Red Wings-Blue Jackets quick take: Wings rally late, but dug too deep a hole

The Detroit Red Wings attempted to snap a 5-game losing streak while facing the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday evening.

Detroit managed to display some spirited, high-intensity, plain old exciting and inspiring hockey…for about 4 minutes of the 3rd period, down 3-1 and then 3-2. Ultimately, the Red Wings lost 3-2 to Columbus despite a very good effort from Jared Coreau, and there was still a lot of “poke and hope” in the games of not only the Wings’ youngsters, but also the veterans.

Wings fans will also question why Evgeny Svechnikov played 5:25 with 1 hit and a lost faceoff—less than Luke Witkowski’s 9:16 played by a fair bit…but in all honestly, Svechnikov hasn’t been all that great thus far. He is learning at least…

And again, the Red Wings will go away feeling better about themselves for making it 3-2, but they shouldn’t have made the defensive mistakes surrendering 1, 2 and 3 goals against to begin with. Mike Green ended up at -3, Larkin and Mantha at -2, and Detroit was just not sturdy as they were dominated in the 2nd period and for part of the 3rd.

Long story short, the bus is still broken.

The Blue Jackets posted their probable lineup an hour-and-a-half before puck drop…

And the Red Wings waited until warm-ups to issue their lineup:

The Blue Jackets started Pierre-Luc Dubois, Artemi Panarin and Cam Atkinson at forward, Zach Werenski and Seth Jones on defense and Sergei Bobrovsky in goal;

The Red Wings started Tyler Bertuzzi, Henrik Zetterberg and Gustav Nyquist at forward, Jonathan Ericsson and Trevor Daley on defense and Jared Coreau in goal.

Ian Walsh and Graham Skilliter refereed the lines, with Brian Mach and Steve Miller working the lines.

The 1st period

1st period observations:

