Red Wings-Golden Knights quick take: Vegas scored on their chances, and Seider got hurt. Ouch.

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to snap their 2-game road slide opposite the surging Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday night.

Detroit gained Dylan Larkin back into their lineup, and after a scoreless first period, things looked good for the Red Wings, but Vegas blew the doors off the game in the 2nd period, taking 2-0, 3-1 and ultimately 5-1 leads before Joe Veleno’s late goal made the score a semi-respectable 5-2.

Givani Smith got the only Wings goal that mattered, and Moritz Seider got dinged in the side of the knee with the puck late in the 3rd period, having to leave the game…

Sending good vibes to big Mo. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

So we waited for news on that front.

And Detroit dropped to 0-and-3 on their road trip, which ends on Saturday night in Arizona.

The teams dressed the following players…

Lineup in Las Vegas. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 19, 2021

Zach Whitecloud (☁️) is BACK! Sven Baertschi (🦌) in IN!

🇷🇺 🌾 🗿
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🦌 🎣 ™️
🖥 🍞 🇩🇰

🦒 ⛽️
🚜 ☁️
🛖 ⚙️

🐼— Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) November 19, 2021

If you don’t speak emoji…

Golden Knights line rushes vs Detroit:



Lehner— Jesse Granger (@JesseGranger_) November 19, 2021

The starters and scratches were as follows…

In the 1st period…

Larkin drew in opposite Stephenson for the opening faceoff, and Vegas mucked the draw but did not win it. Detroit chipped and chased, WIth Larkin and Bertuzzi sweeping the puck to DeKeyser, who flipped a sneaky shot in on goal that Larkin tipped wide;

Detroit blocked Vegas’ first foray into the offensive zone and changed lines 35 seconds into the game;

Stone and company then chipped and chased themselves, their blueline worked the puck deep, and Reilly Smith fired a shot wide of Greiss;

McNabb fed Smith for a shot wide;

Kolesar then tried to pass to Smith back door, and his pass was blocked off;

Vegas regrouped, dumped and chased, and Smith, Veleno and Gagner worked the puck into Vegas’ zone, but shallowly;

Baertschi worked the puck deep into Detroit’s zone, and Lindstrom and Veleno could not clear, forcing Greiss to make a stop and Veleno and Smith to chip and change;

Vegas set up nearly 3 minutes into the 1st period, Rasmussen regained the puck, fired a backhander wide, and Erne and Namestnikov were unable to convert on rebounds;

Vegas parried the Wings’ offensive forays, and Seider set up with DeKeyser to play catch. Seider skated out front, felt the puck hacked off his stick, and Greiss had to help DeKeyser feed the puck up to Raymond and Larkin, who interchanged and fed the puck deep, but Vegas again regrouped and RACED the other way…

And Alex Pietrangelo fed the puck into the slot, where Evgenii Dadonov jabbed a puck in on Greiss, and Greiss “snow angeled” to make a big stop as Leddy and Hronek were spread apart.

3:47 into the 1st, Suter drew in opposite Kolesar, Vegas won the draw, and Vegas chipped and chased, regrouped, Roy pushed the puck up the boards, Reilly Smith worked it to Roy, against the boards, McNabb fed a shot in on Greiss, and he stopped the puck;

Fabbri, Suter and Zadina worked the puck out of trouble, Fabbri was stood up, as was Zadina, and Vegas chugged out to center, and Gustav Lindstrom chipped the puck deep so the Wings could change.

Oesterle then parried a Vegas rush, Smith sent the puck up ice and Veleno backhanded a fine chance in on Lehner, who made the stop;

Stephenson and Leschyshyn skated into the Wings’ zone, Vegas cycled, and Detroit cleared, with Gagner chipping and again, Detroit changing.

Greiss played the next keep-in, Erne fed Namestnikov, and he blasted a hard shot wide 3-on-1;

Detroit regrouped, Leddy cycled, Leddy chipped the puck deep for Namestnikov, and he fanned on the pass;

Vegas dumped the puck sans players as they were changing, so Detroit took possession, skated the puck deep, and Larkin fed the puck out front, but Raymond could not take the pass as he was covered by the Vegas defense.

