Navigating through choppy waters

My apologies for the absence this past afternoon and evening. I’m dealing with some lovely seasonal depression right now, and just before 3 PM today, I basically crashed, going to bed and not getting up until just after midnight.

I felt gloomy and down, and just struggled to get back up out of bed until I had to get up to give Aunt Annie her dinner (she eats quite late, but it works for her).

I’ve been dealing with some relatively moderate depression for the past month or so, but I’m trying to work through it as much as humanly possible. Given that it’s a one-man blog, sometimes I struggle with my anxiety and depression, and sometimes they slow the blog to a halt.

I know that it’s a busy time of year, between the Red Wings engaging in practices (games or no games, there’s stuff to write about) and the World Junior Championship, but I guess that on Tuesday afternoon and evening, it appears that I needed some time off to just let myself feel my feelings and be gloomy, weird as that sounds.

I have a therapy appointment next week (not on a game day), and I’ll be talking to my therapist about the stuff I’ve been dealing with, so I’m okay (I have good support systems and people who let me know that I matter), but I’ve been stumbling from time to time, and that was Tuesday night for me–a rough go.

I’m going to let myself have the evening off and get back to work on Wednesday, mental health permitting. I apologize for the interruption in service, and I’ll do my best to continue to battle through this until it lets up a bit. Chronic mental illnesses are just that–chronic–so I deal with my daily challenges through therapy, psychiatry and medication, but sometimes we all screw up.

I’m sorry I had a stumble. I’ll get back up as soon as I can.

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