  • Zetterberg drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Panarin and the Blue Jackets won the draw but were chased as Bertuzzi and Nyquist got in on the forecheck, Zetterberg hld the puck in momentarily, and Detroit re-set at center, with Bertuzzi, Nyquist and Zetterberg pouncing on Seth Jones and Artemi Panarin…
  • With Nyquist feeding Bertuzzi for a shot off the goalpost behind Bobrovsky.
  • Detroit changed lines, and a minute into the 1st period, Helm, Witkowski and Glendening ground out the Blue Jackets for a moment, re-set in their own zone, and afforded Jared Coreau a clear that went off a Blue Jacket and into the netting.
  • Coreau gloved the first Blue Jackets shot off a faceoff loss some 1:20 into the 1st period, and Detroit won the ensuing draw, as Mantha, Larkin and Abdelkader first rushed through the neutral zone, Detroit carried the puck out of their own zone, and as Columbus chipped and chased and chipped and chased, Green set up with Kronwall, Green skated through center and dumped the puck in for Athanasiou.
  • Columbus responded with a centering feed by Boone Jenner, and Athanasiou, Svechnikov and Frk skated into the Blue Jackets’ zone 2:35 into the 1st and banged some bodies.
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi were holy terrors, however, and while they went offside forechecking the snot out of the Blue Jackets’ defense, they displayed tremendous tenacity.
  • Coreau made a good toe stop off Jones, Bertuzzi blocked a shot, and Columbus dumped and Detroit chased Columbus down, with the Wings blocking a Blue Jacket foray into the offensive zone.
  • Detroit chugged up the other way, with Witkowski, Glendening and Helm jamming the puck along the side boards…
  • But Panarin and company slid the puck into Detroit’s zone, and Detroit exited their zone, entered Columbus’ end, and turned the puck over.
  • Green fed Larkin for a long shot on Bobrovsky 4:45 into the 1st, the rebound was chipped all the way down the ice, and Mantha responded with a skate through center ice and into the Blue Jackets’ zone, where he jammed a puck off Bobrovsky’s toe.
  • 5:21 into the 1st, Coreau had to make a big stop off a Vanek pass, and Columbus had evened the pace and place of play, out-shooting Detroit 4-2.
  • Frk, Athanasiou and Svechnikov just weren’t very good as a line, and they weren’t getting much ice time as a result.
  • Off a strong faceoff win, Nyquist got an “almost” that Bobrovsky had to stop in the slot…
  • But a Jensen pinch yielded a Blue Jackets rush that the Red Wings had to parry away…
  • And Columbus attacked the Red Wings’ zone, with matt Calvert getting a faceoff in the Wings’ zone.
  • At 6:41, Detroit and Columbus were tied 4-4 in shots, with Detroit leading in attempts 8-6; hits 1-0 Detroit; giveaways 1-1, takeaways 1-0 Detroit; blocked shots 3-2 Columbus; faceoffs 4-2 Columbus (33% for Detroit).
  • When play resumed, Detroit was taking a defensive zone draw, wwith Helm tying up Columbus’ Panarin line’s offensive zone faceoff and attempts to enter the Wings’ zone.
  • Detroit was at least skating up ice with speed and urgency, and when the Wings had possession and control of the puck, Detroit was grinding the puck out down low.
  • Larkin and Mantha had a good thing going as well, with Mantha generating his second shot and scoring opportunity off the rush at 7:52.
  • Kronwall and Green got bumped off the puck by some Blue Jackets forecheckers, but Detroit was able to reverse the pace of play and sate into Columbus’ zone, where Mantha, Larkin and Abdelkader tried to push the puck in deeper. Instead, they changed, and 8:40 into the 1st, Bertuzzi, Nyquist and Zetterberg raced into the Blue Jackets’ zone, tangled with Jones and Werenski, Werenski tied up and held Zetterberg, and no penalties were called…
  • So Columbus raced into the Wings’ zone, and Thomas Vanek’s centering pass was blocked off a Wings defenseman’s skate.
  • Columbus chipped and changed just short of 10 minutes into the 1st period, and Detroit turned the puck over, but Frk, Athanasiou and Svechnikov charged into Columbus’ end, Frk jabbed the puck off Bobrovsky and a scrum ensued at the lip of the crease, with the puck getting lost in a sea of bodies.
  • At 10:09, Detroit led in shots 7-4 and attempts 13-7; hits 4-1 Columbus; giveaways 2-1 Columbus, takeaways 2-1 Columbus; blocked shots 4-2 Columbus; faceoffs 5-3 Columbus (38%).
  • Frk, Athanasiou and Svechnikov stayed out with Kronwall and Green, and they let the Blue Jackets skate away on a rush, came back to help Kronwall and Green, and chugged into Columbus’ zone, with Athanasiou sending a shot wide of the Blue Jackets’ net.
  • That resulted in a rush and a stop by Coreau.
  • Panarin chased the puck into the Wings’ zone, and he worked with Murray and Johnson to set up in Columbus’ zone, but Detroit swiped the puck at center ice, pushed away a Blue Jackets’ rush, and when Columbus did enter the Wings’ zone, Coreau stopped a Panarin shot.
  • 12 minutes into the 1st period, Larkin skated into Columbus’ zone, Abdelkader tipped the puck a little deeper, and he missed Mantha, so Detroit re-set, Larkin fed Kronwall, Green pinched up the left wing half boards, and Foligno stole the puck, swept a backhander in, and both teams changed.
  • 13 minutes into the 1st, Bertuzzi and Zetterberg circled as Cole and company sent the puck into Detroit’s zone, Savard reversed flow, and Detroit escaped to center, where Nyquist and Bertuzzi dropped pucks to each other and fed Zetterberg, whose shot was blocked by Vanek.

Columbus got nailed for a tripping penalty on the ensuing shift, with Murray sitting at 13:41. Svechnikov got dumped.

  • Detroit set up on the PP, winning the deep offensive zone draw, and Kronwall fed the crease, but Columbus cleared easily, and Zetterberg came back to help Kronwall skate the puck out to center, where he dropped it to Nyquist. Athanasiou jammed up the left wing, Abdelkader tried to help, Kronwall fed Zetterberg, who sent a slap shot wide, Abdelkader reversed, Athanasiou fed Nyquist and he was stopped as Columbus cleared the puck out of trouble.
  • Detroit changed its PP units 1 minute into said PP, and the Wings didn’t do a great job of skating through center ice, but Green, Mantha, Bertuzzi, Frk and Larkin skated in deep sans a drop pass option, time ticked down as the Blue Jackets skated out 3-on-2…

And Columbus worked the puck laterally, Coreau got drawn out of the net on a wraparound attempt, and Wennberg fed Calvert for an easy goal.