Bertuzzi took the puck for a moment, but tried to feed the puck back to Raymond at the offensive blueline, and afforded Vegas a 3 on 2…

And while Seider and Raymond attempted to help Thomas Greiss, Zach Whitecloud chipped the puck into the net as he was pushed into the net by Raymond, and at 6:59 of the 1st period, Stephenson’s pass to Whitecloud connected.

Red Wings catch a break when Whitecloud is pushed into the net as the puck nears the goal line. After review, we’re still scoreless at 0-0 #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) November 19, 2021

The review was that the net was off before the puck crossed the goal line.

Play resumed after a TV timeout, and Vegas ground the puck out down low after winning the blueline faceoff, Detroit repelled the first Vegas rush, then a second, and Detroit skated in 3 on 3, with Zadina and Fabbri firing shots wide of the net.

Hronek managed to feed a slinky little shot in as well, but Lehner made a good stop;

Leddy and Hronek chipped the puck out of trouble, Gagner fed Veleno in the high slot, and Lehner stopped him with 11:55 remaining in the 1st period.

Gagner, Veleno and Smith remained on the ice, took a draw deep in the Vegas zone, and Veleno fed Smith for a fine chance that went wide of the net;

Gagner then fed the puck down low, reversed, and regrouped, trying to jam the puck into the slot;

Lindstrom took the next exchange from Oesterle holding the puck in on the blueline, and Lindstrom fed a smart shot in on Lehner, who saw the shot;

The Rasmussen line took to the ice, and had to back out to center ice off a faceoff loss, affording Vegas an offensive zone rush and a cycle deep around the back of the net;

Ultimately, Vegas cycled, Seider and DeKeyser cleared the zone, and Seider hit Howden at the Wings’ blueline;

After Detroit changed, Larkin worked with Raymond, and Bertuzzi, and Larkin fed Raymond first, who missed;

And Leddy fed Raymond for an open net chance that was tipped wide by a fine block from both Alex Pietrangelo and Nick Hague, who played goal and blocked the shot.

Alex Pietrangelo just plainly robbed Lucas Raymond of a goal— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) November 19, 2021

When play resumed after the TV timeout, Bertuzzi skated the puck all the way back down ice, then skated it up ice, dropped to Raymond, and he fired the puck wide;

Leddy and Larkin jabbed at the puck at center, forcing Vegas to ice the puck at 10:30 of the 1st;

Off the deep offensive zone draw, Lindstrom fed Zadina, who fired the puck off Lehener but NOT into the net;

Vegas took over and cycled, pushed the puck deep, and Lindstrom took over, Fed Fabbri, he fed Suter, Detroit worked the puck deep, and Vegas took over;

Seider stifled a Vegas rush once, then twice, but Vegas contained the puck, cycled to the blueline, then down below the goal line, and Greiss made a good stop…

But the far ref called Danny Dekeyser for hooking Dadonov at 11:36 of the 1st.

On the penalty-kill, Vegas worked the puck to the point, and Nic Roy’s pass was chipped down the ice by Seider;

Suter stole the puck at the blueline, skated deep and fired a shot off Lehner;

Vegas got caught up at the Wings’ blueline, but set up, and Pietrangelo’s point shot was stopped by Greiss;

Dadonov was then blocked off by Gagner, who cleared the zone;

With 40 seconds left in the PK, Namestnikov, Rasmussen, Hronek and Lindstrom cleared the puck all the way down the ice on a Vegas rush;

Vegas then set up, and Detroit chipped the puck deep and down the ice with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 seconds remaining, killing the penalty.

DeKeyser helped Lindstrom feed Larkin for a shot that Lehner did not see thanks to a good screen by DeKeyser going to the net, but Lehner stopped Larkin anyway;

On the next offensive rush, Bertuzzi fed Raymond, but the puck bounced over his stick to centter ice;

Raymond then chipped and changed with 5:30 left in the 1st, and McNabb was blocked off by Lindstrom;

Oesterle fed Erne, he sent the shot wide of Lehner, Smith and Veleno took over, a point shot flew wide of the net, a Smith hit yielded a 3-on-2 that Veleno almost finished, save Lehner’s, well, save…

And Detroit regrouped behind its net, Hronek carried the puck out to center and flipped it in deep, he and Leddy stifled Nicholas Roy, who regained control, with Reilly Smith, and Vegas held the puck in at the blueline, McNabb cycled deep, Kolesar and Smith battled away, Roy was stopped by Greiss and he held on with 3:46 remaining in the 1st.

