Livin’ la vida influenza

Briefly: some of you have wondered where I am, as have I, over the past couple of weeks. The simple answer is that I’m still ill with what I believe is influenza.

I was getting healthy about a week-and-a-half ago, but things have gone right back downhill since then, and I’m pretty much bedridden again.

As soon as I can sit up and function in even a limited capacity, I will return!

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George Malik

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9 thoughts on “Livin’ la vida influenza”

  1. I trust you don’t have respiratory issues, fever or a loss of taste classic COVID symptoms. Get well.

    1. Nothing COVID-y. No respiratory issues, no fever, no loss of taste, no loss of smell, just fatigue and body aches. It’s baffling.

      1. Adding a couple of years to age has some effects, LOL. Lucky you can see a Doctor, In Canada it has to be the Hospital or Phone Consultations only.

        In any environment it is a good idea to seek some health advice …I am hoping you are sitting down…For the 1st time in my Life I have a Male Doctor, they are USELESS AND Don’t Listen. Female Doctors of any age , For me, are and have been far better than Male Doctors.

        Hmmm, I wonder if the NHL teams would be better with some female Head Coaches. Red Wings for sure would be better with anyone other than Blashill.

        I am sure your health will get better but even rest is always good. Ask the NHL players after this season is over how tough no recovery time was.

  2. Get a second opinion. I’m concerned this is not flu, or if it was it no longer is due to the long course, and the improvement followed by worsening. Consider secondary pneumonia. Either way get a second opinion.

    1. I see my doctor next Wednesday. I’ll ask her as I’m going to get a blood test anyway.

      1. George, hopefully you’ve signed up for the Covid vaccine. Since your aunt is in a certain age group and you live with her(plus have an underlying condition), you should be able to qualify for one either now or soon. My parents are both in their 50s with underlying conditions and they got their first pfizer shot on monday.

        Also, do you take any multi vitamins? Since we live in Michigan and don’t see the soon much in winter, 2,000 IU (50 mcg) daily vitamin D is a must.

  3. Fatigue was the worst part of covid for me. Never lost my sense of smell or taste. Have you been tested?

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