Larkin and Bertuzzi tried to stop the wraparound, but they could not stop Calvert from stuffing the Wennberg pass into the goal. Savard also had an assist at 15:33, 1-0 Columbus, shorthanded.

  • The Red Wings lost the bump-up shift faceoff and Columbus skated up 3-on-2 again, but the puck bounced out to center, and…

Glendening and Witkowski chugged up and in on Columbus 3-on-1, a blocked shot bounced to Darren Helm and he shoveled the puck into an empty net.

 Helm made it 1-1 at 15:54. Glendening and Witkowski got the assists.

  • Columbus went into full attack dog mode, and Panarin was stopped by Coreau, Bertuzzi, Nyquist and Zetterberg struggled to clear the zone, Wennberg fed Savard and Cole, Bertuzzi blocked one and then two shots, Zetterberg skated in and fired a slap shot wide of the goal, and Jensen sent a slap shot wide as his stick broke…

Columbus took a penalty on the play as well, with Wennberg sitting at 17:23 for high sticking.

  • At 17:23, Detroit out-shot Columbus 8-7 and out-attempted Columbus 20-11; hits 4-3 Columbus; giveaways 3-1 Columbus, takeaways 3-1 Columbus; blocked shots 7-3 Columbus; faceoffs 10-4 Columbus (29%).
  • Detroit set up on the PP after winning the offensive zone draw, and Green blasted a heavy shot into Atkinson, Frk and Green fed each other, and Bertuzzi backhanded a shot into Bobrovsky.
  • Mantha, Larkin, Bertuzzi, Frk and Green set up and Frk blasted a one-timer wide of the net.
  • With 1:23 remaining in the PP, Zetterberg, Nyquist and Abdelkader lost the deep offensive zone draw, so Kronwall and Zetterberg set up at center , dropped the puck to Nyquist, he fed Zetterberg, who reversed flow to the point, and he was checked by Johnson, who cleared the zone.
  • Kronwall set up again on the right wing side, looking for a drop pass, but he had to feed Athanasiou on the wing instead, Detroit cycled, and Columbus took the puck and cleared the zone.
  • Coreau got bumped by a Blue Jacket and bumped him right back, and Detroit iced the puck with 12 left on the PP and 48.6 left in the 1st period.
  • Detroit won the defensive zone draw and tried to set up Athanasiou for a rush, but he fluttered a snapper wide of the net, and Columbus skated into Detroit’s zone, Coreau stopped a Savard shot, and DeKeyesr and Daley ate clock, with Helm, Glendening and Witkowski poking at pucks as the period expired.

The 1st period in summary: The Red Wings played an OK first period. They should have jumped on Columbus and scored more goals given their shot attempts, but a 1-1 tie is a lot better than being down by a couple of goals, and after a bad goal against on Coreau, the Wings’ goaltender steadied the ship, and while Helm scored the Wings’ first goal, Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi dominated the first period.

Statistically, Detroit out-shot Columbus 9-8 and out-attempted Columbus 25-12; hits 6-3 Columbus; giveaways 3-1 Columbus, takeaways 3-1 Columbus (possession changes 4-4); blocked shots 8-3 Columbus; faceoffs 12-5 Columbus (29% for Detroit).

Individually, Mantha and Frk led the Wings with 2 shots apiece; Jensen had 3 attempts blocked by Blue Jackets players; Green, Glendening and Svechnikov had hits; Abdelkader had a giveaway, Jensen a takeaway; Bertuzzi blocked 2 shots, Jensen 1; Larkin’s 2-and-1 (67%) led the Wings in the faceoff circle; Detroit was “even,” and Zetterberg led the team with 8:23 played; Nyquist played 7:56, Daley 7:25, Bertuzzi 7:06, Ericsson 6:53, DeKeyser 6:07.

FSD had the scoring chances at 6-2 Detroit on the Wings’ 9-8 shot lead.

The 2nd period

2nd period observations:

  • Zetterberg drew in for the opening faceoff opposite Panarin and Zetterberg lost the draw, resulting in a Blue Jackets push into the Wings’ zone and a Seth Jones shot stopped by Coreau.
  • Jones was able to wind into a second shot that went wide, but Werenski hit the net, Coreau stopped him, and Daley carried the puck out of trouble as the Wings tried to establish a forecheck in the Blue Jackets’ zone.
  • Helm, Glendening and Witkowski ground out the puck down low, they worked the puck to the point, and Kronwall sent a shot in on Bobrovsky.
  • The Wings kept Columbus hemmed in for a while, and when Pierre-Luc Dubois hit Witkowski, he went crashing…

And Seth Jones was able to skate up on a rush with Panarin, Panarin fed Seth Jones, and he found the back of the net on a one-timer.