When play resumed after the TV timeout, Vegas lost the deep offensive zone draw, but regrouped at center ice, and was pushed back into their zone;

Detroit chipped the puck in, cycled, and Vegas regained possession, skated in, and Greiss stood up to stop a Golden Knight at the side of the net.

Larkin drew in for a defensive zone draw, and Vegas won, Raymond hooked Hague, and Raymond headed to the penalty box at 16:59 of the 1st.

On the penalty-kill, Rasmussen lost the initial draw, Pietrangelo and Whitecloud tried to send shots in on Vegas, and the Red Wings were able to block the shots out of trouble;

Vegas regained possession, pushed deep with Stone and Stephenson feeding Pietrangelo, Stone and Pietrangelo played catch, he fired a shot that was blocked, Greiss made one good stop, and Gagner cleared another attempt;

Pietrangelo set up, and Detroit’s Hronek chipped the puck right back down ice, with Rasmussen and Namestnikov blocking off the Vegas defenders;

Coghlan grabbed Rasmussen to stop him from breaking away, but that was deemed to be legal;

Detroit chipped the next two forays out of the zone;

And the Wings killed the penalty.

Vegas set up at center ice, Greiss played the puck around to Bertuzzi, who fumbled it, Leddy and Lindstrom tried to feed Bertuzzi, who was double checked, and Leddy fed Raymond, whose bad pass yielded a Vegas centering pass and shot in on Greiss;

Detroit cleared the zone, Bertuzzi tried to feed Larkin, but was blocked off, and that was the 1st period.

Scoreless after 20 minutes. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

Wings-Golden Knights stats after 1 period. 0-0.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 19, 2021

1 period in the books. #DETvsVGK #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 19, 2021

In the 2nd period…

The 2nd period began at exactly 11 PM EST, and Larkin drew in for the center ice draw opposite the Stone line. Larkin won the draw to Bertuzzi, but Stone checked him and nearly got a shot off that was blocked;

So Seider carried the puck up ice himself, Bertuzzi and Larkin interchanged, and Dadonov blocked a Larkin shot so the Wings changed lines;

Seider’s clearing attempt was blocked and Detroit got backed into their own zone, and Griess had to make a smart kick stop once, then twice when Reilly Smith tried to jab the centering pass past Greiss’ glove.

Suter drew in for the defensive zone draw, lost it, and Greiss blockered away a Vegas shot;

The Golden Knights regrouped ant sent the puck in deep, but Detroit took over, with Leddy and Hronek interchanging the puck;

Zadina slithered a wrap pass around, Leddy pinched to help, and Vegas cleared the zone, but Suter and Hronek chipped and changed, with Veleno coming out. Veleno, Smith and Zadina worked together for a short period of time, ground the puck down out tot he front of the net, and Zadina was tied up in the slot;

Lindstrom fed Gagner as he wrapped around the net, and Detroit’s Smith attempted to fire a puck in and was blocked off;

Rasmussen didn’t see a nasty hit from Ben Hutton, and Erne came in to respond to the hit by Hutton, fighting Hutton, with Erne felling the Vegas forward at 2:48 of the 2nd period.

Erne got Rasmussen back! #LGRW— Woodward Sports Network (@woodwardsports) November 19, 2021

Both players sat for 2 minutes for roughing.

DeKeyser and Seider helped Fabbri, Rasmussen and Larkin keep the puck in for a moment;

Then the Golden Knights got a really good chance to score, the puck came loose to Alex Pietrangelo at the Golden Knights’ blueline, and Nicholas Hague found the rebound loose in the slot and Greiss did not see the puck. Hague swept it into the empty net.

Nicolas Hague gets the #VGK on the board!— AT&T SportsNet™ | RM West (@ATTSportsNetRMW) November 19, 2021

Hague scored from Dadonov and Pietrangelo at 3:31 of the 2nd period.

