomer high and wide.
  • The difference between the Wings and the Bruins at the halfway point of the game was that the Bruins were getting pucks on or near Howard at every opportunity.
  • At 8:33, Detroit was out-shot 4-2 in the 2nd and 17-9 overall; attempts 31-18 B’s; hits 16-9 Detroit; giveaways 8-3 Detroit; takeaways 1-0 Detroit; blocked shots 8-4 Detroit; faceoffs 13-10 Boston (43%).
  • Detroit was able to clear the zone as play resumed on a defensive zone faceoff, and Boston regrouped and Krug blasted a shot that Howard booted away;
  • Mantha, Nyquist and Zetterberg charged into the Bruins’ zone, Larkin joined the fray, and Detroit’s offensive pressure evaporated;
  • 10:08 into the 2nd, Detroit was out-shot 6-2 in the 2nd and out-attempted 34-18; hits 16-10 Detroit; giveaways 9-3 Detroit, takeaways 2-0 Detroit; blocked shots 9-4 Detroit; faceoffs 13-11 Boston (46%).
  • When play resumed, Larkin was set up by Abdelkader and Tatar, and Grzelcyk made a stellar stick stop on Larkin’s rush to negate the scoring chance.

Regrettably, the Bruins took a blind Frk pass out of the zone nad kept it in, the puck was bounced down into the slot, Kuraly ended up with a one-timer of a shot, and Kuraly scored over Howard’s right blocker/toe.

Kuraly scored via some stellar passes from his linemates at 12:11. Pastrnak and Heinen got the assists on the bouncing play.

  • On the post-goal shift, Zetterberg’s line surrendered a 3-on-2 which Daley and Ericsson defended decently, and Howard stifled the B’s inevitable shot.
  • Then the Bruins absolutely buzzed in the Wings’ zone, but Detroit’s sticks and Howard were there to stifle Boston’s blasts.
  • At 14:06, Detroit was out-shot 8-3 in the 2nd and 21-10 overall; attempts were 38-19 Boston; hits 19-12 Detroit; giveaways an ugly 11-3 Detroit; takeaways 3-0 Detroit; blocked shots 10-4 Detroit; faceoffs 15-12 Boston (44%).

As play resumed, the Bruins won the offensive zone faceoff, Detroit worked the puck down low, the Bruins’ forwards worked the puck side to side to side, and Krejci blasted a one-timer past Howard and into the net to make it 2-1 Boston.

Krejci won the draw and ultimately worked the lateral pass to and from Spooner, he found DeBrusk, and Krejci was all alone to wind up and score at 14:17.

  • You would think that the Wings would learn that the rope-a-dope didn’t work, but they were trying to play it, and the Bruins are better than the Panthers.
  • The Bruins were stifling the Wings’ offensive forays as well, and on occasion, they’d get away with infractions against the Wings.
  • Jensen was having a tremendous game, and he nearly set up Mantha for a breakaway, but Chara tipped the puck away and went after Mantha, hacking and whacking him as DeKeyser blasted a point shot near the net.
  • Howard made a HUGE stop on Jake DeBrusk as he worked his way past DeKeyser, generating his own breakaway.
  • Boston just kept peppering the Wings’ net with shots, and while Detroit was counter-attacking decently, Boston was getting too much time and space against a Wings defense that was standing around.
  • Detroit was limping its way toward the 2nd intermission, and Boston was getting increasingly legally physical on the Wings in the offensive zone, yielding some nastiness that was wearing Detroit down.
  • Boston set up another 3-on-2 that Larkin stopped in tight as the 1-minute-remaining mark hit…
  • And Bergeron and McAvoy got away with some SERIOUS mucking and mashing against Abdelkader as Abdelkader and Pastrnak came together. Kronwall and Bergeron bumped and ground, and as a result:

Bergeron and Abdelkader sat for “roughing” at 19:37.

  • Boston kept chirping at the Wings as the following faceoff took place, and Boston blasted a shot attempt wide. Nielsen tried to set up DeKeyser as the whistle blew to end the period.

The 2nd period in summary: Detroit lost its will and lost its defensive determination as the 2nd period progressed, and the team’s inability to keep up with the B’s in the defensive zone yielded two goals against, negating a solid amount of fine offensive zone play and Frk’s goal. The Wings were allowing the Bruins to skate into the Wings’ zone with speed and the Wings were staring and watching far too much as the B’s made sharp plays. The result is that the Wings got shelled.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 11-5 in the 2nd and 24-12 overall; attempts were 43-24 Boston; hits 22-14 Detroit; giveaways 14-3 Detroit, takeaways 3-1 Detroit (possession changes 15-6 Boston); blocked shots 11-6 Detroit; faceoffs 17-16 Boston (49%).

