Red Wings-Blackhawks quick take: kick ’em while they’re down, Lucas

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to right their ship against the winless Blackhawks on Sunday, just 24 hours after delivering a dud of a performance in Montreal.

Things got very complicated for the Blackhawks on Sunday roster-wise: the Hawks got Ryan Carpenter and Erik Gustafsson back from COVID protocol, but Patrick Kane remained on the COVID list, and just before game time, Jujhar Khaira, Riley Stillman and assistant coach Marc Crawford were all placed on COVID protocol, so the Hawks recalled Ian Mitchell from Rockford of the AHL.

Long story long, the Hawks were without Kane, Khaira and Stillman (as well as coach Crawford) vs. the Wings on Sunday night–much to the distress of a Red Wings fan base that recalled last season’s COVID issues on Detroit’s own roster–but they still wanted to break an 0-4-and-1 stretch against a Red Wings team that Marc-Andre Fleury had beaten 9 of the last 12 times he’s met Detroit.

On Sunday night, Fleury led the Hawks out for warm-ups opposite Alex Nedeljkovic, and once the puck dropped, the Red Wings played sloppy hockey on a back-to-back night…

But Nedeljkovic was indeed great, stopping 32 of 35 shots, Lucas Raymond scored a hat trick on a 4-point night, Dylan Larkin had 3 assists, Tyler Bertuzzi had a goal and 2 assists, and Detroit stuffed the struggling Hawks, winning a 6-3 decision (in which even coach Blashill got rewarded for a coach’s challenge!).

The Red Wings and Blackhawks iced the following lines, with Detroit scratching Givani Smith, Filip Hronek (again) and Jordan Oesterle…

Projected in Chicago.#DETvsCHI x #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 24, 2021

And the Blackhawks going with an interim lineup, per’s Carter Baum:

The starting lineups consisted of the following players…

In the 1st period…Dylan Larkin drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Kirby Dach, the Wings tied up the draw, and DeKeyser tried to chip the puck in, he was unable to do so, and Bertuzzi came back on defense, cleared the puck, and again, Chicago stood up in the neutral zone.

Seider and DeKeyser were at least able to afford the Wings a “chip and change” line change some 45 seconds into the 1st, and the Hawks charged into the Wings’ zone, Lindstrom got held up, and the Blackhawks got tagged for a hold. Tyler Johnson sat at 1:01, and the Wings headed to the power play.

On the power play, the Wings goofed up the initial faceoff, struggled to bring the puck into the zone, and ultimately struggled through their initial power play shift, with Detroit changing and Dylan Larkin racing in to battle with Raymond, Bertuzzi, Seider and Gagner.

They had goofed an interchange, Chicago was able to clear easily, and DeBrincat sent a pass to Carpenter, who blasted a shot wide.

Seider carried the puck up to Raymond and then Gagner, Seider held it in, Bertuzzi fired the game’s first shot in on Fleury from the slot, and Detroit was unable to hold the puck in, so Chicago returned the favor to the Red Wings, with Reese Johnson sending the puck in on Alex Nedeljkovic at 2:58 of the 1st.

Long story short, the power play did not work.

Rasmussen, Namestnikov and Erne worked mop-up duty after the PP, with Staal and Stecher on defense, and they at least kept the Hawks to the perimeter, and forced a chip and change.

In all honesty, it was a messy, sloppy game early by both teams, and there was little to no flow and a lot of puck-handling mistakes on the bad United Center ice, even as Sam Gagner sent the Wings’ 3rd shot in on Fleury @ 4:13 of the 1st.

Detroit’s Suter line tried to get the offense going, and Suter, Fabbri and Zadina did an OK job of pushing the puck into Chicago’s zone, but some blind passes yielded a Hawks rush that the Wings stifled;

Seider and DeKeyser actually looked okay, but DeKeyser was struggling to clear the puck through the middle of the ice, and he almost iced the puck…

And the Blackhawks flubbed the puck, thinking that an icing was being called, Bertuzzi stole the puck from Calvin de Haan, Lucas Raymond waltzed down the middle of the slot and intercepted Bertuzzi’s pass, chipped it past Marc-Andre Fleury, and it was 1-0 in a hurry.