On the post-goal shift, Dylan Larkin challenged Lehner at one end of the ice, and Griess had to make a gobble-up-the-puck stop in the Wings’ end of the ice;

Suter, Zadina and Fabbri worked together to win the next defensive zone draw, but Vegas pushed the puck back out to center ice, regrouped in their zone, and coughed up the puck at center, and Fabbri FED ZADINA FOR A 1-on-0 WHERE LEHNER MANAGED TO STAND ZADINA UP…

Oesterle and Lindstrom worked the puck back up to Veleno with Suter and Zadina, and as the Wings changed lines, Gagner and Veleno played the puck across to Hronek, who was blocked off by Cotter;

Detroit stood the Golden Knights up at center, but Vegas chipped and chased, and Stone and Hague fed the puck deep, Hronek battled but lost the puck, and Whitecloud was fed by Stone for a fantastic goal to make it 2-0.

Zach Whitecloud adds another one for #VGK quickly after Hague!— AT&T SportsNet™ | RM West (@ATTSportsNetRMW) November 19, 2021

Greiss couldn’t squeeze his legs shut, and Whitecloud scored the 2-0 goal at 5:56 from Stone and Howden.

Vegas continued to attack the Red Wings’ goal, and Greiss made one and then another great stop some 6:15 into the 2nd, as Vegas came off the post-goal faceoff peppering the Red Wings’ netminder.

Vegas was out-shooting Detroit 9-1 in the 2nd period at the TV timeout.

When play resumed, Vegas took a penalty, and at 6:41 of the 2nd period, Detroit headed to the power play as McNabb sat for closing his hand on the puck.

On the power play, Detroit did not win the offensive zone draw, but Seider, Bertuzzi and Fabbri set up, Bertuzzi worked it down low and back to Seider, who could not keep the puck in the zone;

Detroit regrouped, Seider Datsyuk Dropped, Larkin and Bertuzzi worked the puck deeper, but could not sustain possession, and Detroit regrouped;

Vegas cleared the puck again and a minute of PP time had burned off;

Seider deked and dangled back for Hronek, and the 2nd unit took over.

Zadina was tripped up, Suter could not hold the zone, and Vegas chipped and changed, with Detroit really struggling on the PP.

Leddy carried the puck to center, Detroit chipped in, Zadina battled and fed Gagner who was stopped by Lehner, and Gagner and Suter and Zadina hacked the puck to the blueline, where Hronek deked deep, fed Gagner, and he missed the pass.

That was the power play.

Hronek fed the puck deep for Zadina, and it was tipped out of play.

With 11:21 remaining in the 2nd, Rasmussen lost an offensive zone draw;

Vegas charged in, Dadonov deked, and sent the puck back to an open wing, so Namestnikov fed Erne, he fed Rasmussen, and he was blocked off;

Vegas skated up 3 on 2, then back to the point, and Stone sent a shot in that was tipped wide;

Vegas regrouped with 10:30 left in the 2nd, chipped the puck out, and Detroit regrouped, with Seider leading the rush for Fabbri, whose shot was blocked and regained by Vegas.

Seider grabbed the chip in, fed DeKeyser, Fabbri helped Smith and Larkin work the puck deep, Lehner blocked Larkin off, Smith fed the slot but Fabbri could not generate a scoring chance, Veleno jabbed, and DETROIT SCORED?

Dylan Larkin assisted Givani Smith’s first goal of the season at 10:19 of the 2nd period. Smith jabbed the puck over the goal line before Vegas could clear it from behind Lehner.

Givani Smith tucks it in during a goal mouth scramble to cut the Vegas lead in half! #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

Smitty’s first of the season. 👏— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 19, 2021

Detroit trailed 2-1. Smith from Larkin and Fabbri.

Larkin won the post-goal faceoff, charged in deep, worked with Bertuzzi, and Hronek set up at center, chipped the puck down ice, and Lehner and the Golden Knights took over.

Vegas battled its way through center ice, cycled down low as Filip Hronek lost his stick, but Leddy, Larkin and Bertuzzi chipped and changed with 8:35 left;

Vegas dumped the puck back in deep, Leddy and Lindstrom worked with Suter to battle the puck loose, and Vegas regained possession, but were blocked off;

Suter fed Fabbri, he was stood up, and Oesterle set up, skating the puck out to center;

Zadina and Fabbri were blocked off, Detroit regrouped in its own zone, and Hague beat Rasmussen to the puck, affording Vegas a rush via Pietrangelo, who ultimately got the shot off on Greiss. Greiss made a good stop.

