Recovering from anxiety attacks: feelin’ funky, slowly sorting stuff out

Different people react to anxiety attacks or depressive episodes somewhat differently, but the gist of what I’ve felt like over the past couple of days is simple: I feel like I got hit by a loaded dump truck’s worth of neurochemicals, and my body went into “Safe Mode” for the last three days.

As every Windows user knows, “Safe Mode” kind of sucks, because you can’t really do anything to be useful or of use, and having had two severe anxiety attacks over the course of a week, I was in serious-ass “Safe Mode.”

I’m starting to feel better today, if better is feeling all prickly, fuzzy-headed and slightly dazed. I really got “zapped” by a couple of wall-sized waves of chemicals over the past week, and it’s going to take some time for the effects to fade.

Regrettably, this is part of what my neurochemistry and wiring signed me up for, and as frustrating as it was to come back from physical illness, only to have my mental illnesses flare up…

Shit happens, man, and even if you’re in my situation (see: I have insurance, a therapist, psychiatrist, medication and a supportive family), the shit can still hit the fan in terms of anxiety and depression symptoms flaring up.

All I can do is dig out now, and over the next couple of days, I’ll do my best to return to getting hockey content out there. For the present moment, I’m not very useful, but I’ll try to at least catch up a bit.

I will say that the Red Wings hit on one of the major “boo boos” of the past 50 years in finally deciding to retire Red Kelly’s #4 despite the fact that he split his career and Cup wins between Detroit and Toronto. Kelly was one of the NHL’s first offensive defensemen, and it’s time to put #4 in the rafters while he’s still around…

And no, it is not surprising that the Red Wings are 0-3-and-2 to start the season, especially with an 8-2 loss to Boston highlighting the schedule of frustration.

Detroit was socked with injuries on defense and a schedule of teams that absolutely destroy the Wings on a regular basis, and the Wings have three more really hard games against really hard-to-beat teams in Montreal (in Montreal), Tampa Bay (in Tampa Bay) and Florida (anywhere) before the team finally heads home on the 22nd.

The Wings obviously need to play a lot better, but this is also what learning on a green, green blueline tends to look like, and hopefully Saturday night’s loss will serve as a wake-up call for a team that was playing just well enough to lose close games previously.

In any case, I would like to thank you for your support and your readership, and I apologize profusely for the inconsistencies of content due to health issues.

I can always look after my health better, but there are times when mental illnesses sneak up on a person, and all one can do is battle through as best as one can and recover as necessary. That’s part of battling a mental illness–you can be in a “best case situation” like mine and the shit can still hit the fan, and hit it repeatedly.

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11 thoughts on “Recovering from anxiety attacks: feelin’ funky, slowly sorting stuff out”

  1. You are worth waiting for George.

    When I’m down for days you entertain my brain when the body cant go. All other sites are still second rate because of your passion and comprehensive efforts. Thankyou for the therapy.

    Glad to hear your trending better.

  2. despite what your drs and government are saying our basic american diet is extremely un nutricious and has brought most peoples cells into a malnourioushed state , fat but dying from diseases caused by malnutrition ! a diet way way too low in the cell fortifying substances held in raw plants . take this 10$ lesson from the late genius nutritionist norman walker and you’ll be glad you did as its my belief your issues are being caused by diet , and yes i know your drs say different . and not only the linked book but the one below it ‘ vegetarian diet & salad are must reads . and im not trying to push veganism so dont throw im a manly american and im a hunter hissy fit lmao . im pushing the outlook of how vitally important a diet that includes lots and lots of raw plant nutrients is , and the easiest way for many to do this is get a good juicer and even though its a pain juice the hell out of what raw plants you can get your hands on from apples to carrots to cukes to kale etc etc . get a quart of raw juices in your blood per day for one month and you’ll find out what im talking about . while at same time eliminating all processed trash like pop and canned goods . link –

  3. Health first George! And I agree with Mule93 in some respects. Nutrition first, meds second.

    A friend of mine is/was a rapiding bi polar, borderline schizophrenic. A friend got him to go to a nutritionist and they ran bloods and such. She changed his diet (and he did also) to more natural foods and eliminated process foods. He didn’t go veghead, but it only consumes free range meats at limited quantities. Lots of fresh greens, fruit and other veges.
    He does juice and all that.
    Might be worth looking into even if just improves your overall health. But this is coming from a borderline healthnut! ; )

    Stay strong George, you are missed!

  4. Peace to you, George. Don’t ever let us be an addition to your anxiety. Those of us who are religious will add you to our prayer list. People who have mental illnesses are some of the strongest people on earth. Stay strong. Again peace to you.

  5. ***Breaking News***

    Rasmussen is a confirmed scratch tonight. I know most people will say this is a good thing, but I think it’s BS once again by Blashill.

    I understand the kid has 1pt and he is even in the plus minus category.
    Now, take Nyquist. He has 4 pts and is a minus 8. Vanek, Nielsen, AA and ABBY are far worse in every category than Ras except a few points.
    Once again, Blashill takes the easy way out. He is a sad excuse for a coach. He has no balls to sit a veteran. NONE.

    Maybe moving Ras to his natural Center position would help him. I understand this is what the did with Larkin and it seems to have worked out well, but Larkin had Zetterberg to show him the ropes and feed him easy goals. Ras gets Neilsen? AA? WTF?

    Moving Ras to his center would force him to be more engaged and think less. Yes he will make his mistakes, but can it be any worse than the play we are getting from the rest of the centers? Larkin has been decent, but he cannot win a faceoff to save his life (or lives of his teammates). Ras is a pretty good faceoff man. Neilsen has been completely awful.

    I am now on the Fire Blashill Bandwagon for the first time. Enough excuses for this guy, time to move on.

    1. Yes, if this continues another few games, Blashill will have to be replaced before all motivation is lost.
      Mantha already looks mostly lost.

        1. Mr. Nelson is still waiting for a 1st line opportunity. Mr. Bylsma is on deck. Both fine coaches who will not induce a winning record from our current player roster. Will they do less damage? Maybe…

          I get the sinking feeling of status quo and continued “process” rhetoric .

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