Lucas Raymond owns Marc-Andre Fleury #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 24, 2021

#RedWings up 1-0 courtesy Lucas Raymond. #LGRW

🍎: Tyler Bertuzzi— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 24, 2021

Bertuzzi to Raymond.

🔥🔥🔥🔥— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 24, 2021

Lucas Raymond scored his 2nd goal of the year at 5:41 from Bertuzzi, making it 1-0.

After the first TV timeout of the game with 6:08 gone in the 1st, play resumed with Chicago winning the draw in the Wings’ zone, but Namestnikov and Rasmussen generated a borderline scoring chance on Fleury, who got snowed by Rasmussen.

The Red Wings continued to trade rushes with the Blackhawks, but Detroit was shutting down the Hawks in Detroit’s zone for the most part, and pushing the nexus of play into the Blackhawks zone–or at least to center ice.

The big concern was that the Wings looked to be nursing the 1-goal lead, and not aggressively attacking as much as they were “poking and hoping,” and that afforded Chicago some time to regroup.

In all honesty, the DeKeyser and Seider pairing was fine;

When Chicago did threaten the Wings, Detroit did a good job of clearing the puck and keeping Nedeljkovic’s sightlines clear, but the Wings were giving up shots, and by the 10-minute mark of the 1st, when the 4th line was taking a rare shift, the shots were 6-5 Detroit.

Chicago’s chip and chase game was better than Detroit’s, in all honesty, but the Hawks were very evidently missing Kane’s dynamic play;

Off a Staal giveaway and a Zadina flub, Chicago was unable to generate anything more than some passes around 10:30 into the 1st;

Detroit was playing low-event hockey, but it was working, despite the multitude of turnovers at center ice;

Stupidly, Danny DeKeyser found himself 1-on-1 versus Tyler Johnson, the pair got tied up, and Johnson battled the puck through DeKeyser and ultimately through Nedeljkovic’s 5-hole, surrendering a bad 1-1 goal.

Update: Tyler Johnson still absolutely hates the Red Wings #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 24, 2021

The Blackhawks tied the game 1-1 at 12:35, from Jonathan Toews and Jake McCabe.

Thankfully, Michael Rasmussen was high-sticked by Dominik Kubalik, and the refs caught the penalty, affording Detroit a 4-minute PP @ 13:02 of the 1st.

On the power play, Detroit set up on the power play, Sam Gagner got a great slapper off that was stopped by Fleury…

And the Red Wings were called for holding the stick. Dylan Larkin got caught holding Connor Murphy’s stick as Murphy cross-checked Larkin, but the refs only saw the hold at 13:37, yielding a 4-on-4.

Larkin gets cross-checked by Murphy twice – hangs onto his stick to stop the cross-checks and gets a penalty for his trouble.

The NHL’s initiative to crack down on cross-checking is clearly going great. #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) October 24, 2021

During the 4-on-4, Detroit cycled the puck into Chicago’s zone, Suter and Zadina surrendered a 3-on-2, and Nedeljkovic made a BIG STOP on Dach.

Detroit got a TV timeout, and after said TV timeout at 14:34, the Wings were trailing in shots 9-7, the attempts were 16-13 Chicago, and Chicago was beginning to pepper the Wings…

As Detroit took another penalty with 5:01 left in the 1st, with Robby Fabbri going for slashing, giving the Hawks a 4-on-3 PP for 38 seconds.

On the PK, Chicago set up on the 4 on 3 Pk, Nedeljkovic made a big stop at the side of the net, Chicago was repulsed out of the zone, they re-set, and Seider made a big block on Dach.

Big save by Ned on the 4-on-3 #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 24, 2021

Dylan Larkin also picked the pocket of DeBrincat, and 4 on 4, Larkin and Gagner jabbed a puck in on Fleury.

Chicago was the better of the teams on the 4 on 4, but Detroit at least ground the puck out in their own zone, exited well, and mushed and mucked it through center ice.

When Chicago resumed their offensive zone dominance, and the penalties expired, Nedeljkovic made a big stop, Detroit iced the puck, and, off the icing with 2:49 left in the 1st, Detroit at least cleared the zone, repeatedly.