Individually, Jensen, Helm and Daley led the Wings with 2 shots apiece; Abdelkader had 6 hits, Ericsson 5, Jensen 4; Green had an ugly 4 giveaways, Larkin 3; Jensen, Mantha and Larkin had the team’s takeaways; Jensen, Abdelkader and Daley blocked 2 shots; Glendening’s 6-and-2 (75%) led the team in the faceoff circle; all of Jensen, Frk, Bertuzzi, DeKeyser and Athanasiou were -2; DeKeyser played 14:04, Daley 13:59, Ericsson 13:48, Green 13:44, Larkin 13:07, Zetterberg 12:46, Abdelkader 12:39.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • John Keating stated that Boston was 24-0-and-2 when leading after 2 periods going into this game. Oh boy.
  • Larkin lost the initial faceoff as the teams played 4-on-4, and Jensen played the puck back to Howard. He sent the puck to Larkin, to Jensen it went, and into the B’s zone the Wings went…only to skate back out again. DeKeyser fumbled a pass, Boston skated in and got a shot off as Krejci blasted a boomer in on Howard…
  • And the Wings were out-possessed and out-skated during the balance of the 4-on-4.
  • Kronwall, zetterberg, Green and Mantha at least got a good cycle going, but Zetterberg’s shot was blocked and Riley Nash got a fantastic rush on Howard that was parried away by a big toe stop.
  • 2 minutes into the 3rd period, Nielsen, Glendening and Abdelkader worked opposite Pastrnak, and the Bruins got another “almost.”
  • A bad giveaway by Larkin = another chance for Pastrnak and Kuraly.

Zdeno Chara got called for tripping Helm at 3:02…

  • Legitimately so…
  • And the Wings headed to the power play.
  • Detroit lost the opening deep zone faceoff, Kronwall played drop pass with Nyquist, and Frk blasted Nyquist’s drop pass off Rask.
  • Mantha tried to sustain the cycle, but the Bruins cleared the puck, and with 1:10 remaining on the PP, the Wings changed units.
  • Green drop passed to Larkin, and he worked with Athanasiou, Tatar, the aforementioned Green and Abdelkader.
  • Detroit ultimately set up in the B’s zone with 30 seconds remaining on the PP, and Boston got away with a 2-on-1 that Charlie McAvoy clanged off the post.
  • The power play was awful.
  • Patrice Bergeron got away with a high stick on Zetterberg, too.
  • After the power play, Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha were able to cycle in the offensive zone, and Zetterberg set up Nyquist for an “almost”; Jensen and DeKeyser did a nice job of firing pucks at or near Tuukka Rask as well.
  • 6:04 into the 3rd, Zetterberg was cut, and it didn’t matter.
  • At 6:04, Detroit was tied 1-1 in shots in the 3rd but was out-shot 25-13 overall; attempts were 47-28 Boston; hits 24-14 Detroit; giveaways 15-6 Detroit; takeaways 3-2 Detroit; blocked shots 13-8 Detroit; faceoffs 20-17 Boston (46%).
  • After the commercial break, Mike Green was really skating well, and he managed to go end-to-end and chip a long shot on Rask;
  • Nielsen got a long shot on Rask that the Wings held in, but Daley’s keep-in was blocked by Heinen into the B’s bench, and off the faceoff in the Bruins’ end, Detroit was able to cycle a bit, but Daley and Ericsson found Zetterberg, Mantha and Nyquist difficult to work with, and another one of those damn Mantha back-passes to no one went to…
  • No one. Out to center. Rush over, time to change with 12:20 left in the 3rd.

So on the ensuing play, Boston dumped, chased, Jensen lost the puck to Czarnik, he passed the puck to Kuraly, he shoveled the puck to Heinen and Heinen ROOFED a shot over DeKeyser’s butt and Howard’s blocker, making it 3-1.

 Heinen scored the 3-1 goal at 8:21. Boston dumped, chased, retrieved, and scored. Kuraly and Czarnik with the assists.

