Blurb: Burn the year?

In brief Red Wings-related news this morning, ESPN’s Emily Kaplan posted a set of mid-summer power rankings, and she seems to suggest that the Red Wings may simply have to wait out the 2019-2020 season before their team is able to make meaningful changes:

29. Detroit Red Wings

Previous ranking: 27
Stanley Cup odds: 150-1

After months of speculation, the Steve Yzerman era has begun in the Red Wings’ front office. But he’ll need to wait a little longer to truly shape this roster into a contender. The Red Wings are still shedding bad contracts and waiting for their prospect system to develop.

Continued, and I am hoping that the Wings’ prospects are allowed to step forward and step up this season, but I would like to believe that the team won’t be as woefully bad as they’ve been over the past two seasons as well.

The truth of the matter is always the same as far as players are concerned, anyway: the Wings’ players and coaching staff will begin training camp and the exhibition season aiming for nothing less than a playoff spot and a deep playoff run as everyone is hard-wired to believe they can win, no matter how long the odds may be.

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11 thoughts on “Blurb: Burn the year?”

  1. ” I am hoping that the Wings’ prospects are allowed to step forward and step up this season”

    Has the roster size increased, LOL 1-part time(forward) beast gone 2-Hronek should start , Kronner must retire

    Zadina will be in GR, Ras who knows? Everyone is signed thru next year? Even if Zadina, German D man, etc have great camps , how do you get them on the roster and with decent playing time.
    I must be missing something? After next year, I hope there are a few more spots open

    BUT Stevie Y is the GM, so who knows

    1. I know wingsriders. Many people (including George) didn’t want Yzerman signing Filppula or Nemeth because they want the kids to step up this season. But who are they talking about?

      -Rasmussen and Cholowski struggled and could both benefit from playing top roles in the AHL
      -Zadina could use more time. Why rush him?
      -Svech missed a year of hockey so ease him back in at the AHL
      -Veleno? Why repeat the mistake they just made with Rasmussen

      So who exactly is being blocked by guys like Filppula and Nemeth?

      1. Ras wasn’t so much a mistake as it was the best option for his development. He only had two choices, NHL or Juniors. He wasn’t going to learn or develop that much in Juniors, so might as well throw him in the deep end with the big club. I’m sure he learned a LOT from his experience last year. This year he is eligible to play in the AHL and there’s a good chance he’ll spend some time down there (barring a fantastic camp which forces him back onto the Wings roster) allowing him to grow his skill-set at a more manageable pace.

        1. Rasmussen piled up the goals during the final stretch of his junior this season. This occurred AFTER he moved from centre to wing. Smart move would have been another year in the CHL. Great, you proved you can bang in a bunch of PP goals as an oversized winger…now go back and do it playing centre. Focus on your 2-way game. Go dominate at the World Juniors. See you next year. That was the smart move. Said it then. Saying it now.

          1. I happened to see Ras at his worst in the Russian/Canada Series.

            Ras was not on the 1st Cut for the World Juniors (Veleno was) July 27-Aug 4. No way he knew he was going to be on the Wings Roster in Oct. There were something like 47 forwards selected, 5 goalies, ?? DMen picked to go to a tournament in the USA.

            I will admit I am probably his worst fan as I seemed to see him in Juniors at his worst. He reminds me a bit of Frank Mahovolich. You didn’t know he was even playing then Boom! Will Ras find his Boom, I hope so. I really think he needs a full year in GR mostly to see how he reacts to getting to picked on.

            Mantha has gained some respect in the NHL for standing up for himself (sort of).

            At this point Veleno looks like a steal pick at 30. Ideally I hope both make the Wings after a year in GR. I am more worried about Zadina then any of them. He has got to learn how to play with wingers/centers/DMan.
            Can’t beat a whole line of pros by himself. Great talent but will buy in?

            All 3 of them , eventually, with the Wings would be big for the Rebuild and me, LOL

  2. “This year he is eligible to play in the AHL”

    I am glad you didn’t use the Ripen word, I would have had a Holland attack, LOL

  3. One more year of Blashill before he’s fired.
    Spend Blash’s last year integrating Svechnikov and Hirose, along with Hronek.
    Maybe the last 20-30 games integrating Zadina/Rasmussen and/or Cholowski.
    And then fire Blashill.
    And then the next year, new coach. Veleno comes in as a 3C. Zadina/Ras/Svech/Hirose and Cholowski get more comfortable.
    We probably struggle for another year or two before under a new coach before turning the corner.

    1. Hope you are right but Tampa Coach Cooper is easy to dislike for me and he played under Stevie Y. Will see how Blass is judged by Stevie Y.

      Keep forgetting about Svech but he is not his younger brother. Svech has to make a Big 2 way impression this year.

      If not I will give him a HSJ MISS

  4. Svech just missed an entire year of hockey, and frankly didn’t look that special before his injury. This is not the year to integrate him in the NHL. This is the year to cut his teeth in the AHL.
    As for Veleno…he’s a 19-year old kid. He’s not going from the Q to the NHL. Sorry. Not happening this year. Even next year isn’t a sure thing. He’ll need to dominate in the AHL first. Notice Filppula was signed for 2 years and not 1? Do the math. Expecting Veleno to play 0 games this year. Then 20-30 games next year after the deadline. You guys fall for the hype so easily. So does George who didn’t want Yzerman signing anyone!

    1. I realize Svech was over rated or over hyped. I feel 2 yrs for most of the high prospects is fine with me, this is a rebuild, right. Fil signing for 2 was odd but sometimes the player will get what he wants. I watched Fil last year , nothing earth shattering but nothing bad. Everytime I post here I think of Aby and Helm. I used to watch Helm and was amazed at his speed, my little mind forgot the missing parts. I would feel a lot better about Stevie Y 2yr signings if Aby and Helm would disappear.
      All teams can’t be above the Cap floor? I think in Helm’s case his agent got him an air tight contract. KH was pooping his drawers when apparently Washington had Helm interest. The Helm contract has to be near the top of the worst KH signing. (That in itself is a long list). Helm was done at least 2 yrs ago, IMO

      1. Watched Helm a lot in the WHL while I was in Red Deer, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Swift Current

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