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Fifteen hockey-related posts today. That’s not bad by “re-starting a blog” standards, so:

Detroit’s pro sports teams, including the Red Wings, posted Tweets promoting voter participation in the upcoming election earlier today, and I’m gonna “RT in blog form” here.

Regardless of what party, parties or candidates you support, do not support, or despise, I believe that voting is absolutely essential in our representative republic. In my opinion, it’s a civic duty and the responsibility of every citizen–at least if you want to complain about the schmucks we’ve elected–and I want you and every person who is eligible to vote to do so in November’s election.

From the Presidential election down to your county drain commissioner, your vote matters in determining who works for you in governance, so if you are not registered to vote yet, please get out there and get ‘er done. It’s easy in Michigan and you can vote in a variety of ways:

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3 thoughts on “Off-topic: vote!”

  1. I am in Canada but there are two provincial elections coming in October 2020. Politicians are not thinking, as normal. Phase 2 of the Pandemic has started to hit hard in Canada. What a great time to spend $$ and possibly change the Government bodies while a Pandemic is out of control, yes now out of control in Canada.

    I am not voting as just the idea of having an election is politically motivated , as usual,costly, put more people in financial distress, take more lives and just plain stupid. The Pandemic should be number 1 and all well meaning protests, etc are behind the Pandemic. For me, I have nothing to support, so NO VOTE. I am sure things are different in the United States, but not better.

    1. I respect your decision to not vote, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, so:

      All elections are politically motivated, costly, and sometimes stupid, but they’re the only way we as citizens get to choose who governs us. I can’t help but disagree with your reasoning here, especially given that we have no-reason absentee voting in this state.

      So we’ll agree to disagree here.

      1. I think if there wasn’t an out of control pandemic, my opinion would be very different.

        Little Saskatchewan has 17 volunteers working on election stuff. Wouldn’t 17 more virus testers be very helpful?

        It is close to a done deal that the BC NDP will be will win a majority and Moe with the Sask Party will easily win a 2nd term.

        The elections in the United States are a lot more complex (especially at this time) and there are some Very Hot topics that are active right now, of course there is Trump (flip a Coin)?? You need a very Large thinking cap for Michigan.

        All in all I hope all gets worked out, big hope

        I keep reading Pacifica connected with you?? My one first edition was a nightmare, luckily 2nd wife totaled it trying to enter the neighbours garage. Our garage escaped and the Pacifica (nice looking car but) disappeared. Dementia and very poor driving skills are problematic.

        Good to have you back, George!

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