Red Wings-Canadiens quick take: Shut out by the Habs in an ugly game

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to snap a two-game winless streak against the struggling Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday, and Detroit laid an egg against the now 3-and-8 Habs, dropping to 4-4-and-1 via a 3-0 loss to Montreal that was not in doubt in terms of its result once Montreal took a 2-0, 1st period lead.

This one was very hard to watch because the Red Wings just seemed to have no jump without Larkin, Bertuzzi, etc., and Montreal has struggled tremendously, but they were explosive and opportunistic, scoring their first goal only 2:06 in, and taking it from there.

The Canadiens are now 2-and-0 against the Red Wings, who play 10 more games over the course of the next 17 nights, and the Red Wings move on to Boston.

The teams iced the following lines

Tonight’s #DETvsMTL lineup. ⤵️— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 2, 2021

La formation de ce soir.

Tonight’s lineup.#GoHabsGo— Canadiens Montréal (@CanadiensMTL) November 2, 2021

The starting lineups consisted of the following players…

In the 1st period…

With the Red Wings starting the Suter line opposite Lehkonen, Dvorak and Armia, Suter drew in for the opening faceoff and tied it up, but the Habs chipped, chased, and Detroit had some difficulty clearing the puck to center ice.

Brett Kulak’s shot attempt was blocked, Lehkonen cycled down low, as did Anderson, Montreal fed the puck to Savard and he was stopped by Nedeljkovic only 30 seconds in;

Nedeljkovic also had to stop Josh Anderson before the Wings briefly cleared the zone, surrendered the puck to the Habs, and Montreal buzzed the Wings thoroughly over the course of the first minute-and-a-half of play, with Drouin getting bumped by Erne as he tried to fire the puck at Nedeljkovic.

Chiarot then wrapped around the net as the Habs changed lines with the Wings hemmed in, and Nedeljkovic tipped a point shot out of play some 1:55 into the 1st period.

The Fabbri-Rasmussen-Raymond line won the faceoff, but Fabbri filipped the puck off the boards, Montreal’s Tyler Toffoli grabbed the loose puck from his defenseman, and Nick Suzuki fired a puck off Alex Nedeljkovic and chipped the rebound past him to score the game’s first goal. The Wings’ defense (DeKeyser and Seider) earned no points for standing around on the play:

.@nsuzuki_37 showing off some hand-eye coordination on his first of the season. 👀— NHL GIFs (@NHLGIFs) November 2, 2021

Coup sûr signé Suzuki. ⚾

Suzuki slams it home.#GoHabsGo— Canadiens Montréal (@CanadiensMTL) November 2, 2021

Giving his @CanadiensMTL a 1-0 lead and assisting on their 2-0 goal in the 1st period vs DET tonight, Nick Suzuki has snapped a 10-game goal drought to start the season while becoming the 7th primary centre in franchise history to register 60+ career assists by age 22 or younger— StatsCentre (@StatsCentre) November 2, 2021

Suzuki scored from Toffoli and Petry at 2:06, making it 1-0 Montreal.

Joe Veleno’s line took to the ice next, and surrendered a Habs rush;

Nedeljkovic felel over as he was tripped by his own man, and Kulak had to be stopped by the Wings’ recovering goaltender, who then stopped a 5th shot;

Detroit was really, really struggling to stand up straight, never mind control the puck, and Detroit’s Stephens, Smith and Rowney buzzed the Habs’ net momentarily, but then surrendered a rush, and Leddy got away with a trip that the Habs’ fans lustily booed.

Detroit was just at sixes and sevens with itself, going offside off a faceoff, fumbling pucks, losing draws and losing their own sticks;

When Seider and Raymond took to the ice with Rasmussen and Fabbri, Raymond broke in alone to get the Wings’ second shot some 4:15 into the 1st period;

With Montreal leading 7-3 in shots some 5 minutes into the 1st;

As the Wings calmed down, Staal fired a shot off Zadina;

Suter, Staal and Stecher cycled at center and chipped and chased for the Suter line;

Gagner, Veleno and Namestnikov at least pushed the puck into the Habs’ zone, but had to regroup at center via Leddy and Hronek before cycling the puck to the front of the net, where Gagner put a Veleno pass off the side of the net;

6:30 into the 1st, Detroit chipped and changed, with Seider helping Stephens and Smith set up Mo for a shot that Allen had to hold onto…

And the first TV timeout hit at 6:39.

