Krupa on the ‘youth movement’

The Detroit News’s Gregg Krupa penned an article about the progress made by Dylan Larkin, Andreas Athanasiou and Anthony Mantha, and he prefaced it with the following:

It is fairly bleak, for certain. Late January, the All-Star weekend, and the Red Wings looking forward not to the playoffs, but to the intrigues of the trade deadline.

For a second season, a roster of stars too old, and prospective ones either developing or not, is failing to add up to postseason play.

The contracts up and down the roster suggest this could go on for a while.

That their performance in the last game before the break sputtered and coughed like too many before, in a season when a team that vowed to play with chip firmly on shoulder has sometimes skated and played docilely.

There are, however, reasons for Red Wings fans to be optimistic. Some fans recoil from the assertion, but good things are happening for the Red Wings.

They are certainly less compelling than playing and winning in late May and June. But to regain that glory, the Wings must emerge from the decline.

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All about Mike Green and his All-Star ‘audition’

Red Wings defenseman Mike Green scored 2 goals and added an assist while playing in yesterday’s All-Star Game, and USA Today’s Kevin Allen suggested that Green was “auditioning” for other teams:

Mike Green’s audition?

“Anybody can get lucky,” Green said when asked about his two goals in the final for the Atlantic. But Green could have also been responding to a question about his next landing spot. Even though Green, who also had an assist in the semifinal, brushed off a comment from a reporter about Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin saying he’d love him to return, Green’s time in Detroit is coming to an end. The Detroit Red Wings defenseman is playing on an expiring contract and could help any contender — even the Lightning, who are in the market for a right-handed shooting blueliner. He will be highly sought after as the Feb. 26 trade deadline nears.

Also of Mike Green-related note:

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On Mike Green and the Washington Capitals

The Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty wondered aloud whether Red Wings defenseman Mike Green might welcome a trade back to the Washington Capitals:

“Obviously it’s been brought up just recently,” said Green, who was drafted by the Capitals in 2004, of his status heading toward the trade deadline. “I haven’t put too much thought into it. Obviously as the season goes on you focus on the day-to-day path. I wish I could give you more of an answer. I’m sure as the next couple months go on we’ll find out more. I’ll find out more.”


Datsyuk discusses creativity in hockey, or the lack thereof

Pavel Datsyuk spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jason Mackey about what Datsyuk believes is a lack of creativity in professional hockey today:

“There are not many creative players now,” Datsyuk said after Team Russia’s World Cup of Hockey practice Sunday at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex in Cranberry. “It’s less and less every year. There’s lots of talent, but teams are playing more systems.”

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Rooting for Canada…And North America?

The Globe and Mail’s Roy MacGregor asks an intriguing question:

It’s not likely to happen – but it’s not entirely inconceivable, either.

Canadian hockey fans cheering against Team Canada?

It’s early in the relatively meaningless exhibition round of the World Cup, but there are still some things to be learned. And the most obvious has to be is the most-gimmicky team is for real.

Team North America – more often referred to as the Under-24s by the hockey world – is pretty damn good. The kids, as they’re also known, made easy work of Team Europe in two exhibition games last week. And while Team Europe – composed of players from Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Slovenia – isn’t expected to be a factor, no one really knows what to expect from the kids.

They could fizzle; they could contend; they could … As the Globe and Mail’s Montreal sports reporter, Sean Gordon, put it in Monday’s paper, they’re “half high-speed circus, half hockey team.”

“Let’s face it,” Team Europe captain Anze Kopitar quickly conceded, “they’re faster than us.” And more skilled. And more ambitious.

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Flying over Little Caesars Arena and a happy Mule

The Red Wings posted a very slick Instagram video of a drone flying over Detroit’s skyline, including Little Caesars Arena…

And the Red Wings were very busy in terms of posting Instagram content on Monday. It was good to see Johan Franzen skating again:

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Braden Holtby’s mask pays tribute to the Tragically Hip

I love this story: Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston hit a chord (no pun intended) in explaining why Team Canada goaltender Braden Holtby is wearing a Tragically Hip-themed mask during the World Cup of Hockey:

“Everyone knows the story in Canada,” Holtby told Sportsnet in an interview. “It’s one of those things that has turned a positive from a negative. It’s pretty amazing kind of what Canadians do. I grew up and I can have vivid memories of listening to my first Hip songs. We even had a class in school, a little part of it that was based on (the song) ‘Wheat Kings’ – I mean you just remember it. It’s Canadian, it’s the Hip, and with me being a huge music lover (it made sense).

“This being the biggest stage for hockey and a lot of Gord’s songs have hockey in them, I mean it ties the two in and I think it’ll be very good.”

The plan, ultimately, is to auction the mask off for charity. Word has already been passed along to the band and Holtby hopes the Hip will determine where the money ends up.

He’s never met Downie or other members of the band, but has long been a fan.

Johnston continues, and the mask looks awesome:

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TMR going to Traverse City!

As per usual, I’m raising funds for my annual prospect tournament/main training camp trip to Traverse City to cover the Red Wings’ fall prospect tournament and main training camp. I’ll be working for Kukla’s Korner for the duration, but I’ll try to post some exclusive stuff here on TMR as time permits.