At 12:28, Detroit lost the faceoff and Vegas IMMEDIATELY scored with Zach Whitecloud firing a shot toward the net that was tipped through a crowd, and Griess had no opportunity to stop the puck.

Zach Whitecloud gets his first career two-goal game, putting #VGK up 3-1!— AT&T SportsNet™ | RM West (@ATTSportsNetRMW) November 19, 2021

Vegas made it 3-1 at 12:32 of the 2nd period. Whitecloud from Nic Roy.

Detroit attempted to rebound and recover, chipping and chasing, and Veleno, Smith and Gagner worked together in a scrum in the corner, and they continued to battle, with Veleno tying up a Golden Knight; Larkin came in vs. Leschyshyn, and Bertuzzi battled the puck free to Veleno, who fired it wide of the net;

Bertuzzi held the puck in but was tipped wide by Larkin, and Raymond could not hold the line, so Vegas dumped and changed;

Detroit battled the puck back deep and Raymond, Bertuzzi and Larkin crashed and banged, but Vegas cleared the zone, and Bertuzzi managed to skate in and fire a shot wide of the net before the Golden Knights surrendered the puck to Pius Suter;

Suter and Hronek and Fabbri cycled, DeKeyser fed it out front and Fabbri fed Zadina who was STONED by Lehner…

Detroit was called offside with 4:51 remaining in the 2nd period, and Vegas was leading in shots 10-7.

When play resumed, Suter surrendered the puck, and VEGAS BROKE IN ALONE BUT THOMAS GREISS STONED MATTIAS JANMARK.

Detroit reset, and Zadina blasted a hard shot into a Vegas defender; the rebound was cleared by Vegas, and Namestnikov, Rasmussen and Erne battled their way through center ice, Lindstrom and Oesterle set up, and Detroit iced the puck with 3:26 remaining…

Detroit lost the next defensive zone draw, and Lindstrom was hit heavily, Hague was blocked by Erne, and Namestnikov battled Pietrangelo, who cleared the zone;

Hronek was forced to rely on Nick Leddy and Larkin to clear the Wings’ zone, Larkin charged through center, and Larkin wrapped the goal, fed the puck out front, and Mark Stone took the puck from Larkin, but was stood up by Hronek;

Vegas chipped and chased, but was offside, and Leddy carried the puck through center, fed Bertuzzi, he fed Raymond, and his shot went wide of the net;

Seider came back to bump a Golden Knight, Bertuzzi and Veleno cleared the zone, and Vegas took over for a moment;

With 1:30 remaining, Vegas regrouped at center ice, Greiss tapped the puck around the boards, Greiss surrendered the puck and Vegas cycled, Hague fed Pietrangelo, and Hague fired a shot in that Greiss and the goalpost stopped;


Paul Cotter took the puck from Danny DeKeyser, off a Kolesar take-away, and Cotter deked, used Seider as a screen and Cotter scored blocker side on Greiss.

⚡️ PAUL COTTER GOALS ARE FREAKING ELECTRIC ⚡️— Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) November 19, 2021

Cotter scored at 19:06 to make it 4-1, from Kolesar.

On the post-goal shift, Greiss made a glove stop with 27.2 left…

Detroit won the next faceoff, but Detroit was unable to do much with the puck, and the period ended with Detroit touching up behind their net.

Gonna need a big 3rd. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

2nd period stats. They aren’t pretty.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 19, 2021

2 periods down. #DETvsVGK— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 19, 2021

In the 3rd period…

Alex Nedeljkovic took over for the 3rd period…

And Larkin drew in for the first faceoff, lost it, and Vegas chipped and chased, Raymond coughed up the puck, and Vegas cycled off a Leddy turnover, but Detroit chipped the puck out of trouble and a Hronek stand-up yielded a Bertuzzi dump and chase.

Detroit changed lines some 46 seconds into the 3rd, with Suter stealing the puck and Smith (Reilly) taking it right back, where Nedeljkovic played the puck out to center ice.

