Two things: Talkin’ “Hockeytown” and an examination of Axel Holmstrom’s rookie pro season

Of Red Wings-related note this morning:

1. Fox Sports Detroit’s “The Roar Detroit” offered an open letter to Bristol, Connecticut, the home of ESPN, regarding their assertion that Las Vegas is “the new Hockeytown”:

2. And’s Arthur J. Regner posted an examination of Axel Holmstrom’s rookie season:

66 – Number of games Holmstrom played for the Griffins during his rookie campaign.

7 – Holmstrom scored seven goals, which was third best among Griffins rookies. Filip Hronek led Grand Rapids rookies with 11 goals and Dominik Shine was second with eight tallies.

26 – Total number of points Holmstrom accumulated for the season, ranking him second in rookie scoring behind Hronek’s 39 points. His point total was also 10th best on the Griffins.

Regner continues, and Griffins coach Todd Nelson notes that Holmstrom’s knee injuries and surgeries prior to his AHL debut probably set the two-way center back…

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15 thoughts on “Two things: Talkin’ “Hockeytown” and an examination of Axel Holmstrom’s rookie pro season”

  1. The positive spin on these player reviews is getting old. For example, his 7 goals were THIRD among rookies. Wow. That sounds pretty good. Maybe mention that the FOURTH rookie was Saarijarvi who only played 42 games, mostly as a 7th d-man. The FIFTH rookie was Esposito who only played 31 games. So finishing THIRD among rookies really isn’t that relevant.

    Holmstrom’s skating isn’t just something to improve. It’s really bad. Even at the AHL level he’s noticeably worse than most guys on the ice. Maybe it’s the knee issues and he comes back next year looking much better. But at this point, he’s a 4th line winger that can’t skate. He’s under contract next year, but when that expires, we can’t even afford to use one of our 50 contracts on a guy like this.

  2. Hey biv. Hey Benzo. Why don’t you share your impressions of Holmstrom? That’s probably more relevant than your posts above. Thanks, from everyone.

  3. Yes Mr F.S.!
    You are becoming readable…keep it up.

    Slow is no go. Sorry Mr. Holmstrom, wont work this decade… not like before anyway.

    1. Biv, why do you even post here? You’ve been invited numerous times to share an opinion on the topic at hand. But you refuse to do so. Instead it’s childish nonsense that nobody else cares about. Are my thoughts and opinions critical or controversial – sure, I guess so. But at least I express an opinion. Look at your history. 99% nonsense. The article is about Holmstrom. I’ve shared my view. As have others. So why not do the same? What do you think his potential is?

      1. “Instead it’s childish nonsense that nobody else cares about.”

        It appears the acorn didn’t fall to far from the tree.

        People do enjoy having a hockey conversation around here. Sometimes you engage in one so long as the other person pets your ego just the way you like it. If they don’t it seems part of your grandfather comes out in you.

        I suggest you take your own advice. If you don’t like what someone has to say, or you think a certain person does not add to a hockey conversation then use the ignore feature. It’s not like you don’t already ignore some people’s point of view, why not make your “safe space” official?

  4. I haven’t watched Axel play in the A but I have watched him play in the S. It seems speed isn’t as big a problem when there is more ice and space to maneuver in. Now that he’s had a full year to see how playing on small ice he will work harder on his skating. If not, oh well, it’s not like he was a #1 pick with huge expectations.

    1. His issue with speed and skating is he had back to back knee injuries on the same knee and if I recall correctly they required surgery. Skating can always be improved and Holmstrom was never known to be a slick skater. Yet, his type of game and skill doesn’t necessarily require sheer speed but he definitely needs to improve his skating to even think about making the jump. As you said though, he’s not a top pick so it doesn’t really matter. He has a limited chance to become an NHL’er due to his willingness to go to the net and he has maybe a 3rd liner at most scoring touch. He’s a Turgeon type player who battles hard, isn’t afraid to post up in front of the net and is strong defensively. Hes got some offense to him but it probably doesn’t translate to the NHL. I think for a defensive type player, as a rookie he didn’t do too bad this year. He does though resemble the red wings main problem, too many bottom six projected players. I’m thinking a lot of his issue this year was getting use to NA ice and still recovering from his knee issues. I don’t sweat it, if he don’t make it other players will. That’s what farm systems are for. I like his offensive upside but don’t expect much from him and never have. I see nothing wrong with “the positive spin” nothing wrong in praising players for the things they do right.

    2. I don’t know how much I’ll repeat from Benzo, but this dude was a 6th round pick who has made it this far despite multiple knee surgeries. That’s pretty F*&%ing good for a 6th rounder.

      1. I think I noticed his exit from this years Griffins playoffs coinciding with the end of Griffins winning games. Does he have enough of that intangible tool that his teammates need?

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