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The comments section has gotten a little heated of late, and it’s done so regarding a certain member. I am offering the TMR community the opportunity to hash things out in adult and courteous manners here in this thread…

In an ideal world, yes, there will be an “ignore” button (I’m working on finding one), but at present, we do not have one, and that means that we have to live with each other, even if we do not like everyone we meet. I would kindly ask that we all press the “re-set” button regarding our scraps and give each other one more chance to interact with respect, dignity and in a spirit of understanding that disagreement does not have to equal disrespect.

If you’d like to hash things out in this post–or inform me why things have been a mess over the last couple of days–I would appreciate that you do so here in the comments section. If you have concerns about a particular member or members or feel uncomfortable elucidating your concerns publicly, please email me at

In an ideal world, we are a community united by hockey; in real life, we’re different people with different ideas, and while we’re all on the “same side” as Wings and hockey fans, we have disparate points of view.

I get that, but I want you to understand that you are all here because I approved your membership into the community, and I don’t want to have to stick my dictatorial-leaning nose into the comments section…

But if I have to, I’m not going to hesitate to do so, and I’d prefer that we work things out in a semi-democratic manner.

Discuss, please!

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George Malik

My name is George Malik, and I'm the Malik Report's editor/blogger/poster. I have been blogging about the Red Wings since 2006, when MLive hired me to work their SlapShots blog, and I joined Kukla's Korner in 2011 as The Malik Report. I'm starting The Malik Report as a stand-alone site, hoping that having my readers fund the website is indeed the way to go to build a better community and create better content.

20 thoughts on “Comments on comments”

  1. I know this is about me.

    Do I comment frequently – yes.
    Do I hold strong opinions – yes.
    Am I discouraged about the state of our franchise – yes.
    Am I confident in my knowledge about the sport – yes.
    Has my knowledge helped clarify topics in which others aren’t understanding – yes. See the confusion about “emergency call-ups”. Like it or not, but it was me who helped clear that up.
    Will I be liked by everyone here – no. Of course not.

    But I don’t think any of the things noted above makes me a cancer here. If you don’t like my views, or think my posts are too long, or think I’m arrogant…then just don’t reply to me. Show George some respect and just ignore it. Contribute your own ideas. Share your own views. Introduce your own topic. Because there are literally people whose entire posting history is complaining about me or picking fights with me. Use your energy on something more productive.

    And again, out of respect for George…stop the name-calling. I don’t appreciate being told that I’m a pyschopath, or that I need therapy, or that I’m a sick puppy, or that I’m this or that. Nor do I enjoy people mentioning my children. I’m not calling other posters names. I’m not saying so and so is an idiot who doesn’t even understand the CBA. And so and so is completely clueless and has no idea about the other 30 teams. LOL. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

    Yeah, I’ve never done that. Ever. Quit making this about me. It’s about the Red Wings. I’m a fan. Just like you. I have an opinion. You have an opinion. So start sharing opinions instead of whining about me and attacking me. If George wants to bring in an ignore feature than that’s his choice. Doesn’t bother me. But until then, direct your energy on discussing hockey instead of other posters. I’m not saying another word on this topic. Sorry George. I know many will portray me as the bad guy, but some of the personal attacks towards me seem far more heinous than anything I’ve written.

  2. Sounds good. I hope it wasn’t anything I said?
    Just not happy with Blashill as our coach!

  3. Keep getting the vibe that other opinions arent allowed if they arent negative by this user. i.e. a 2 game call up for a player was worthless imo, which was met with “you don’t get it.” If you dont join his parroting of negativity (same things said repeatedly)’re gonna have a bad time.

    Of course he went on a power trip today about their intelligence and knowledge. Not a fan of the personal attacks earlier but…he smells his own flatulence and loves it. His comment here doesnt help at all. I’ve made comments with nothing to do with him then he shows up in my e-mail replying with his butt hurt.

    I know they had issues with him at WIIM. Tried to work with him to improve his interactions, never worked out. Same issues here. Listen to the many, not the one. Just hope fatty contributes monetarily. I simply can’t right now, but would love to contribute to get you to TC. It’s a nice vacation for you and of course helps those of us who can’t go to see these guys because I’m in seattle. Anyway.

    Starting anew, not expecting any improvement.

  4. Agree with biv—“Starting anew, not expecting any improvement.”
    However, I will pray.

  5. I think an ignore button would be good for comments originating from Toronto, Chicago, or Denver….. sorry still hanging up on that rivalry. Im old and stubborn.

    Otherwise all is well. I have bad days too and thank you all for cheap therapy.

  6. I wrote a longer post on this topic a minute ago, but when I posted it it seemed to disappear into the ether, so apologies if it shows up later along with this one…

    But in short, I get that some ppl find FS’s approach ascerbic and confrontational. But I think a large part of that is in their own mind. He knows his stuff and will say so. There were a horde of ppl on the other blog who attacked every post he made, regardless of its validity. And that attitude (if not some of the same commentors) appear to have followed him here. One person on KK felt compelled to comment on his every post, even tho the entire KK-o-sphere knew that FS had ignored him. To me, that’s far, far more annoying than anything FS ever posted.