 Jones scored as 4 Wings were caught at the Blue Jackets’ blueline, yielding a 2-1 marker at 1:45 from Panarin and Atkinson. Jensen was the lone Wing back.

  • On the post-goal shift, Mantha, Larkin and Abdelkader were able to penetrate the Blue Jackets’ zone a couple of times, but they could not sustain their forecheck, so Columbus chipped the puck down ice, icing it.
  • Athanasiou drew in for the offensive zone faceoff 2:50 into the 2nd, Frk had to take the draw as AA was tossed, and the BLue Jackets surged forth, with Jenner feeding Wennberg for a slot shot that Coreau stopped;
  • Columbus re-set and skated in with Vanek sending a shot wide;
  • Detroit set up in Columbus’ zone, with Svechnikov at least facilitating a blueline blast;
  • Nyquist, Zetterberg and Frk then worked together and Frk cleared the puck out to center so that Bertuzzi could join the fray.
  • When Bertuzzi came over the boards, he helped Nyquist and Zetterberg sustain some sort of grind time in the Jax’ zone, but Columbus skated out of trouble and hemmed the Wings in their own end, with Jones blasting another one-timer wide of the net.
  • Calvert was bumped by Green, Bertuzzi and Zetterberg fed Nyquist, and his pass for Zetterberg was blocked.
  • Detroit changed lines, with Witkowski, Glendening and Helm helping DeKeyser clear the zone.
  • 5:20 into the 2nd, Columbus was ragging the puck fairly well up ice, and Panarin fed Dubois, but DeKeyser blocked the shot, and Detroit had to ice the puck.
  • Columbus was able to win an offensive zone faceoff and set up, and Coreau had to stop another set of Blue Jackets shots before the net was loosed from its moorings.
  • At 6:09, Detroit was out-shot 6-1 in the 2nd and 14-10 overall; attempts 27-21 Detroit; hits 9-4 Columbus; giveaways 3-1 Columbus; takeaways 7-1 Columbus; blocked shots 8-4 Columbus; faceoffs 16-5 Columbus (24%).
  • When play resumed, the Wings won the defensive zone draw and cleared the zone, but up came Columbus again, and Larkin, Mantha and Abdelkader fumbled the puck at Columbus’ line, going offside.
  • Detroit won the offensive blueline draw, pushed the puck into Columbus’ zone, and Zetterberg, Nyquist and Bertuzzi cycled, but Zetterberg put the puck out of play, off a deflection.
  • Zetterberg won the draw to Kronwall, he fed Bertuzzi, a wild pass went to Daley down low, the Wings worked the puck around the perimeter like a power play, and Zetterberg was fed by Nyquist, the puck was loose, and the net was loosened by the Blue Jackets, sans call. Bobrovsky got away with it.
  • 7:19 into the 2nd, Helm fired a shot off the faceoff win and Bobrovsky stopped him;
  • Columbus charged into the Wings’ zone, Panarin fed Cole, he was stopped, and Athanasiou fed Helm, who went offside.
  • Detroit lost the offensive blueline draw, Columbus chipped and chased, Coreau gave the puck away, but Detroit retrieved said puck, with Green and DeKeyser chipping so Larkin, Abdelkader and Mantha could chase…

But Green pinched poorly, Columbus raced up vs. Daley, and Coreau stopped one lateral play from Vanek to Jenner, but Jones snuck in behind coverage and slid a loose puck past Coreau to make it 3-1.

 Jones made it 3-1 at 8:15 from Jenner and Vanek.

  • Columbus continued to attack, with Coreau stifling Foligno as he beat Jensen and Kronwall to the front of the net.
  • The Blue Jackets continued to send pucks in on Coreau, Detroit iced the puck at 9:03, and Detroit lost the defensive zone draw, but Daley fed Nyquist, he worked with Zetterberg and Bertuzzi, Daley sent a shot over Bobrovsky, diving out of the net, and Jones was nearly stripped of the puck, but he held firm…
  • Coreau let the puck loose and Columbus took over, with Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi generating a change before Kronwall allowed Atkinson to RACE into the Wings’ zone and send a shot in on Coreau.