When the Red Wings were able to attack the Hawks’ zone, they made very little out of very little, and DeBrincat nearly scored, but passed instead;

Larkin and Zadina worked a good scoring chance;

Leddy stood up a couple of Hawks, working on a defensive pair with Troy Stecher;

Toews fed Kubalik, who was tied up by Lindstrom, and Lindstrom got smeared by Kubalik, sans call, so Chicago cycled, and Rowney got smacked down to the ice by Kubalik as well on a fine shift by the Blackhawks forward.

That wrapped up the first period. Detroit emerged tied 1-1, out-shot 11-8, out-attempted 21-16, out-hit 14-9, and out-drawn 10-7.

Rookie Lucas Raymond with the goal for the #RedWings in a close first period. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 24, 2021

After 1. #DETvsCHI #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 24, 2021

Trevor Thompson caught up with rookie Lucas Raymond, who scored the first-period goal for the @DetroitRedWings. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 24, 2021

Stats through the first 20. #DETvsCHI— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 24, 2021

In the 2nd period…Larkin faced off opposite Dach again, the faceoff was tied up, chipped in by Chicago, and Moritz Seider wrapped the puck to Raymond, who cleared the puck to center ice and into Chicago’s zone, where Tyler Bertuzzi was tripped, Dylan Larkin jammed, and Detroit held the Hawks in their own zone for a good 40 seconds.

Ultimately, Lucas Raymond deked and dangled, but was stood up, and Michael Rasmussen came off the bench, got a shot off, and Bertuzzi’s rebound attempt went wide.

Bertuzzi and Rasmussen also set up Namestnikov for a fine scoring chance, and Detroit cycled down low, re-set at center, changed…

And the Blackhawks’ Tyler Johnson hacked the stick out of Namestnikov’s hands, affording Detroit a power play at 1:35.

Detroit won the initial faceoff, but between the defensemen, so Larkin watched Seider and Raymond set up at center ice, skate into the zone, and Chicago made an easy clear opposite Larkin, Bertuzzi and Gagner.

Detroit re-entered the zone, but Chicago quickly cleared the puck out of trouble, affording Detroit the time to change units.

Leddy chugged up the gut, chugged into the Hawks’ zone himself, cycled, Zadina and Suter worked the puck down low to Erne, Zadina tried to send the puck to the point, and it was blocked by Brandon Hagel.

With 30 seconds left in the PP, Detroit was fumbling pucks and turning them over to Chicago players at their own blueline or in their own zone, making the Hawks’ job easy.

Detroit was 0-for-4 on the PP with 3 total shots, per Mickey Redmond.

When Kubalik and Toews took to the ice for the post-PP shift, they nearly rscored on Nedeljkovicc, and when the Red Wings generated a 4-on-1…

Michael Rasmussen pushed the puck up to Carter Rowney, he reversed to Rasmussen, who sent a shot off Fleury, and with 4 Wings lurking, Rowney jabbed the rebound past Fleury to make it 2-1.

Carter Rowney restores the #RedWings lead on the rebound at 4:22 of the second period. Michael Rasmussen and Mitchell Stephens with the assists. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

🥳🥳🥳 #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Rowney’s first as a Red Wing!— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Carter Rowney scored the 2-1 goal at 4:22 from Rasmussen and Mitchell Stephens.

Detroit at least survived the post-goal shift, though Chicago lurked dangerously in Detroit’s zone, and Seider and DeKeyser had some difficulties communicating, yielding a huge stop by Nedeljkovic and a good clearing attempt by Raymond.

A flurry of Red Wings shots yielded nothing for Zadina, Lindstrom, Fabbri, or Suter, despite some REMARKABLE chances for the Red Wings, and Chicago reversed flow, with DeBrincat’s shot tipping off the outside of the post some 7:35 into the 2nd…

With action at both ends, at a high pace, Detroit tried to add to its lead, and VLADISLAV NAMESTNIKOV JAMMED HOME the rebound of a Mitchell Stephens shot on a give-and-go with Filip Zadina.

Namestnikov picks up the trash to put Detroit up 3-1 in the second period #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 25, 2021

Crash the net. Good things happen. #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Go to the net and you shall be rewarded. Vladislav Namestnikov gets his third goal of the young season at 7:33 of the second. Filip Zadina and Mitchell Stephens assisting. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

Vladdy buries a rebound. 🙌— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Vladislav Namestnikov made it 3-1 @ 7:33 of the 2nd, from Stephens and Zadina.

