Take this Tavares rumor with salt(?)

Boston Bruins hockey writer Jimmy Murphy suggested on Twitter that the Red Wings may make a strong pitch for John Tavares’ services should the Islanders’ captain not re-sign with the Lou Lamoriello-led New York regime:


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15 thoughts on “Take this Tavares rumor with salt(?)”

  1. So let me get this straight. We sign Tavares. So instead of bottom 5, we finish bottom 10-12. Then we wait 4-5 years for guys like Rasmussen, Cholowski, Hronek, 2018 1st rounder to be impact players…just around the same time that our $10M+ John Tavares regresses into a grossly overpaid 2C.

    Sounds like quite the rebuild plan!

    1. Really??? John T. is a generational type player. Don’t come along very often. He’s only 27. Get a grip.

    2. Sure dude what does signing Tavares have to do with Hronek and Cholowski? They will be on the team far sooner then 3 to 4 years. Hronek is probably as good as on the team this fall. Rasmussen as well signing JT doesn’t stop us from adding potential other players that could make this team much better including one of Quinton Hughes, Noah Dobson, Adam Boqvist or Evan Bouchard i know Holland showed him around LCA and he was pretty impressed. So who knows. If Tavares does make it UFA i’d never rule out Detroit being a major player on him. It just depends if he wants to waste his time on a rebuilding team. I say no and besides Jimmy Murphy is a hack we all know that.

      1. Gary, not wanting to argue with you. Seems like your mind is made up. But just wanted to note that I never said we would be waiting 3-4 years for Rasmussen, Hronek, etc…what I said was 4-5 years before they become impact players. So by then, Tavares is most likely regressing. The time to add a marquee UFA like this is in 3-4 years when some of these guys start to gel.

        Also not sure why you are so hot. I shared an opinion. Telling me to “Get a grip” is a little extreme. Cheers, FS

  2. I would love to have him, but I just see us as a fit…
    Unless he really, really misses playing with Franz.

    1. Right! (watch this….) Aside from the lure of a smooth talking Ken Holland…..Franz is probably the only reason Tavares would think of Detroit. That guy should want a cup and not be the next coming of Joe Thorton.

  3. Really??? John T. is a generational type player. Don’t come along very often. He’s only 27. Get a grip.

  4. The question is, do we win a cup with him or have a legitimate opportunity to? idk, if we had a promising defensive pool then definitely a consideration. If we had the opportunity to sign him, that’s a huge gamble.

    In the end we really need to hit on the draft and unfortunately it helps to be toward the bottom end.

  5. A lot can happen between now and next summer. I’d also love to have him but it really depends on how the wings play next year, how prospects and young guys develop, and whether we can move out a bad contract or two.

  6. honestly unless part of the deal is that Holland will have some ‘guys’ take care of the helm, ericcson and other albatross players by making them disappear and he can bring in a solid up and coming number 2 goaltender and revamp our defence, I see no need to pursue John boy nor to I believe he would truly be interested in coming here.

    but you never know.. hell vegas is in the cup final

  7. I expect Tavares to remain in NYI. Lou gives them some more credibility. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them add Kovalchuk, and then make a trade to shore up their goaltending. They have a brighter future than we do.

  8. If Red Wings could get JT it would be a very nice sign. We need a goal scorer because we don’t have one and haven’t had one in long time. This team could improve by alot with JT in line up and solid D man if we can find one.

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