Jensen could not contain the Blue Jackets’ speed and he was called for holding at 10:10.

  • At 10:10, Detroit was out-shot 11-2 in the 2nd and 19-12 on the night; attempts 31-27 Detroit; hits 9-4 Columbus; giveaways 3-2 Columbus, takeaways 8-1 Columbus; blocked shots 10-5 Columbus; faceoffs 18-12 Columbus (40%).
  • The Blue Jackets lost the initial PP faceoff and Detroit cleared the zone, but Columbus returned soon and set up. Dubois fed Panarin skating into the slot, and Coreau made a big stop;
  • Columbus seemed to smell blood, and they were tenacious on the puck.
  • Detroit chipped the puck out of trouble for amoment, and Seth Jones gave it away to Abdelkader, Larkin skated in…and Jones stripped the puck from Larkin.
  • Jones fed Wennberg, Panarin circled the net, Jones fed Dubois, he fed Panarin and Abdelkader jammed the puck to the blueline.
  • Dubois and Atkinson worked the puck to Panarin, and Coreau made a big stop on Atkinson.
  • Coreau stopped another Atkinson shot, Jones fired a shot wide, Atkinson fed Jones, who was blocked by Larkin, Wennberg set up as the PP expired, and Abdelkader had the puck poked away from him.
  • Up came Foligno, Coreau poked the puck away, and as Foligno ran Coreau over…

Kronwall was called for slashing at 12:29.

  • Columbus re-set its power play, the Blue Jackets won their draw, and they cycled, with Werenski firing a shot high and wide.
  • Jensen, Daley and the Wings cleared the puck, changed…
  • And Columbus skated into Detroit’s zone, Foligno, Milano and Vanek set up, DeKeyser cleared the zone, Vanek returned, sent the puck to the line, and Milano fed Foligno, to Jones it went, Coreau stopped one shot, Detroit swiped the puck, and Helm and Larkin went up 3-on-2 with Green…and the puck was fired off a Blue Jacket and off the netting.
  • Columbus won their defensive zone draw, and with 30 seconds left in their PP, they slowly but surely set up in the Wings’ zone.
  • Jones fed Panarin at the blueline, Glendening stifled Dubois, Daley battled down low, Kronwall came out of the box and Columbus changed, cycling as if the Wings were still down a man.
  • Jensen helped Athanasiou and Glendening on a rush, with 5 minutes remaining in the 2nd, Detroit worked the puck to the blueline, and Green sent the puck deep.
  • Detroit fired a wide shot deep, Athanasiou got high-sticked, and Green sent an easy shot in on Bobrovsky.
  • With 4:37 remaining/15:23 gone, Detroit was out-shot 14-5 in the 2nd and 22-15 overall; attempts 33-33; hits 9-6 Columbus; giveaways 4-2 Columbus, takeaways 8-1 Columbus; blocked shots 11-6 Columbus; faceoffs 19-15 Columbus (44%) and probably made up stats Columbus Columbus.
  • When play resumed, Columbus attacked the Red Wings’ zone, Kronwall and Green hacked and whacked sans penalty, Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Nyquist were able to push the puck out of trouble, and the Blue Jackets chipped and changed.
  • With 3:45 remaining in the 2nd, Bertuzzi nearly stole the puck, Ericsson sent the puck deep, and Detroit had to back into its own zone, with Ericsson and Daley feeding Mantha and Larkin at center ice.
  • Detroit went offside.
  • Detroit did its best to battle the puck in deep, but Larkin flubbed the puck at the offensive zone blueline, Columbus set up, and they went offside.
  • When play resumed, Daley and Ericsson pushed the puck out of trouble, Helm skated into the Jax’ zone, and Columbus made an easy stick-check, with Glendening and Witkowski keeping Columbus confined to center ice.
  • The Blue Jackets continued to attack, and Dubois sent a shot wide of Coreau over his shoulder, Nyquist was able to clear the zone, but up came Columbus again, and Coreau heard a puck clang off the goalpost as he covered the corner of the net.
  • With less than a minute remaining, Columbus pushed the puck deep, Bertuzzi and Nyquist cleared the puck out to center, up came Columbus 3-on-2, and Coreau stopped Foligno.
  • Columbus continued to attack as the Wings scrambled, and Bertuzzi took an icing with 10.3 left to stifle the Blue Jackets’ domination.
  • Detroit lost the final faceoff, Coreau made a big stop and Green carried the rebound out to center.