Montreal led in shots 7-4 and attempts 9-8.

When play resumed, Seider helped Stephens and Rowney generate another scoring chance, albeit a weak one;

Smith worked 1-on-4 to generate some zone time as his teammates changed;

When the Wings’ de-facto top line took to the ice, it had bad chemistry, surrendering a 3-on-2 that Nedeljkovic had to stop, a cycle game by the Habs, and a shot in which Jonathan Drouin took a puck off the head off a Brett Kulak shot, and play stopped as Drouin headed to the locker room.

Jonathan Drouin takes a shot up high, and heads to the room immediately— Scott Matla (@scottmatla) November 2, 2021

And again, Detroit’s second line struggled, with Erne, Suter and Zadina surrendering a tremendous scoring chance to the Canadiens’ defensemen. Nedeljkovic had to stop another Habs shot from Petry.

Montreal then slashed Veleno’s stick out of his hands, and Nedeljkovic had to stop Jake Evans with the splits;

Gagner and DeKeyser worked the puck into the Habs’ zone, and a DeKeyser shot was tipped off Allen…

But Josh Anderson was surrendered a rush going the other way, and Josh Anderson was able to blast a sneaky shot through Alex Nedeljkovic to make it 2-0.

Tous à bord, le train Anderson est là! 🚂

All aboard the Andy Express!#GoHabsGo— Canadiens Montréal (@CanadiensMTL) November 2, 2021

Josh Anderson scored the 2-0 goal on a Home Run pass from Nick Suzuki and Brendan Gallagher at 9:18 of the 1st.

Montreal continued to buzz the Red Wings as Detroit made bad decisions with the puck and plain old looked slow and reactionary in all three zones.

Some 11 minutes into the 1st, Montreal led in shots 10-5 and the Habs were buzzing around the Wings’ zone again, with Jake Evans firing a shot over top of the goal after Zadina’s stick broke blocking a shot.

The 2nd TV timeout hit at 11:06, and it was a relief.

When play resumed, Allen nearly coughed up the puck to Stecher, who was pinching deep, and that may describe the Wings’ structure–or lack thereof–perfectly, as Stecher was “freestyling” when the Wings needed him to do so the least.

The Anderson-Suzuki-Gallagher line was DOMINANT, especially opposite Suter and company, and that was distressing.

Nedeljkovic had to make another stop on the Suzuki line’s next (long) shift, with Rasmussen, Stephens and Fabbri working together as Stephens was needed for the defensive zone faceoff;

Raymond hopped over the boards, but Anderson, Kulak and company cycled and Detroit’s attempt to parry with a Fabbri-Rasmussen-Raymond rush yielded very little, despite a good play from Raymond;

As play continued, Montreal was forechecking well, forcing turnovers at the Red Wings’ blueline and throughout the neutral zone, and keeping Detroit on the perimeter in the defensive zone.

They were playing a complete game, in other words.

Detroit played on its back skate, to be certain, and play progressed with the Red Wings playing a perimeter game.

Toffoli sent a pass to Gallagher in the shot, and that was stifled by Nedeljkovic, off a bad defensive pinch by Leddy;

Namestnikov sent the puck to Staal at the other end, and Staal hit the outside of the net;

Gagner got slashed as he tried to shoot the puck in the Habs’ end of the ice;

Detroit then iced the puck with 3:58 remaining, and Toffoili, Suzuki and Gallagher buzzed around the Wings’ zone, and Nedeljkovic stopped Suzuki in the slot;

In all honesty, Seider was having a hard game with DeKeyser as his partner, though the duo was not alone.

Montreal’s Anderson got around Seider on the next play, and Nedeljkovic had to make a big stop;

Fabbri got into trouble getting headlocked by David Savard, who took Fabbri’s helmet off. Fabbri had to exit the ice or take a penalty;

Mitchell Stephens’ line was by far the Wings’ best, with Stephens generating a scoring chance on a single-man rush;

Montreal was doing the vast majority of the puck-carrying and turnover-forcing, however, and Detroit needed to get to the 1st intermission and regroup.

Detroit struggled through the final two minutes of play, though Filip Hronek did get a shot and Erne the rebound off a scoring chance with only 1:02 remaining in the 1st.