    And bringing children and mental illness into any of this is just way over the line. I’ve gotten crap for the city I live in. WTF? Let’s be adults, please.

    Just take a breath and relax.

    1. Hello Steve—although I missed the comments about his children, I certainly agree that his kids aren’t responsible for his “all about FS” approach.
      I’m the culprit on the “psychotherapy” comments and, I must admit, my last two posts were sent in haste due to anger over (what I view) his elitist and almost disdainful treatment of us, his fellow members on George’s Team. Granted, some of us may view this to a greater degree than others, but the elitism does shine through and it’s clearly distracting to most when trying to participate in a team environment.
      But I should have taken the time to simply achieve a better calm and refine my comments before sending—I didn’t and for that I apologize to the Team

    2. I didn’t realize that its been two blogs now. What is KK? Thanks for your input. I wonder how many followed him here or maybe its a product of him?

      Well, actually, it doesnt matter. Starting anew.

      1. Bivvy (and all),
        KK is Kuklas Korner.

        I get that some people want to defend the “free speech” rights of others and even find ways to justify it (there’s good on both sides – sigh). Whatever…….this is America, right? The land of seemingly one way tolerance and avoidance of discussion of actual serious topics…..

        In this case, we are looking at a pattern. First at WIIM, then KK and now here. Denying this pattern is like denying the earth is a sphere and believing it is merely flat. Fatty’s degradation of comment sections is irrefutable now. Johnny’s statement about “needing help” is spot on. Johnny’s delivery, while distasteful to some, was also warranted when viewed in the entire context of Fatty’s contribution to the Red Wings community. Fatty has been bounced from two communities and now the subject of discussion at a 3rd. This is a pattern. It must be recognized for that. We and he must accept this as fact now. Stop burying your collective heads in the sand about this.

        Looking at Fatty’s post above, he is victimizing himself to make us feel guilty about how we treat him. He suggests he is misunderstood and we are supposed to just tolerate him rather then him recognizing his own patterned behavior and adjusting it to interact respectfully with other people. This is classic behavior of an abusive person: turn around the discussion to force the topic to be about others rather then about one’s self. This behavior should not be tolerated. In fact, it should not exist at all. We have the power to stop it. Georgie, you have the power to stop it here. What you do now will determine if you allow more people to behave like this.

        I, like Biv and others, have attempted to, at one time or another, have real, rational, and respectful conversations with Fatty. He, time and time again disappoints, disputes and disrupts. Anyone who still goes to KK and WIIM (I do) knows these forums are better spaces and have better conversations now that Fatty is not there. Politeness has not worked on him. Blocking him has not worked. What has worked is banning.

        I’m sorry Georgie, but, until Fatty understands that this is about him and not about us he will continue persist and decay this space that you want to be about a resource for information and respectful conversation.

        I was reflecting last night about this and what it means for you and your new adventure with the Malik Report. My advice to you is to think of this as a business (which it is). If some of us (commenters) are causing you to lose revenue (probably are) then you might want to rethink who you let in here. I’m sure there are people who wanted to follow you from KK (and WIIM) but probably didn’t because of those people who they found at your new home. But, you have to ask yourself, did certain people follow you out of choice or out of necessity and which are you willing to tolerate if either?

        Georgie, you and others, are saints for expressing tolerance better than I can. When an adult can not act appropriately with other adults, to me, there is only one way to handle that adult. Sure, I admit, I crossed a line with my comment about his kids but in true abuser fashion he made that about me rather then facing his own truths. Yes, my comment was a brush over the line (and my apologies to the other commenters here), but, let’s get real here, there is not getting clearer to a person like Fatty unless we speak his language. All the good will in the world will not alter people who have soured into adulthood without them recognizing the problem is theirs alone.

        Fatty’s only goal is to control what goes on here. If you want to build a space where people can have differences of opinions while being mutually respectful then hard lines must be drawn (IMO). Fuzziness will not magically keep this space free of disrespect. Letting the inmates run the asylum will not create a space free of disrespect. Allowing an abuser into your space only perpetuates abuse.

        Georgie, I imagine this is not how you dreamed about starting this new site. I am sorry you have to experience your start this way. It’s a huge lesson though. No matter how you cut it, since you are relying on it to create revenue for you, you have to decide what rules you are going to create and you have to live with that solution. Just remember hiding commenters comments was tried at KK and did not work. There is a lesson in that.

        I will be checking in occasionally from now on to see how things are going but I will be relying on other sources for my Red Wing information (and spending my money there instead) where people chose to be respectful rather then demanding respect from others (we should not have to hide comments from certain people). I am willing to give up something meaningful to me to take this a stand. Sadly, it will come as more than just my sacrifice Georgie.

        I am sorry to go, but, this is the choice I am left with. I still wish you all the good fortune possible with this new site.