The 2nd period in summary: The Red Wings got their butts handed to them in the 2nd period, out-shot 16-6 and out-played by a severe margin. Columbus scored 2 goals and could have had half-a-dozen more had Coreau not held the fort decently.

Statistically, Detroit was out-shot 16-6 in the 2nd and 24-16 overall; attempts 39-36 Columbus; hits 11-7 Columbus; giveaways 5-2 Columbus, takeaways 9-1 Columbus (possession changes 14-3 Columbus); blocked shots 11-7 Columbus; faceoffs 21-17 Columbus (45%).

Individually, Nyquist, Mantha, Zetterberg, Frk, Helm, Bertuzzi and Larkin had 2 shots; Witkowski had 2 hits; Abdelkader and Daley had giveaways; Jensen had a takeaway; Bertuzzi blocked 2 shots, Jensen, Nyquist, Green, DeKeyser and Larkin 1; Larkin’s 5-and-4 (56%) led the Wings in faceoff percentage; Detroit was -10, with Green at -3 and Mantha and Larkin at -2; Daley played 17:40, Zetterberg 15:53, Nyquist 15:03, Bertuzzi 14:04, DeKeyser 13:52, Green 13:29, Larkin 11:20.

FSD had the scoring chances at 10-9 Columbus on their 24-16 shot advantage.

The 3rd period

3rd period observations:

  • Zetterberg drew in for the final period’s opening faceoff and won it, Bertuzzi raced into the offensive zone and he fired a sneaky shot on Bobrovsky, which was stopped.
  • Zetterberg and Nyquist worked the puck to Daley on the next exchange, and he fired a shot off that Bobrovsky stopped…
  • But the Blue Jackets skated into the Red Wings’ zone, Ericsson giave the puck up to Panarin, and he sent a slither of a wrist shot into Coreau.
  • Glendening, Witkowski and Helm managed to at least clear the zone before Columbus returned with a heavy forecheck, and Jenner and Vanek nearly swiped the puck before Jensen and DeKeyser fed Witkowski, who was hit by Jack Johnson.
  • Detroit set up at center ice, and Green slid the puck in on Bobrovsky 1:26 into the 3rd.
  • Detroit won the offensive zone faceoff, but Columbus took the puck, skated into the Wings’ zone, and Milano fed Savard for a shot that was tipped wide of Coreau.
  • Larkin, Mantha and Abdelkader worked their way through center, had to re-set in their own zone, and negated an icing call, but that was about all they could do before Columbus chipped and chased.
  • Abdelkader cleared the zone, Werenski fed Dubinsky, Letestu sent the puck around the front of the goal, and Ericsson made a big block.
  • Letestu sent a shot off Coreau, Frk was stifled, as was Svechnikov, and DeKeyeser and Green tried to get Zetterberg going, but the Wings were in-and-out of Columbus’ zone, and Detroit struggled to get the puck through center.
  • Nyquist did manage to at least generate a shot on Bobrovsky, but it was a perimeter marker.
  • Columbus swiped the puck from Daley off a faceoff loss, and Dubinsky got a shot off on Coreau, who had to gobble up Dubinsky’s attempt.
  • Columbus set up off a faceoff win, with Vanek swiping the puck from Athanasiou once, then twice, and Helm, Glendening and Witkowski took over, Mantha joined the fray, and Columbus dumped and changed.
  • 5 minutes into the 3rd period, not much was going on.
  • Kronwall tried to work up the left wing half boards, but Bobrovsky cleared the puck out of the zone himself, and Mantha could not get through the Blue Jackets’ 1-4 trap.
  • So Panarin took a puck and skated into the Wings’ zone, stopped by Coreau, and Bjorkstrand could not put the rebound in.
  • Detroit iced the puck, but Columbus played it, not feeling like taking a stop in play…
  • Detroit iced the puck again, and Abdelkader, Athanasiou and Frk worked together, with Athanasiou stealing the puck and firing a shot into traffic;
  • Jack Johnson fired a long shot off Coreau, and Detroit set up with 13:20 remaining…
  • Daley dumped, Columbus chased, Nyquist, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi surrendered a shot to Letestu, and the Wings were hemmed in their own zone, with Savard feeding Letestu, Dubinsky firing a shot off Coreau, and Dubinsky setting up Calvert in the slot.
  • Calvert put the puck off the goalpost.
  • Columbus cycled away 4th line to 1st line, and Red Wings could not clear, 8 minutes into the 3rd period.
  • Columbus completed the line change and Vanek, Jenner and Wennberg cycled, the crowd chanted, Savard fed Wennberg, and Cole’s shot was tipped wide.
  • Detroit iced the puck.
  • Kronwall “had a helmet issue” and was able to change for DeKeyser, who cleared the zone off the faceoff, and Detroit changed.
  • Helm, Glendening and Witkowski gave up a rush 2-on-3, Milano cycled, Coreau had to make a stop, Columbus cycled again, Witkowski was grabbed and held, Columbus worked the puck to the point, and Jones fired a shot wide.
  • Detroit iced the puck with 10:42 remaining in the 3rd, and Columbus leading in shots 30-19.
  • Columbus won the draw, they cycled away, and DeKeyser chipped the puck to Witkowski, who was able to facilitate a change.
  • Dubois was steered away from the net by Ericsson, Panarin fed Johnson, and the Blue Jackets sent the puck wide of the goal.
  • The Blue Jackets battled the Wings in their own zone at the 10-minute mark, with Mantha, Larkin and Abdelkader trying hard to push the puck in deep, and Ericsson and Daleye tried to sustain possession, but they could not.
  • So Columbus re-set in the Wings’ zone, Mantha and Larkin chipped and changed, and Frk, Athanasiou and Svechnikov got a rare shift.
  • DeKeyser dumped, Vanek carried the puck out of trouble, Coreau stopped Jenner behind the net, Svechnikov chipped and chased, and Athanasiou went offside.
  • The first TV timeout of the 3rd hit at 11:42, and at 11:42: Detroit was out-shot 8-2 in the 3rd and 32-19 overall; attempts 55-41 Columbus; hits 13-9 Columbus; giveaways 5-4 Columbus, takeaways 11-2 Columbus; blocked shots 13-13; faceoffs 24-22 Columbus (48% for Detroit).
  • Detroit was able to win the offensive blueline draw after the TV timeout, but Columbus charged into the Wings’ zone, cycled, Milano found Foligno, Bjorkstrand joined the cycle, Zetterberg was able to force Columbus to pass to the point and they missed.
  • Detroit changed with under 7:30 remaining, and Coreau gloved a Columbus shot.
  • Detroit won the defensive zone draw and Larkin fed Mantha, the duo skated into the slot, and Panarin chipped the puck away.
  • Ericsson carried the puck up ice himself, Helm helped Larkin and Mantha, Green and Kronwall took over on the blueline, and Detroit cycled, and the Wings fired a shot attempt off Bobrovsky.
  • Coreau tapped the puck to Kronwall as the Wings changed with 6 minutes remaining…
  • Columbus took the puck away 3-on-2, Athanasiou lost the puck on a poke-and-hope play, and the puck was deflected out of play off the netting.
  • With 5:45 remaining in the 3rd, Detroit was out-shot 10-3 in the 3rd, 34-20 overall, and 26-10 over the 2nd and 3rd periods. Attempts were 57-42 Columbus; hits 13-9 Columbus; giveaways 5-4 Columbus, takeaways 12-3 Columbus; blocked shots 14-13 Detroit; faceoffs 26-22 Columbus (46%).
  • When play resumed, Nyquist stole the puck from the Blue Jackets’ defense, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi jammed the puck deeper, Zetterberg fed Bertuzzi and he sent a snapper wide.
  • Columbus iced the puck sans call, and Jensen re-set, gave the puck to Larkin, and he fed the puck out front, but Columbus emerged 4 on 3.
  • Bjorkstrand fed Werenski, he pinched deep, and Frk stole the puck for Mantha, he tried to feed Larkin, and he could not.
  • Frk at least laid out a Blue Jackets player, and Detroit seemed to play with renewed urgency with 4:30 remaining.
  • Kronwall fed Athanasiou, Abdelkader and Helm watched Atkinson skate into the zone and fire a shot off Coreau, and Detroit’s Athanasiou and Helm raced away…

With Athanasiou skating up via an Abdelkader tip, and AA kept the puck, put it off Bobrovsky’s right elbow, and it was 3-2.