Detroit scored 2 goals in 3:11, per Bally Sports Detroit’s Ken Daniels.

When play resumed after a TV timeout, the Red Wings ground the Hawks down low, and Namestnikov was answered by Fleury;

Rasmussen, Erne and Namestnikov were generating good zone time and good pressure 200 feet from their net, for the most part:


BERTUZZI AND LARKIN KEEP IT GOING. 4-1, RED WINGS #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 25, 2021

Count it!

That’s Bert’s 6th of the season.— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

The refs reviewed the play to see whether Bertuzzi kicked the puck into the net, and the goal counted. Bertuzzi from Larkin and Raymond at 9:19, 4-1 Detroit.

The Hawks’ barn was very quiet, but Chicago is an explosive team, and can narrow deficits in a hurry.

Suter, Zadina and Fabbri worked the post-goal shift and did well, pushing Chicago away from Detroit’s zone for significant periods of time;

But Marc STaal got called for cross-checking at 11:06 of the 2nd.

On the penalty-kill, Chicago worked the puck around the perimeter, Seider cleared the puck with ease and afforded Detroit a change, and Detroit got back to work.

Despite a fall by Lindstrom, Leddy made sure to stop DeBrincat;

Kubalik, Toews, Jones…SIGH.

Dominik Kubalik was set up by Seth Jones on a tee, as Ken Daniels put it, and the puck may have gone off Nick Leddy and in past Nedeljkovic.

Dominik Kubalik with an absolute bomb on the power play for his third goal of the season. #Blackhawks— Charlie Roumeliotis (@CRoumeliotis) October 25, 2021

Kubalik made it 4-2 at 12:10 from Toews and Jones.

The game was far from over.

Detroit continued to battle the Hawks stride for stride, and Rasmussen almost got into a scrap with Fleury of all people after Fleury stopped a Rasmussen shot, but the refs broke it up;

Namestnikov, Rasmussen and Zadina got a good cycle going, but the Hawks cleared the zone, and with 13:20 gone in the 2nd, Detroit chipped and changed, still with no sign of Bertuzzi…

Instead, Gagner, Stephens and Rowney gave the Hawks a rough ride, and Chicago was called offside at 13:55.

Detroit then iced the puck, and Stephens lost the faceoff, the Hawks’ defenseman fired the puck wide of Nedeljkovic, and the puck went out of play, yielding a TV timeout with 5:43 remaining in the 2nd.

Tyler Bertuzzi did return to the Red Wings’ bench, but the Red Wings did not ice the Larkin line for some time, with Suter working a shift, Zadina working into the offensive zone and Fabbri firing a shot off Fleury;

Finally, Larkin, Raymond and Bertuzzi re-took the ice with about 4:30 remaining in the 2nd, and they were unable to generate offense, instead surrendering a couple of shot attempts against, and Raymond at least forced the Hawks to come back on what would have been an icing call;

Ultimately, Nedeljkovic had to make a couple of stops as the Hawks squeezed the shot deficit down a couple of notches, and the Wings just rolled their 4 lines and 3 defensive pairings as the period slowly but surely wound down.

Brandon Hagel nearly wrapped the puck around the goal and in, but Hagel could not out-reach the Red Wings’ defense;

Filip Zadina had a fairly good first two periods, and he was stifled on a 3-on-2 by the Hawks;

Larkin fed Zadina for a slot chance that was stifled by Fleury;

Raymond, Bertuzzi and Larkin got a great chance in the slot…

And Lucas Raymond took the rebound of the Dylan Larkin shot and jabbed it through Marc-Andre Fleury, with 3 Hawks standing and watching.


Lucas Raymond has his second of the night! #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 25, 2021

#LGRW take a 5-2 lead into the third over the #Blackhawks— SiriusXM NHL Network Radio (@SiriusXMNHL) October 25, 2021

Two-cus Raymond. 👀#LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Detroit took a 5-2 lead thanks to Lucas Raymond’s grit and Larkin and Bertuzzi’s jam, with exactly 1 minute remaining in the 2nd.