  • The post-goal shift = the Wings ice the puck, Heinen’s line returns to the ice, Athanasiou, Frk and Bertuzzi do very little other than clear the puck and change.
  • Boston got another tremendous chance as Bergeron walked into a shot with traffic in front, but Howard kept the Wings competitive;
  • Bergeron nearly found Chara charging to the front of the net, too.
  • 10:20 into the 3rd, Detroit was grinding the puck out down low in its own zone. Green helped Zetterberg, Nyquist and Mantha generate a rush, but the B’s countered with a 2-on-2 that Zetterberg had to block away, and ultimately the Bruins got a scoring chance as Chara’s one-timer was tipped by DeBrusk.
  • As Mickey Redmond duly noted, the Bruins’ breakouts were tremendous, and the Wings were just getting skated over.
  • At 11:32, Detroit was out-shooting Boston 5-3 in the 3rd but was out-shot 27-17 overall; attempts 51-33 Boston; hits 25-15 Detroit; giveaways 16-6 Detroit; takeaways 4-2 Detroit; blocked shots 14-9 Detroit; faceoffs 21-21 (50%).
  • The Wings were not exactly making Tuukka Rask’s life difficult on the few shots they did have on #40.
  • Mostly, Rask was handling dump-ins and playing the puck to his defense.
  • Zetterberg and Mantha set up Kronwall for a superb shot on Rask at the top of the crease, but Rask smelled it out and stopped it easily.
  • Detroit was getting shots on the Bruins, but not chances.

Darren Helm then took a high-sticking penalty at 14:35, more or less ending the game from a Wings-can-come-back perspective.

  • Larkin attacked hard on the PK, getting a good shot on Rask to start the PK, but Boston ended up setting up in the Wings’ zone, and Detroit did a lot of standing, looking and reaching.
  • Standing, looking and reaching is not ideal.
  • Standing, looking and reaching yields Howard making a big stop and Larkin sending a second shot on Rask out on a 1:40 shift.
  • Boston set up in the Wings’ zone again as the PP ended, and Detroit was able to get into the Bruins’ zone, but only to the point that they went offside.
  • Boston then put the hammer down on Detroit, and while the Wings pressed and pressed some more, while the Wings pulled Howard with 2:30 remaining in the 3rd…
  • Tatar, Green, Zetterberg, Athanasiou, Mantha and Abdelkader worked together, playing perhaps the best hockey that the Wings did all game long in terms of intensity and determination…

And Frans Nielsen spent the next shift with Glendening, Nyquist, Kronwall, Larkin and Frk, and Nielsen blasted the rebound of a Martin Frk one-timer into the net.

Nielsen made it 3-2 with 1:24 remaining/at 18:36. Frk and Larkin got assists.

  • Detroit took until the 18:58 mark to get into the Bruins’ zone, and Tuukka Rask ROBBED Frans Nielsen as he jammed an in-tight set-up into Rask.
  • Detroit called timeout with 43.6 remaining in regulation…
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg, Frk, Nielsen, Kronwall and Larkin worked together, and they regrettably gave up the puck after some furious and feisty play in the Bruins’ zone…
  • Abdelkader came on for Nyquist as the B’s iced the puck with 21.9 remaining in the 3rd…
  • Nielsen won the draw, Kronwall found Larkin,  to Zetterberg, to Abdelkader, stopped, and Rask held on with 10.0 remaining in the 3rd.
  • Glendening took the faceoff, the Bruins sent the puck wide of the empty net with 4.5 remaining in regulation, Nielsen drew in, and Boston ate the puck in the left wing corner boards, winning the game.

The 3rd period in summary: You wish the Wings’ get-up-and-go, vim and vinegar and grit and determination didn’t take until the final couple minutes of the 3rd period to produce some decent results. If the Wings played for even 40 minutes like they did over the final 4, they could have legitimately won the game, and they didn’t put forth that kind of effort for whatever reason. That’s frustrating.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary

The final shot attempts were 55-50 Boston. Detroit pushed thanks to a 16-to-7 shot 3rd period, but the results were too little, too late against a tremendous team.

I give the B’s all the credit for playing a tremendous game, but that glimmer of hope the Wings gave us…it’s either promising, frustrating, or both.

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  1. Howard was hung out to dry like clothes on a clothes line. I don’t know about “excellent,” but this team really let him down.

    Then again, what can be done? It’s the Bruins back to being a legitimate contender versus this iteration of detroit.

    Send Howard to a contender. Or at least a team with a better chance. Good for him and good for us.

    1. I thought he was excellent at times and good for the most part…but I don’t believe in revising my “quick takes.”

      I also believe that there’s an equal 1/3 chance that Howard or Mrazek gets moved. The rest is that they may not be traded at all.

  2. I thought Howard was in a really odd spot on the second goal. Down and out to the side of the net. Then the horrible defense let a guy put the puck in a wide open net. But Howard was fine overall I thought.

  3. That’s how I’d put it, too. He still has some trouble with his lateral movement…it’s frustrating that he’s never gotten any less heavy-footed, and he can still get caught scrambling.

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