The final TV timeout was oddly-timed, and while the Red Wings were without Larkin and Bertuzzi, it must be said that the team as a whole was responsible for its fate, and they were not playing well.

As play resumed, the Wings won a faceoff to Moritz Seider, who skated in and fired a scoring-chance shot in on Allen, who gloved the shot;

Veleno, Namestnikov and Gagner were fairly good together, and they worked with DeKeyser and Gagner to push the puck deep and tried to keep it there;

Montreal’s Toffoli and Gallagher broke away from DeKeyser at the offensive blueline, however, and Nedeljkovic had to make a big stop on Gallagher;

And the period ended with Filip Hronek feeding Fabbri for a check that yielded some slashing and hacking between Fabbri and Kulak, and a meeting of the clans.

Down by a pair after 20. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 2, 2021

1st period Red Wings-Canadiens stats.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 2, 2021

Stats after 20. #DETvsMTL— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 2, 2021

In the 2nd period…

The period began with the Habs announcing that they were without their #1 center:

Jonathan Drouin ne reviendra pas au jeu ce soir. Il a quitté pour l’hôpital pour y subir une évaluation approfondie.

Jonathan Drouin will not return to the game. He went to the hospital for further evaluation.— Canadiens Montréal (@CanadiensMTL) November 3, 2021

Stephens started the 2nd period with Namestnikov and Rowney, and Detroit pushed the puck deep, surrendered a rush to Lehkonen and a side-of-the-net jam by Dvorak, Montreal got a second shot on their cycle, and Detroit chipped and changed.

Erne, Suter and Rowney, who could not change, worked the puck to Seider, and he slipped a sneaky shot off a Hab wide of the net 1:01 into the 2nd.

Suter, Erne and Zadina then lost an offensive zone faceoff, and when the Canadiens iced the puck, their second opportunity to gain possession in the offensive zone went better, with Erne cycling the won faceoff deep in the Habs’ zone.

That being said, Montreal dissected the Red Wings’ rush, easily stifled it, and when Detroit recoiled and regrouped, Suter’s drop pass to Zadina in the slot was easily repelled.

Fabbri, Rasmussen and Raymond worked the puck out front, where Raymond jabbed the puck in on Allen off a great forecheck from Fabbri and a good pass from Rasmussen, but that moment of puck possession was just that–a moment;

Veleno, Gagner and Namestnikov managed to drop a Hab (Gagner tripped him), but Montreal was able to generate a scoring chance at the other end of the ice, with Nedeljkovic stopping Belzile, and Detroit had to chip and change;

As the period progressed, a Lehkonen shot found the front of the net from a forechecking position, with the rebound going right to Pezzetta, who was stifled by Nedeljkovic (again).

As Chris Osgood noted, the Red Wings were not controlling the neutral zone at all, so Montreal was able to blaze up and down the ice with little resistance, and forecheck by shooting pucks on goal.

Smith, Suter and Zadina got a shift together, and they at least cycled for a moment, but Toffoli, Suzuki and Gallagher got off a shot of their own in the Wings’ zone, affording Nedeljkovic the opportunity to stop a 23rd shot;

As play progressed and the 5:30 mark of the 2nd period hit, Montreal continued to control the pace of play, and they were doing a hell of a job handing the game and the pace of play to the Red Wings, quite frankly.

Lucas Raymond got off two great scoring chances, both of which were flubbed by Raymond, and Lehkonen, Belzile and Lekhonen then nearly scored on Nedeljkovic, so the Wings were “trading chances” with the Habs.

The shots in the 2nd were 7-1 Montreal at the 6:38 mark thereof, and 23-13 Montreal overall. Attempts were 35-21 Montreal.

When play resumed, Seider at least tried to help the Wings control a tied-up faceoff, but Montreal won the puck back from DeKeyser, and cycled before the Veleno line was able to push the puck away from its own goal.

Montreal was continuing to try to generate “home run” passes as well, especially against DeKeyser and Seider.

Nedeljkovic was at least helping the Red Wings by playing the puck smartly when the Habs chipped and chased, trying to cycle on the forecheck;

Givani Smith wasn’t earning regular ice time, but he did look promising when he did skate with Rowney and Stephens, generating physical play and a good forecheck. He helped Marc Staal set up for a fine shot in on Allen at 8:25.

