Goin’ out west (to Grand Rapids)

I’m heading out to Grand Rapids this afternoon to take in Games 3 and 4 at Van Andel Arena, so:

1. What specifically would you like me to look for in terms of my observations? Dennis Cholowski is making his Griffins debut, for example. Would you like me to focus on “Cholo’s” play?

2. Is there any way that I could possibly raise some $ to cover the hotel and gas?

3. The comments section was very busy over the last day. Is everything okay?

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George Malik

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8 thoughts on “Goin’ out west (to Grand Rapids)”

  1. 1. The kids, the kids, the kids. I have a feeling if you wait for Cholo, you’ll be waiting a while between shifts. Like me waiting for Chevy to get another shift with the Wings….

    2. I accidentally made 2 payments on my car this month. I am quite literally spent until next month. ;(

    3. All good on my end!

  2. Safe travels! Warm weather brings out the real a-hole drivers. Left lane only to pass, look out for potholes, etc.

  3. Hey George. I think most readers would want to hear how the kids do. I mean, there are only 4 or 5 guys that even have a legit shot at an NHL career. The rest are just solid AHL’ers. I’ll be watching the game myself. But I’m guessing others would like a report on Cholowski’s usage…how was he deployed as a 7th d-man?

    An interesting angle that I’ll bet very few have noted…we all know Hronek was named as to the AHL all-rookie team, but the other d-man named was Sami Niku, who had more goals and more assists than Hronek did. Niku was a 7th round pick by the Jets (a superb drafting record lately) and came out of nowhere to take the AHL by storm. So how do they look head-to-head?

    Safe travels.

    1. Hey George. I think you are correct, most readers will want to hear how the kids do. Realistically, there are probably 2 or 3 guys that even have a reasonable chance at an NHL career. The rest are just solid AHL’ers. I’d be watching the game myself but my life is more about my family and less about hockey. Hearing your take on Cholowski’s usage would be great….if he gets in the game (though I’d not see the use of dressing him as the 7th Dman).

      Tonight, Hronek will be facing off against another AHL all-rookie, Sami Niku. Statistically he has out played Hronek this season, having more goals and assists. What would be noteworthy is how you think the two compare. Niku was a 7th round pick by the Jets and came from relative obscurity though Jet’s fans have been in the know for quite some time now (https://jetsnation.ca/2018/01/15/the-rise-of-sami-niku/). I know they’ve already played two games together, but my time in Daytona Beach didn’t allow me to watch those two games. Could you give us your eye test on both?

      I know we all know we shouldn’t take much stock in the AHL All Rookie award since Detroit has a lot of failures in that department, Brendon Smith (cough cough), Robbie Rouso (ack), Ryan Sproul (who’s that)……But, I’m just so interested in being able to say how Detroit (mostly) but (really) every other NHL team missed out on this 7th round gem.

      1. Wow. Sadly, I’ll be using the ignore function. Please do the same. Or just stop. Have some respect for George please.

  4. George just a couple of things about Cholo: (1) How is he gapping on defense? Is he at all physical in front of the net as well? (2) Realizing it is his first game, does he jump into the play much? How are his break out passes? Everyone should know that this kid can skate and is very fluid (graceful). Safe travels.

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