There was a scrum to end the 2nd period, with Tyler Johnson trying to start shit with Marc Staal and Michael Rasmussen, but the Wings would have none of it.

😄😄😄— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Now that was the second period the #RedWings wanted, especially on the second night of a back-to-back. Goals from Carter Rowney, Vladislav Namestnikov, Tyler Bertuzzi and Lucas Raymond (again). #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

How the stats are looking after 40. #DETvsCHI #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

In the 3rd period…The Larkin line started opposite Dach, the Hawks won the faceoff and chipped and chased, but Nedeljkovic and company played the puck out to center ice, they repulsed the Hawks a second time, and changed some 30 seconds into the period.

Detroit did its best to shut the Hawks down, but Jake McCabe nearly scored on a down-low-to-out-front chance, and Chicago served notice that it was not going to go down without a fight.

Detroit seemed to understand that Chicago was not going to simply roll over and play dead, but Chicago did a fine job of swiping a rebound off Gustav Lindstrom, and Henrik Borgstrom jammed the rebound of the point shot behind Nedeljkovic before he had a chance to re-set.

Well this one just got interesting. Hawks make it 5-3 to open the third #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 25, 2021

Borgstrom made it 5-3 at 1:58, from Strome and Gaudette.

Thankfully, Jake McCabe took a cross-checking penalty at 2:20, affording Detroit a power play that was very necessary.

On the power play, Detroit was unable to set up easily, and the Wings honestly looked a bit tired, mentally as well as physically, giving Chicago an easy first shift to deal with;

A minute in, Leddy, Zadina, Suter, Fabbri and Erne worked together to generate some zone time, but again, the Hawks were able to clear the puck with ease, and that was a problem.

The PP just did not work, and it was distressing.

When the teams returned to even strength, Moritz Seider was stifled by Fleury;

Chicago worked in 3-on-3 and battled hard vs. DeKeyser and Seider, but the Wings were able to clear, and Stephens crashed and banged his way out to the front of the net, with help from Gagner and Rowney, and Stecher picked off a Hawk before he was able to rush in 2-on-1.

Detroit and Chicago almost seemed to want to see what the other team was going to do in terms of attempts to take control of the game before counter-punching, which was tension-filled for the fans of both organizations.

Bertuzzi did feed Larkin for a shot off the goalpost, and Detroit drew another power play at 6:44, with Connor Murphy going off for hooking.

On the power play, Gagner, Bertuzzi, Raymond, Larkin and Seider worked the puck around the perimeter, and Moritz Seider worked the puck to Dylan Larkin, Larkin slid the pass cross ice to Lucas Raymond, and Raymond scored his hat trick marker to make it 6-3.

LET’S GOOOO #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Lucas Raymond will never forget this night in Chicago, scoring this goal to complete his first career hat trick at 7:00 of the third! Dylan Larkin with his third assist of the night and Moritz Seider also gets one. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021


CALDER FAVORITE. #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) October 25, 2021


The kid is certified dope! #LGRW— Tony Ferrari (@theTonyFerrari) October 25, 2021

LUCAS RAYMOND HAT TRICK!!!— Mike Foss (@MikeFossWXYZ) October 25, 2021

👀— Daniella Bruce (@daniellabruce_) October 25, 2021

Wow. What a night. What a list ⁦— Jeff Seidel (@seideljeff) October 25, 2021

Lucas Raymond scored from Dylan Larkin and Moritz Seider to make it 6-3 at 7:00.

On this day in 2021, Lucas Raymond scored his first career NHL hat trick, joining Steve Yzerman as the only other player in @DetroitRedWings history to record a hat trick as a teenager #Hockey365 #LGRW— Mike Commito (@mikecommito) October 25, 2021

HAT TRICK LUCAS RAYMOND!!! 🎩🎩🎩— NHL (@NHL) October 25, 2021

#RedWings forward Lucas Raymond becomes the second player born in the 21st century to score an NHL hat trick. Tim Stützle had one in May. #lgrw— Dave Hogg ✨ (@stareagle) October 25, 2021

Detroit continued to work hard after the Raymond goal, buoyed by the marker, but Chicago was in hot pursuit, and there is no doubt that the Blackhawks are an organization with pride.

The Hawks also ended their sellout streak tonight, so there is nothing to be said as to disparage Chicago tonight. It was a rough go for Chicago.