DeKeyser gave the puck up to Nic Roy, he fed the point, Roy reversed, Seider stole the puck and DeKeyser cleared it to center, and Seider regained control in the Wings’ zone as Detroit changed lines.

DeKeyser and Seider played catch, Vegas took overk cycled 3 on 3, and a smart steal by Gagner yielded a Smith (Givani) rush stifled at the Vegas line;;

Smith (Givani), Gagner and Veleno battled down low for the puck, Vegas took it and chipped it out and down the ice.

Lindstrom played it around the boards and Oesterle surrendered it so Nedeljkovic had to make a huge stop, and Detroit had to ice the puck under Vegas’ pressure. Cotter nearly scored his 2nd.

Detroit won the defensive zone draw, and Detroit pushed the puck deep, but chased it to the blueline and out to center, Rasmussen and company turned the puck over, and Vegas chipped, Nedeljkovic played it to Larkin, and the puck came free to a Golden Knight, who fired a shot off Nedeljkovic…

Vegas regrouped at center, set up, Stephenson fed Stone, and Nedeljkovic stopped him;

Larkin, DeKeyser, Bertuzzi, and Raymond worked together, could not penetrate the Vegas zone, and Detroit tried to at least force Vegas into a turnover, but they could not;

Vegas regrouped at center, chipped and chased, and Oesterle and Lindstrom were tied up, with Nedeljkovic stopping Nicholas Roy;

Zadina did break away and skate in 1 on 1 vs. Lehner and a Golden Knights defenseman, and he was stopped…

So Reilly Smith was broken in going the other way, and Reilly Smith deked and dangled Nedeljkovic and made it 5-1 at 5:19.

Reilly Smith roofs it on the backhand. 👏— NHL (@NHL) November 19, 2021

No Red Wings defenseman covered Smith, and with Hronek out of position, Smith was able to easily streak in and score the 5-1 marker. Leschyshyn and Janmark had the assists.

Detroit continued to play as there is no mercy rule in hockey, and Seider chugged up to center, failed to find a Wing coming off the bench, and Detroit iced the puck with 13:40 remaining;

Veleno, Namestnikov and Erne lost the initial defensive zone draw, but battled the puck out of trouble, and forced Whitecloud to ice it with 13:15 remaining;

Detroit drew in deep for an offensive zone faceoff, Larkin won it to Leddy, Raymond swept the puck at the net and it was tipped out of play, yielding a TV timeout with 13:08 left in the 3rd.

When play resumed, Detroit was being out-shot 5-1 and Detroit did its best to cycle deep with Bertuzzi, Larkin and Raymond nearly scoring;

Larkin fed Bertuzzi for a great chance that Lehner’s crossbar stopped;

Detroit continued to press, with Raymond sending a sneaky shot in that was blocked off;

Larkin got a chance that was stopped by Lehner, in and out of the glove;

Stephenson and Dadonov skated into the Wings’ zone and generated a chance that Nedeljkovic had to stop;

Detroit chipped and chased, with Namestnikov, Rasmussen and Erne all failing to generate possession;

Lindstrom sent a shot in with Rasmussen in front of Lehner, but the Golden Knights blocked it;

Detroit continued to forecheck well, but time was ticking away as Oesterle tripped a Golden Knight and got away with it;

Oesterle and Lindstrom worked the puck out of trouble, Zadina and Fabbri and Suter were stood up at center and Fabbri took a stick to the face, sans call;

Vegas came in 2 on 2, and Detroit chipped, charged in, and Zadina fed Fabbri, who was on his butt on his own accord.

No finish.

With 9:56 remaining, Vegas was out-shooting Detroit 6-3 in the 3rd and 28-24 overall.

