Red Wings’ Regner speaks with Ken Holland for 89 minutes

Can you handle an hour-and-a-half of Ken Holland.’s Arthur J. Regner hosted the Red Wings’ GM on the Red and White Authority podcast, and Holland spoke with Regner for 9 seconds short of 90 minutes:

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9 thoughts on “Red Wings’ Regner speaks with Ken Holland for 89 minutes”

  1. My favourite part is Kenny explaining that we already have a lot of wingers, but if the best player available is a winger, well we’re going to take a winger, and then we can use this surplus of wingers to trade for things that we need.

    Hmm, how has that worked out for you Kenny? Remember that summer when you signed Nielsen, Vanek, Ott, Helm, etc…and then said you would use these surplus of forwards to trade for a top 3 or 4 d-man? And then you did nothing.

    1. Would you say the Leafs messed up by taking Marner when there was a lot of good talent left on D? Look at who was taken immediately after Marner: Hanifin. Then two picks later, Provorov. Then Werenski right after that. There was a lot of talk about those three guys. All Marner has done is put together two 60 point seasons against the best competition in the world. He sure looks like a good pick.

      It sure seems reasonable for the Wing’s to be looking at the best player available.

      1. Way to miss the point. Read again.

        Although in your attempt to prove your point (which nobody is arguing) you use an example that is very debatable. Pretty sure if you offered Marner straight up for Hanifin, Werenski, or Provorov you’d get turned down. Maybe that works in fantasy leagues, but real GMs understand the value of top pair d-men compared to a skilled winger.

        1. “Way to miss the point.”

          Wrong. Listen again. Kenny was talking about drafting players.

          “Maybe that works in fantasy leagues, but real GMs understand….”

          Sorry, which NHL team are you a GM for?

          Speaking of fantasy…….

  2. KH has 2 yrs of drafting to make his mark, then gone! I know that is a bit unfair but with his background of mostly fails that is all the rope I can give him. KH said he would like to add 2-5 Prospects to the Wings? More like 1 or 2, Liar KH

    1. Hey WingedRider. How did you like him dodging the question on Phaneuf? Basically Kenny stated that maybe some of the contracts don’t look that great, but he has to honour them. Woe is me. Then Regner points out that Dion Phaneuf has one of the ugliest contracts in the league, and two different GMs have managed to trade him!! So isn’t there a way to escape some of these deals Kenny?

      And then he starts rambling about nonsense without answering the question.

      1. Dion Phaneuf is lucky to be in the NHL. My granny plays better D while on her Rascal.

      2. Not a Fan of Dion. Watched him with the Red Deer Rebels, with the Flames (they got rid of him)… Not sure what they see with him now? Booming shot as a WHL junior farm kid, money made him and some GMs think he was good (Not the Sutters).

        Wings sure as Hell don’t need his contract or him.

        A lot more over paying GMs in the NHL, for sure

        1. Agree. Phaneuf sucks. That’s not the point. The point is Kenny says he has to honour our contracts…while Regner correctly points out you can trade trash away. Like two GMs did with Phaneuf!

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