Athanasiou made it 3-2 at 16:17.

  • Detroit tied up the center ice faceoff, surrendered a rush that Coreau stopped, and Detroit chipped and chased, with Bertuzzi, Nyquist and Zetterberg chasing the puck.
  • Daley helped the Wings dump, but they could not chase, and Columbus hemmed the Wings in their own zone.
  • With 3 minutes remaining, Zetterberg flipped a puck off Bobrovsky, Frk got tripped, and away came the Blue Jackets.
  • Vanek fed Werenski on the right wing, Columbus cycled, and Larkin chugged up with 2:25 remaining, Mantha fed Larkin, he was tied up by Jones, and Columbus charged up 2 on 2.
  • Jenner flipped a puck out of play, and the final TV timeout hit with 2:12 remaining.
  • At 17:48, Detroit was out-shot 12-4 in the 3rd and 36-21 overall; attempts were 60-44 Columbus; hits 14-9 Columbus; giveaways 14-9 Columbus, takeaways 13-5 Columbus; blocked shots 14-13 Detroit; faceoffs 28-22 Columbus (44%).
  • Detroit won the defensive zone draw and skated in deep, AA and Green held the puck in, and Coreau went to the bench.
  • With Coreau out…
  • The Blue Jackets cleared the zone, Kronwall set up with 1:40 remaining, Green fed Helm, the pass did not work, Kronwall fired a shot on Bobrovsky, he stood up Milano, Helm held the puck in, Zetterberg jammed the puck off Jones, Helm fed the puck to Athanasiou in the slot, and Bobrovsky stopped him.
  • With the Blue Jackets mashing Abdelkader after play.
  • Detroit called timeout with 1:10 remaining.
  • Helm, Athanasiou, Zetterberg, Abdelkader, Kronwall and Green won the draw, Green poked the puck to Kronwall, Abdelkader cycled for Athanasiou, Helm helped, he fed Zetterberg, who shot the puck over Bobrovsky, Green fed the puck to Zetterberg, the puck did not get there, Abdelkader battled the puck around to Athanasiou, Detroit cycled to the line, Green faked, fed AA, he fed Green pinching, Green gave the puck away and Detroit re-set.
  • Kronwall held the puck in off a play to Zetterberg, who was hacked down, Helm was hacked, the puck came free for Athanasiou, Helm was stopped and time expired.
  • The Wings tried.

The 3rd period in summary: The Red Wings were at least able to rally over the final couple minutes of the 3rd period, and that was exciting, but Detroit lost, and lost badly.


Here’s the Game Summary

And the Event Summary

The final shot attempts were 60-47 Columbus on Columbus’ 36-24 shot advantage.

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5 thoughts on “Red Wings-Blue Jackets quick take: Wings rally late, but dug too deep a hole”

  1. A total cluster%^k of an effort. No flow, no cohesion, looking panicked in their own zone all night long.
    A newly tool contrast to the structure and flowed exhibited by the BJ’s. That’s what it means to have a coach who has a clue.

  2. Sorry, that second paragraph should have read….”A nearly total…”
    Stupid spell check.

  3. Agree, I didn’t see much of a game plan from the Wings which might explain some panic. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when the Wings were hemmed in their own zone for one long shift , then BJs got a line change in, brutal.

    Certainly not all Young guns, Vets pooped the bed a lot but appeared like they had no idea what to do. Odd man rushes, Green caught in the BJ zone but no one covered the point. The lack of effort maybe the bi product of no game plan, line blender.

    Coreau got better as the game progressed, thought AA looked good, LGD was quick and reads plays well, Mantha looked lost, Aby looked drunk, … Blash really has lost the room. Losing is tough on all the Wings and nothing to play for makes it tough.
    Svech didn’t get enough ice time to work up a sweat.

    Oh well, this team is really lost and at least get rid of the panic aka Blashill

  4. There was a Columbus shift where it looked like a power play and our guys were completely outmatched and it was Columbus’ FOURTH LINE. That was the worst Detroit shift I’ve seen this season. It was painful and infuriating to watch.

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