        1. That was the most insane thing I’ve ever read.

          I’ll tell you this, man, GrWahWah or whatever your handle is: If George implements an “Ignore” function, it’ll be you, not FS, that I igonre. Get over yourself.

          1. Folks,
            This response is exactly what I am talking about when I mentioned one way tolerance.

            Georgie, I am sorry your honey attracted the flies. I wish that hadn’t happened to you. You don’t deserve this rabble.

            Enjoy your safe space Franny.

  7. GrrRahRah says:
    March 9, 2018 at 6:36 PM

    This response is exactly what I am talking about when I mentioned one way tolerance.

    Georgie, I am sorry your honey attracted the flies. I wish that hadn’t happened to you. You don’t deserve this rabble.

    Enjoy your safe space Franny.

    Exhibit one: He calls me “Franny”! Isn’t that masculine of him!

    You have nothing to say, but you bitch and bitch and bitch about everyone else. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:


  8. “…One person on KK felt compelled to comment on his every post, ….To me, that’s far, far more annoying than anything FS ever posted….Let’s be adults, please.”

    ……wiser words could never have been spoken…Following them, I guess, is harder to do.

    I am really sorry that you find my thoughts on this matter offensive enough to try to force me to shut up about it. I think I can say with enough confidence that when I brought up abusive behavior it must have cut too close to the truth of your life. Your response to demean and shame me only exposes you.

    George asked us to air our grievances and be respectful. I read your OP, didn’t really agree, but decided not to comment (in neither a demeaning nor in a personal way) out of respect to the community and George’s request for civility.

    Clearly, you do not have the same self respect to act according to the “Adult” manner which you have asked the rest of the community to do here and lack the ability to refrain from the same behavior you despise in others. While, I would enjoy to have a civil discussion about the kind of problems people like FS (and now you) cause, you are clearly not the kind of person who is willing to have a real discussion on this subject (and maybe not on anything). I am willing to wager that instead of replying to this comment with rational discussion points, you will continue to sling insults (“Isn’t that masculine of him!” “GET OVER YOURSELF.”) , insinuations (“That was the most insane thing I’ve ever read.” “GrWahWah”) and, in general, make rules for everyone else to follow but yourself (“Let’s be adults”).

    Sorry to George and everyone else who is viewing this exchange with annoyance. It is clear to me that there is a problem surfacing here with TMR that clearly followed from other places and if we want to have civil and respectful discussions on anything then we need to take a position now and root out the problem before it takes hold of something we all love. Sitting aside and not speaking up only enables this kind of disrespectful behavior while allowing it to tarnish what George works hard to do for all of us.

    (George, if you would like me to not return to your website feel free to email me directly. I will respect your decision on if my voice is a value to you and how you want your community to be. I am not afraid of not having you as a resource.)

    1. George. I’m not interested in a pissing contest every day with someone who has nothing to say. Or who calls you “Georgie”.

      This is the guy who brings people’s kids into the equation and now claims some kind of superiority.

      I don’t know if he has a specific hatred of you, George, but he is doing his best to destroy the experience of talking hockey with people who know what they’re talking about on your blog. FS is acerbic and confrontational. Gr is just an ass for no reason. Yea, he’s orders of magnitude worse than anything FS ever said.

      I will be back when you have an “Ignore” function.

      Cue the “safe space” and “snowflake” buzzwords. Oooh, and I bet he attacks the city I live in, too!

  9. I’m keeping it simple.

    I’m not much of a commenter. I definitely skim through them depending on the situation.

    I have no issues with FS viewpoints,opinions etc. Many,many times I agree, sometimes I disagree. Also I’ve never been offended or disgruntled about his post. On the other hand it gets a little old sometimes, almost like Ken Holland interviews. lol

    At the end of the day if FS took it down just one notch and others grew a little thicker skin there wouldn’t be an issue. It’s not the end of the world.

    Relax,debate etc, it’s not the end of the world if we all don’t agree. It’s not going to happen and that’s not always a bad thing.

    George, I also wont refer to use as Georgie.

  10. We all seek happiness in this world. How to find it for many may be hard. If you can reach a state in your life and mind when the words and actions of others don’t hurt you, you are on your way to happiness. If you can give more kindness to others than they deserve you are well on that road as well. That being said, when you demean someone’s intelligence that is as hurtful as it is by calling out their sanity. I really dislike seeing this crap here. Very few people can achieve what I suggest in the first few lines of this post. It is something I strive for everyday and sometimes fail….but I am starting to hit over the Mendoza line on this. I would urge all of you to try this in your life, both you and your loved ones will be grateful. On another note….keep losing by 1 goal Wings, and Vegas keep losing as well.

    1. Beertowndale has nailed it!
      Even GrrWahWah has apologized, as I also did, for our strength of comments.
      Now, there’s a Steve from San Fran/GrrWahWah war brewing!
      Let’s cool it and see if FS can tone down the elitism a notch or two and we can thicken our skins a bit!
      Don’t forget: some of us are CA liberal while, like me, some are TX conservative—but so what—let’s go back to hockey!
      Back to our currently dreadful Wings!

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