The Wings shut down the Hawks for the most part over the course of the next couple of minutes, and Raymond actually threatened scoring a fourth goal, but Marc-Andre Fleury made an expert glove stop.

Doofily, Tyler Bertuzzi took a cross-checking minor at 10:19, and Seider sat at 10:45 for tripping…

Ladies and gents, Bally Sports Detroit is happy to present to you…
Mickey Redmond and the Ballad of Slim Shady.#LGRW | @DetroitRedWings | @Eminem— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

And the Blackhawks scored the 6-4 goal as Jonathan Toews and Kirby Dach shoved Nedeljkovic into the goal.

Toews jams Ned’s pad to put the puck in. Detroit will challenge #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 25, 2021

Toews got the goal at 11:04 of the 3rd, from Dach and DeBrincat.


And Nedeljkovic ROBBED DeBrincat with a REMARKABLE stick stop on the 5-on-3;

Ned! Ned! Ned! #LGRW— Nolan Bianchi (@nolanbianchi) October 25, 2021

Alex DeBrincat robbed by Alex Nedeljkovic, who makes the stick save. #Blackhawks— Charlie Roumeliotis (@CRoumeliotis) October 25, 2021

Umm… HOW, NED!? 😱😱— NHL (@NHL) October 25, 2021

I guess you could say, #39 had DeBrincat…
( •_•)>⌐■-■

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH#LGRW | @DetroitRedWings | @alexned_— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

Nedeljkovic stopped Kubalik, and then Toews, and as the puck came free, GAGNER jabbed the puck out to center ice…

The 5-on-3 expired, and Nedeljkovic stopped Strome, too.

Nedeljkovic made some remarkable stops after the power play expired, too, but Namestnikov grabbed the puck just outside the crease, getting called with 7:22 left for delay of game…

And Chicago went back to a 5-on-3 for 7 seconds.

Chicago could not score on the 5-on-3, but they really exhausted the Red Wings working the puck around the offensive zone perimeter and into the slot…

But Detroit had good sticks in lanes, good blocks of shots, Nedeljkovic was excellent, and Detroit did not give up, even when Chicago made the game look ridiculously easy.

It was not easy to send pucks on Nedeljkovic, it was harder to jam them in, and with 5:44 left in the 3rd, SEIDER and DEBRINCAT came together sans gloves…Held by the linesman.

Seider laughing at 5’7″ DeBrincat is incredible content. #LGRW— Ryan Hana (@RyanHanaWWP) October 25, 2021

Thankfully, Dylan Strome took a dumb 4 minute minor for high-sticking Gustav Lindstrom at 14:36, and it stood up to the video review.

On the power play, Detroit did not win the initial draw, and Leddy, Seider, Bertuzzi, Larkin and Raymond worked the PP down low, cycled to the point, and Chicago cleared, skated in on Nedeljkovic, but Seider stifled that rush…

Detroit chipped and changed, and, mostly, the Wings were using the PP as a time-killer.

Sometimes you’ve gotta kill clock.

DeKeyser, Stecher, Zadina, Fabbri and Suter worked the 2nd unit, to boos from the Hawks’ partisans as a, “Let’s go Red Wings” chant kicked up, and the second unit did not score;

With 3 minutes left and 1:39 left in the PP, Seider and Leddy took to the ice, gave up a rush to Dach, which Fabbri stopped…

And in general chaos, Fleury kept the Wings from hitting 7.

What a night for Lucas Raymond (3 goals, 1 assist)! Also goals from Tyler Bertuzzi, Vladislav Namestnikov and Carter Rowney. Captain Dylan Larkin with 3 assists. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

#REDWINGS WIN! 🥳🥳🥳— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

🤩🤩🤩— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

We hear from Lucas Raymond after he records a four-point night Sunday, including his first NHL hat trick. #LGRW— Bally Sports Detroit (@BallySportsDET) October 25, 2021

Always fun to win in Chicago!#LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Winning numbers!#DETvsCHI x #LGRW— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) October 25, 2021

Statistics: Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary:

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    Ned is quick and handles the puck well.

    It was sort of a Wow or Ugh game. They will get better slowly. The rebuild is on a positive course.

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