Mom is ill, will return when health stabilizes

I’m sorry for the extended absence. My mother is very ill and I’ve been preoccupied with her illness. As soon as her health stabilizes, I’ll get my butt back to work.

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One thought on “Mom is ill, will return when health stabilizes”

  1. gm , speedy recovery to your mother . and to that end here are words from the late nutritionist and raw foodist norman walker . our diets are extremely important to our health and we are eating extremely bad . let walker explain :

    The fundamental purpose of eating is to replenish the chemical elements composing the cells and tissues in our body. Replenishment is one of the basic laws of Nature in regard to organic chemistry, and our physical body is a laboratory functioning under organic chemistry principles.
    The food that we eat should nourish these cells and tissues. Unfortunately, because Nature gave to man a body so elastic, so far as taking punishment is concerned, that it can survive for years on food which is destructive to the body, but appealing to his appetite and palate, man has indulged these appetites until the race is perceptibly degenerating physically.
    The body is the vehicle of the mind, and the mind is the vehicle of the intellect. The intellect is that part of the mind that we use in observing and reasoning.
    If the body is permitted to degenerate, then the intellect cannot be expected to function or develop constructively, as the spiritual and mental faculties in man grow and expand in direct relation to the improvement, regeneration and purity of the physical body.
    We look on sickness and disease as something mysterious and dreadful and we blame germs and bacteria.
    As a matter of fact germs and bacteria are the scavengers of Nature and are everywhere. When we breathe, we inhale millions of these little natural scavengers and it is their function to keep the debris in our body neutralized and to stir it up so that it can be eliminated from the body. It is our job, however, to keep our body in such condition that this elimination can be completed to perfection.
    Due to the excessive quantity of inorganic food that we eat, food in which the life principle has been destroyed by cooking, canning, and other processes, this debris, or end-product of the digestion of this food, in the body, accumulates faster than we and these natural scavengers can remove it. The result is that germs and bacteria find a feeding ground within us in which to propagate. In this process of their propagation the sewage of their colonies is added to the debris and the result s what we call sickness or disease.
    Whenever germs and bacteria enter a body which is thoroughly clean and healthy, within and without, they find no feeding ground of waste or morbid matter therein on which to colonize and therefore pass out of the system in the natural course of events.
    Likewise, when all debris and accumulated morbid matter is removed from a sick or diseased body, then only is the first step established toward a recovery to a normal chemical balance.
    How does this debris and morbid matter get into the body? In two distinct ways.
    First, through the food which is eaten to excess in inorganic form (cooked, etc.) which can neither be assimilated by the body for constructive purposes, nor be properly eliminated; and also by such unnatural elements as serums, vaccines, injections, etc. These cause deposits which the body is unable to throw off in the course of its normal functions, if the eliminative channels are in any way impaired.
    Second, through the cells and tissues of the body which in the course of our activities are constantly used up and remain there as dead matter after furnishing physical and mental energy. These used-up cells should leave the body as soon as possible after they have served their function, but they remain in the system for unnecessarily long periods of time due to faulty elimination.
    We can give here only briefly a few of the interesting reasons why nourishing the body properly is of such vital importance. A brief outline of the process that causes the greatest accumulation of debris in the body is necessary so that we may be guided intelligently in the selection and combination of our foods.
    Let us take, for example, an individual, 40 years of age. Undoubtedly like the majority of his fellow men he has formed the habit of eating at least three meals a day. This will average more than 1,000 meals a year, or in excess of 40,000 meals during his lifetime of 40 years. It is very important that we bear this in mind.
    We will also assume that, like most people, nearly all the food he has eaten has been cooked, canned or otherwise processed, and rarely, if ever, does he eat either a sufficient quantity of raw food, or a complete meal of nothing but raw vegetables and fruits. The result therefore is that more than 40,000 meals, composed mostly of dead food (or inorganic chemical elements) have passed through his system during that time.
    It is impossible to regenerate organic cells in a human body with inorganic (or dead) matter. We find that while the 40,000 meals did serve the purpose of sustaining life, hardly any nourishment in organic form was eaten to regenerate the cells and tissues of his body or supply the chemical elements composing these.
    As a matter of fact it is appalling to realize that the limit of tolerance of such a condition is usually reached by the time we are 40 or 50 years of age. The age at which mature judgment and experience have been gained, a period in life when we should know what life has in store for us, the very prime of life, but the age at which most men and women find themselves with a neglected body which is degenerating rapidly and is no longer an efficient vehicle in which to put that knowledge and experience into practical use, speedily heading for premature senility and the discard.
    We know that the body requires fiber. The error in judgment is in the interpretation of what function the fiber is intended to perform. To be of any value whatever, the fiber in our food must be composed of the raw cellulose, or fiber, of raw vegetables and fruits eaten as nearly as possible in their natural ripe state.
    When so eaten, after proper mastication, the digestive processes extract as many as possible of the chemical elements contained in the fibers. The remaining fiber goes through the intestines becoming, figuratively speaking, highly magnetized by means of the muscular kneading of their peristaltic action. Thus they draw into the intestines from every part of the body the used-up cells and tissues, eliminating these, as well as the debris resulting from normal digestion and the end-products thereof, through the colon, thereby acting both as an intestinal broom and as a vacuum cleaner.

    When food has been cooked or processed in any manner or form, however, the fiber or cellulose is converted into an inorganic substance in which every vestige of life has been destroyed. The fiber being lifeless therefore can no longer work as a broom or as a vacuum cleaner, but operates instead like a mop (usually a slimy one) pushing matter along without any cleansing effect. Due to lack of magnetic attraction, which cannot be generated in dead fiber, it has no ability whatsoever to draw into the intestines used up cells and tissues from other parts of the body, nor any other toxic matter which may have accumulated therein.
    Consider these two pictures. On the one hand an abundance of raw fibers passing through the digestive and eliminative tracts, acting as a cleansing broom and as a vacuum cleaner after every meal, three times a day, leaving not only a clean intestinal tract each time but also removing from the system other accumulated waste matter. On the other hand visualize the fiber of cooked, devitalized food (nearly always in excessive quantities) passing through the intestines and eliminative organs three times a day – 40,000 times or more in 40 years-every time leaving a coating. 40,000 coatings, be they ever so thin, are bound to leave their mark.
    Man is the only member of the animal kingdom who, notwithstanding his supposedly higher intelligence, indulges his appetites at the expense of his body, and pampers these deliberately, without using common sense or good judgment, listening to the silky voice of deception telling him that food has nothing to do with the condition of his body.

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