Wallner: Griffins’ Lorito, Puempel star at AHL ASG

The Grand Rapids Press’s Peter J. Wallner reports that the Grand Rapids Griffins’ All-Star representatives did quite well during the AHL’s All-Star game:

Matt Puempel and Matt Lorito combined to score four of the [Central] division’s seven goals in three 10-minute pool play games, each playing three aside.

Puempel scored single goals against the Central and Pacific teams, while Lorito scored twice on three shots against the North and also chipped in an assist against Pacific.


On comments, bugs and other stuff

Okay, a few things need to be addressed, or will be, so:

  1. Regarding comments: some of you have come over from Kukla’s Korner. Some of you will be new, and some of you will have met somewhere along the way. I don’t want to preface anything with, “Well, this comments section is going to be different” from x or y because one never really knows how an audience shapes itself…

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Joe Hicketts reflects on his NHL debut on WHL.ca

The WHL’s website posted a profile of Joe Hicketts, as written by Robert Murray. Murray penned a really lengthy discussion with “Hicksy” regarding his NHL debut, the work that went into making the NHL, and where he goes from here:

“You’ve just got to put your head down and keep working,” Hicketts said, offering advice for similar players in his position. “I’ve been told countless times by even NHL general managers [that I’m] too small, too slow, not in good enough shape.

“To make it, I’ve played one game and obviously there’s that fire now that you want to play more but it all starts in the gym, working on your shot, your skating. With today’s game, there’s so many resources that are available to help you.”

One of those resources came from his parents, who were with him growing up through minor hockey and made it to his debut.

“From the amount of time, effort, and money they put into me growing up through minor hockey, to get there to that point to see them after the game and how excited they were for me, it’s something that I think makes the whole journey up to this point worth it.”


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Jon Cooper’s zinger

Hockeybuzz’s Bob Duff took note of a particularly ironic comment–well I think it’s ironic, anyway–made by Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper at the All-Star Game:

Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper and Detroit’s Jeff Blashill are longtime friends and constantly take playful digs at each other through the media. Given the opportunity through the All-Star Game to coach Green, one of Blashill’s players, Cooper just couldn’t help himself.

“OK, so I’m going to let this one out of the bag,” Cooper said. “Jeff Blashill sent me a text right after the game saying you needed a few more Wings on the team and I sent one back to him that said, ‘(Green) finally got some good coaching.’

“It was great having him. He’s been doing that for a long time. Had we won the game, maybe (Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov) would have got MVP but Green would have been right behind him. He was great for us.”

Duff’s Monday notebook continues


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TMR afternoon line: Ken Holland on Steve Yzerman

Red Wings GM Ken Holland spoke with the New York Times’ Andrew Knoll regarding Steve Yzerman’s passion for the game as the Tampa Bay Lightning’s general manager:

“Whatever you do in life, part of being successful is passion,” said Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland, who began training Yzerman during his playing career and presided over Yzerman’s three championships as a player before working with him when Detroit won another title in 2008. “It can’t be work. If it’s just a job, your energy level is going to be drained over time. That passion and desire to gather knowledge are what Steve had as a player and he’s also taken into the front office.”


Pavel Datsyuk named Russian captain for Olympic Games

From the Russian news agency “TASS“:

St. Petersburg SKA hockey team forward Pavel Datsyuk will be the captain of the team of “Olympic athletes from Russia” competing at the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, the head coach of the St. Petersburg SKA, Oleg Znarok, told reporters on Monday.

The team will head for South Korea on February 6 to prepare for the Olympics. “Datsyuk was designated as captain,” Znarok said.

Wings scout Glenn Merkosky named to AHL Hall of Fame

Red Wings pro scout Glenn Merkosky was named to the AHL’s Hall of Fame  this weekend–as Merkosky is a legendary member of the Adirondack Red Wings–and Merkosky spoke with the Albany Times-Union’s Pete Dougherty about the honor:

Merkosky ranks in the top 15 in AHL playoff goals, assists and games played. He won three Calder Cups, given to the AHL champions — two as a player and one as an assistant coach.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Merkosky, 57, had his entire family on hand, including a brother who surprised him by flying in from western Canada.

“I came to Adirondack at a great time,” Merkosky said in his acceptance speech. “The Detroit Red Wings were building, they had great ownership in the Ilitches. The Ilitches would show up for playoff games and take the trips in from Detroit and take a real interest in our team. They treated us great and became a part of our lives. As an American Hockey League player, to have a relationship with the owners of your National Hockey League team, like we all did, was something special.”


A new chapter

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