Staal got another good chance off the faceoff in the offensive zone, and Staal was kneed by Brendan Gallagher, generating the Wings’ first power play as Gallagher tripped Staal before he kneed him. Gallagher went for tripping at 10:11 of the 2nd period.

On the power play, the Wings lost the initial faceoff, regrouped in their own zone, Seider, Zadina, Erne, Raymond and Gagner worked together around the perimeter of the Habs’ zone, Seider’s shot was blocked, Zadina and Erne worked together, but the Habs cleared the zone;

Fabbri and the 2nd unit hopped over the boards, Seider and Raymond remained on the ice with Rasmussen and Suter, Detroit cycled, worked the blueline, and there was a whistle stopped play as the puck was chipped out of play sans scoring chance.

At 10:11 of the 2nd, David Savard grabbed Fabbri, and Detroit got 26 ticks of 5 on 3 time.

ON THE FIVE ON THREE, Raymond, Seider, Hronek, Zadina and Fabbri worked the perimeter, Raymond fed Hronek, Seider missed the net, Hronek held it in and faked, Zadina hit the goalpost, and Gallagher came out of the box alone, was blocked off…

Detroit raced in, Petry hipped Hronek, and Montreal cleared the zone.

Montreal was able to clear the zone easily on the Wings’ next entry.

With 58 left on the PP and 8:47 left in the 2nd, Suter, Rasmussen, Erne, Leddy and Gagner worked together, struggled to gain the Habs’ blueline, and struggled to push the puck to the blueline as well.

Leddy at least gained the offensive blueline himself, worked with Erne and Suter to find Gagner, and Rasmussen fanned on his attempt to push the puck to the front of the net.

Montreal killed both penalties.

With 7:40 remaining, Montreal took over control of the puck, chipped and chased, and Stecher bailed out the Wings in a tight spot.

Detroit generated 2 shots on their power plays.

When play resumed after the TV timeout at 13:02, Montreal at least struggled to contain Joe Veleno and Vladislav Namestnikov, but Montreal cycled and cleared the zone, set up, and chipped the puck wide of Nedeljkovic, who aggressively played the puck up ice.

Lucas Raymond was smeared by Nick Suzuki, so the 1st line regrouped, and Stecher chipped, Raymond chased, battled Wideman, Rasmussen fed the puck to Seider and his shot was blocked (again) out of play (again).

The next TV timeout hit at 14:27, and Detroit was still stuck on 3 shots for the 2nd period.

When play resumed, Stephens, Rowney and Smith ground the puck out down low for about 15 seconds, surrendered a Habs rush, and afforded Montreal grind time in Detroit’s zone.

Seider tried to afford Detroit a rush, and Seider iced the puck instead.

That play was sort of emblematic of the evening.

Nedeljkovic had to stop a big point shot by Petry that was screened/tipped by Gallagher off the next faceoff;

Off the next faceoff, Leddy and Hronek had to stop Gallagher from chipping a rebound into the net;

Montreal iced the puck with 4:18 remaining, and Seider managed to at least generate a shot on Allen, who avoided Adam Erne crashing the net in the literal sense thereof.

Detroit just couldn’t get anything going, and DeKeyser got walked around by Anderson, but Nedeljkovic bailed his ass out.

Rasmussen, Zadina and Fabbri stole the puck, but Fabbri swiped the pass wide of Staal, so Detroit had to regroup and change;

Raymond, Fabbri and Rasmussen worked together for half-a-shift, Raymond forechecked, Fabbri jabbed the puck to Raymond, his shot was great, and Rasmussen could not push the rebound in;

Raymond, Rasmussen, Fabbri and company cycled with 2:40 remaining in the period, and Montreal set up for a 3-on-2 that Nedeljkovic had to stop, and Belzile nearly scored on a wraparound;

Ultimately, Stecher took over as the Wings changed, the 4th line chipped and checked, and Detroit struggled to do more than regroup in its own zone, with Leddy turning the puck over.

Smith was able to charge up ice himself, 1 on 3, and Veleno joined Smith, who got elbowed in the face, with Seider firing a long shot toward the net, but an icing was all the Wings got from the sequence.