Play resumed with Leddy forcing an icing call on a Vegas forward after Bertuzzi, Larkin and Raymond raced out to center ice, only to be repelled at the Vegas line;

In the offensive zone, Larkin tied up the draw, but Vegas won possession, chipped, charged in, and Bertuzzi lost his stick, Leddy fed Larkin, he tried to Home Run Pass Raymond, but that did not work;

Vegas’ Stephenson skated in, battled Lindstrom, and Oesterle out-tangled Dadonov, but fired the puck over Larkin’s stick, so Detroit changed;

Hague, Dadonov and company cycled, and Nedeljkovic made a good stop;

Gagner, Veleno and Smith, perhaps Detroit’s best line, battled the puck deep, and Smith was swiped away by Howden;

McNabb and Ronnberg cleared the puck deep, Veleno regrouped, re-set, and helped Seider skate the puck out of trouble;

Seider chipped the puck deep, Erne grabbed the puck and Rasmussen was stopped with 7:50 remaining;

Detroit regrouped, Erne, Rasmussen and Namestnikov surrendered a 3 on 3, Namestnikov tried to skate in 1 on 3…

Rasmussen, Hague and Suter battled the puck loose and Lehner made a stop;

Fabbri battled Baertschi;

Suter fed Hronek, he charged up ice, chipped it to the Vegas line, and the Golden Knights took over;

Hronek and Nedeljkovic worked the puck out of trouble;

Vegas regrouped, sent the puck deep, and Leddy fell, allowing Stephens to send a hard shot in on Nedeljkovic, who made a good stop with 6:16 remaining.

Larkin, Raymond and Bertuzzi battled their way out to the blueline, the red line, and to the Vegas line, but no further, and Stone, Kolesar, etc. cycled;

Larkin and Raymond chugged up 2 on 3, and McNabb took the puck and cleared it, though Stone was checked by Seider, forcing an offside with 5:37 remaining.

When play resumed, Smith, Veleno and Gagner took to the ice together, at the Vegas line, and they lost the offensive zone draw, so Vegas walked in, and Seider got smacked with the shot:

Sending good vibes to big Mo. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

Moritz Seider takes a puck to the knee and looked to be in serious pain. Barely made it off the ice on his own. #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) November 19, 2021

Seider had to go down the tunnel without putting weight on his left leg.

As play continued, Detroit battled the puck deep, Erne stole the puck and skated back from center ice into the offensive zone, and Rasmussen wrapped the puck deep for Namestnikov, but Vegas took over…

Detroit afforded Vegas an icing call with 3:54 remaining.

Suter lost the offensive zone draw, Hronek held the puck in, and Zadina held the puck in as well, but Vegas iced the puck, so Nedeljkovic played it to Leddy, he fed Hronek, to Leddy it went, and into the Vegas zone…

Suter, Zadina and Fabbri tried to cycle, Zadina fed it deep, Fabbri shot one in on Lehner and he held on with 3:02 remaining.

Detroit lost the deep offensive zone faceoff, but DeKeyser worked the puck to Lindstrom, and he felled a Golden Knight in front…

Coghlan struggled to get to the bench as well, and Bertuzzi cycled the puck to Oesterle, he fed the puck deep to Bertuzzi, and he missed the shot;

Vegas skated in 2 on 1 and Nedeljkovic stopped Leschyshyn…

Detroit regrouped with 1:50 remaining, and Oesterle fed the puck out to center, Hronek chipped it deep, Lehner fumbled the puck and VELENO skated into the loose puck, deked and dangled and made it 5-2.

iframe src=”” width=”540″ height=”360″>

Joe Veleno tallies one late, his second goal of the season! #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

Lehner wanted a penalty, but the goal stood. Smith screening the shit out of Lehner helped make it 5-2 at 18:34, from Gagner.

Vegas nearly scored on the post-goal shift, but Detroit was able to clear the zone once, twice, and out to center ice.

Nedeljkovic made a good stop with 25.6 remaining as the puck rolled into him as Vegas battled the puck deep…

And Detroit chipped the final defensive draw out to center, regrouped in their own zone, and let it go as Vegas won 5-2.

Not much luck tonight in Vegas. Stick with us as we wrap things up on Red Wings LIVE on Bally Sports Detroit. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 19, 2021

Statistics: Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary:

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My name is George Malik, and I'm the Malik Report's editor/blogger/poster. I have been blogging about the Red Wings since 2006, when MLive hired me to work their SlapShots blog, and I joined Kukla's Korner in 2011 as The Malik Report. I'm starting The Malik Report as a stand-alone site, hoping that having my readers fund the website is indeed the way to go to build a better community and create better content.