Montreal cleared the puck easily on the icing, Detroit entered the final minute of play in its own zone, and Seider sure as shit tried to make everything happen himself, with Gagner sweeping a turnaround shot at the net, but the Habs ultimately got their own chance in on Nedeljkovic, albeit from distance.

Suter won the final draw in the Canadiens’ zone, and Erne and Zadina cycled, but were neutralized, and that was 2 periods of play for you.

The @DetroitRedWings will be looking for a big 3rd period. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 3, 2021

Stats after 2 periods, Detroit down by 2.— George Malik (@georgemalik) November 3, 2021

Still looking for 2 after 2. #DETvsMTL— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 3, 2021

In the 3rd period…

The period began with Rasmussen, Namestnikov and Stephens up front nad Hronek and Leddy on defense, and Detroit was pushed back into its own zone, it battled through the middle of the ice, and afforded itself the ability to change players via Nedeljkovic giving the puck to Leddy.

The Canadiens continued to push the puck into the Wings’ zone with ease, and Nedeljkovic got so aggressive with his puck-handling that he iced the puck himself some 1:11 into the 3rd period.

Suter, Zadina and Erne at least pushed the puck into the Habs’ zone, but they didn’t get far, and Montreal forced Detroit to regroup at center once, twice, three times.

Fabbri at least stood up to a Hab at his own line, and Montreal’s Petry stepped up and fired a shot that was tipped wide of Detroit’s net;

Staal attempted to feed Rasmussen for a 3-on-2, but the Habs stopped that one, too, and Montreal chipped and chased, Rasmussen and Stecher had to flip the puck deep, and David Savard mauled Robby Fabbri trying to break in alone.

There was no penalty on the play.

Gagner, Veleno and Namestnikov actually set up a scoring play where Gagner hit the shaft of Allen’s stick, the Wings held the puck in, cycled, and Detroit ultimately turned the puck over in its own zone, surrendering “grind time” to the Habs.

4 minutes into the 3rd, Detroit just didn’t look very good in terms of attempts to set up offense, and the fourth line’s attempts to enter the Habs’ zone were predictably futile, even when DeKeyser pinched to help.

Stephens, Smith and Rowney ended up getting out-skated, Montreal rushed up 4 on 2, and luck kept the Wings from surrendering a scoring chance.

5 minutes into the 3rd, there was lots of chipping and not chasing for both teams;

Seider was blocked off by Toffoli, but he couldn’t find Jake Evans with his pass;

Suter came back to bump Jake Evans, and Stecher and Staal at least tipped the Wings into the offensive zone, but Detroit changed, and Nedeljkovic had to help his teammates TWICE before Detroit could clear its own zone.

Rasmussen, Raymond, Fabbri and company did enter the offensive zone, cycle, and push the puck deep, but they also surrendered a scoring chance to Montreal, which was repelled by Nedeljkovic twice;

Play began to open up, as Chris Osgood noted, some 7 minutes into the 3rd, and the Habs looked for their 3-0 goal.

Veleno, Gagner and Namestnikov at least bumped and ground the Habs a bit before Montreal generated another scoring chance against Nedejlkovic;

Time ticked down quickly, and Nedeljkovic had to stop Lehkonen again;

Evans and Lehkonen were blocked off by Nedeljkovic, who was fell, much to the joy of the Habs’ partisans;

Detroit just played passively and was struggling to contain Montreal as the 9-minute mark beckoned, and a Nick Leddy poke check prevented a scoring chance;

With the Habs’ crowd buzzing, Detroit struggled to work the puck through the neutral zone, and when the Wings could get the puck in deep, nothing came of it.

Rasmussen was tripped and Suzuki chugged up with Anderson and Hoffman, hte trio cycled with its defense, Suzuki deked and dangled, Fabbri tripped Suzuki, and…

Robby Fabbri headed to the box at 10:02 of the 3rd period.

Detroit had 2 shots in the entire period, to 4 for Montreal, and the clock was ticking down extremely fast.

On the penalty-kill, Stephens, Gagner, Seider and Gagner at least won the initial faceoff and cleared the zone;

Montreal set up at center ice, pushed the puck in deep, and Nedeljkovic stopped oen shot, stopped a second off a one-timer by Dvorak, he watched the Habs cycle and Seider bump Suzuki down without taking a penalty…

Namestnikov, Rasmussen, Hronek and Staal worked the 2nd half of the penalty, and they actually did a good job of pushing the Habs off the puck, standing up at the blueline, and clearing the zone;

Stephens, Gagner, Seider and DeKeyser killed the end of the penalty.

At even strength again, with 7:456 left, Anderson deked around Leddy, but was stopped by Nedeljkovic once, and Nedeljkovic had to stop a 2nd and 3rd Habs shot before the TV timeout hit with 7:31 remaining.

Montreal had amassed a 9-2 shot lead on the power play, for the 3rd period.

When play resumed, Montreal lost the deep zone faceoff, and Stecher cleared the zone, but Detroit iced the puck, needing to tie up a second faceoff that Montreal ultimately controlled.

Chiarot and the Habs were unable to generate much offensively, but they forced Detroit into yet another icing call, and, with 7:04 remaining, Detroit was struggling to win draws (again) and struggling to out-battle the Habs for the puck (again).

Namestnikov, Rasmussen and Veleno worked together for half-a-shift, changed, and Raymond, Fabbri and Zadina were unable to do much of anything save a jab to the point that Staal fired out of play.

Fabbri, Zadina and Raymond remained out and took a draw that was held in but eventually chipped out by Montreal, and, with 5:55 remaining, Detroit chipped and changed;

Dvorak was blocked off by Mitchell Stephens, who was stood up, and Josh Anderson raced up and in, walked around the net, and fed Savard, whose shot was tipped wide of the Wings’ net;

Anderson, Dvorak and Hoffman cycled, cycled, and Detroit had to ice the puck with 5:01 remaining.

Detroit’s Pius Suter at least won the defensive zone draw, and Montreal regrouped, skated in deep, and flubbed a 3 on 2.

Seider found Suter for a shot wide of the net with 4:30 remaining, Rowney was tripped at center, and Gagner was called for a high stick with 4:23 remaining.

Time was ticking down so quickly that it was silly.

Nedeljkovic was going to be tagged with the loss, one way or another, so play resumed with the Wings’ goaltender in the crease, but it would not be so for long.

Veleno won the draw at center ice, Leddy was tripped, Veleno was stood up, check check check, check check check, whistle.

Check check check, check check check, whistle.

4:03 remaining.

Detroit was able to force the Habs to ice the puck with 3:50 remaining, and Raymond, Rasmussen and Fabbri took to hte ice with Seider and Zadina and Hronek–the Wings’ net was empty…

And Rasmussen won the draw to Zadina, he and Seider and Fabbri cycled the puck, Zadina’s one-timer was blocked, Raymond was tripped, Seider and Zadina were blocked off, Seider regrouped at center ice, alone…

Rasmussen worked the puck to Raymond at center ice, Zadina blocked the Habs’ clearing attempt, Detroit cycled, Chiarot hit Rasmussen, Raymond, Seider and Zadina worked the perimeter…

Hronek and Raymond fanned on attempts and the Canadiens cleared the zone with 2:25 remaining;

Detroit worked very hard to try and generate scoring chances, but they ultimately worked the perimeter for the most part;

Seider’s stick broke, Leddy came on, and Toffoli fed Gallagher for the empty-net goal.

Gallagher scored to make it 3-0 with 2:01 remaining in the 3rd Toffoli and Suzuki had the assists.

Nedeljkovic wanted to go to the bench for an extra attacker, again, but the Habs cycled the puck and chipped and chased, Stecher, Leddy, Erne, Gagner and Suter could not keep the puck deep, and Detroit could not pull Nedeljkovic.

Instead, the Wings went offside once, Seider set up in the defensive zone, Detroit chipped, Montreal regained the puck, and charged into Detroit’s zone;

Detroit lost control of the puck at center ice, the Red Wings regrouped, and Rowney tried to skate in 1-on-5, and failed;

Stecher chugged in, skated deep, and fired a shot off a Hab…

And with 7.2 remaining in the 3rd, the final faceoff went to Suzuki over Veleno.

Montreal cleared the puck easily, and that was the game.

Final from Montreal. We’re wrapping this one up next on Red Wings LIVE. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) November 3, 2021

Tonight’s final in Montreal.

Next up: #RedWings road trip continues Thursday night in Boston.— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) November 3, 2021

Statistics: Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary:

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