‘The Word on Woodward’s’ Bobby Ryan interview is a ‘great watch’

New Red Wings forward Bobby Ryan spoke with DetroitRedWings.com’s Art Regner today on “The Word on Woodward.” The interview starts at the 1:20 mark and goes for about 15 minutes, and Ryan is surprisingly forthright and up-front regarding his career trajectory while speaking with Regner. Give it a watch if you’re able to do so:

We like the moon (and Venmo)

As a follow-up to today’s post about attempting to make the blog viable long-term, I was encouraged to finally get a Venmo account, and I did so. Those of you who are not fans of Paypal or Giftly.com can now use Venmo to help support the blog.

So that’s finally taken care of…and here are the Spongemonkeys…

A bit of Bertuzzi talking hockey with Sportsnet 650 Vancouver

Paul Kukla of Kukla’s Korner spotted this Tweet from Sportsnet 650 Vancouver this morning, and it surprised me a little bit:

“Sorry, if I was was a d****. I was paid to go play hockey and entertain fans.”

Todd Bertuzzi with @jamescybulski and @psolkowski. pic.twitter.com/sDPYhy2BbK— Sportsnet 650 (@Sportsnet650) October 20, 2020

Bertuzzi did speak with James Cybulski and Perry Solkowski for “Sportsnet’s Starting Lineup” at 7 AM Vancouver time, and if you’re interested in Bertuzzi chatting about his career, sports of the day and his tenure with the Canucks…

Like the Jamie Macoun story, this isn’t necessarily Red Wings-related, but it’s an interesting “listen”:

Reporting from Moon Base Alpha

A little under two weeks ago, something remarkable happened. My 8-year-old laptop broke (due to a botched repair by…well, me), and I asked you, the Malik Report’s readers, to help raise funds for a new laptop in time for the draft and free agency.

It only took a day to raise $1,000 of the approximately $1,500 needed to pay for the laptop; two days later, the laptop was more or less paid for, and I was able to cover the 2020 NHL Draft, 2020 free agency and the ramifications thereof for you on a brand new ASUS laptop.

The way the TMR community mobilized to fund what was a moonshot’s worth of hope was astonishing, at least to me.

Now that I’ve landed on the figurative moon that is a new realm of possibilities for the blog, I took a couple of days to regroup, and now that the Red Wings’ offseason has slowed down from a gazelle’s pace to something slightly slower, it’s time to explore what’s next.

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Today’s ‘The Word on Woodward’ will include a Bobby Ryan interview

As the title of this post suggests, today’s episode of “The Word on Woodward,” which airs from 12 PM EDT to 2 PM EDT, will include an interview with new Red Wings forward Bobby Ryan:

Update: FYI:

The #WordOnWoodward is live again today at 12!! We’ll be joined by @KenKalDRW, Tigers Prospect @parkermeadows3, writers @JohnNiyo & @EvanPetzold, and one of your newest Red Wings, Bobby Ryan!! Tune in on @DetroitRedWings and @tigers Facebook & YouTube pages!! pic.twitter.com/NmooP3dxVi— Daniella Bruce (@daniellabruce_) October 20, 2020

A remarkable read about Jamie Macoun from The Athletic

This isn’t really Red Wings-related, but there are times that remarkable stories require noting, and The Athletic’s Eric Duhatschek’s tale of former Wing Jamie Macoun’s recovery from a paralyzed arm suffered during a car accident while playing for the Calgary Flames is damn good:

On his third day in the hospital after a 1987 car crash that almost took his life, Jamie Macoun was visited by a doctor who wanted to talk about amputation.

Even for a free spirit such as Macoun, it was a sobering conversation that immediately grabbed his attention.

“The doctor came up to me and said, ‘We have to have a serious discussion,’” remembered Macoun, who was playing for the Calgary Flames at the time.

“I said, ‘OK, I’ve only had three days of serious discussions since I’ve been in here — but whatever.’ But he said something along the lines of, ‘What do you want to do with your arm?’ And I’m going, ‘What do you mean?’ He says, ‘Well, you’re paralyzed — and the chances of you ever getting use of that arm again are zero.’ He explained that the human body, the damaged nerves, to regenerate even a centimeter, for some people, takes a month or more and the chances of me getting any use of my arm back was zero.

“I’m looking at him, going, ‘I don’t think you understand who I am or what I do. I’m a professional athlete.’ Either I was so stupid or it was just that athletic mentality kicking in, where you think, ‘OK, this is just a setback, but it’s going to come back.’

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Waiting for the Wings to negotiate with Bertuzzi and Mantha

Sportsnet’s Luke Fox posted an article regarding his Top 15 unsigned restricted free agents, with both Tyler Bertuzzi and Anthony Mantha making the list at 8th and 11th, respectively:

8. Tyler Bertuzzi
Age: 25
Position: Left wing
2019-20 salary cap hit: $1.4 million
Arbitration rights: Yes — and filed
Bargaining chips: Made first All-Star Game appearance. Back-to-back 21-goal, 47-point seasons. Skates nearly 20 minutes a night. Organization has invested seven years developing him into a first-line threat.

The latest: One of the few bright spots on a sad-sack Red Wings, Bertuzzi has over-delivered on his two-year, $2.8-million bridge pact signed back in 2018 and deserves a nice pay bump.

Of the three pending RFA forwards GM Steve Yzerman still must make decisions on, Bertuzzi is the most essential. Yzerman has been busy rebuilding his roster through smart, low-risk UFA signings, while clearing out veterans through buyout (Justin Abdelkader) or simply letting them walk (Jimmy Howard, Trevor Daley, Jonathan Ericsson).

Bertuzzi has 30-goal potential, brings grit to his game, and should be seen as a building block for a rebuild that needs as many as it can get.

Negotiations with Yzerman have begun as the sides try to work out a deal prior to arbitration Oct. 25.


Roughly translated: Joe Veleno speaks to Hockeynews.se

Red Wings prospect Joe Veleno spoke with Hockeynews.se’s Mattias Persson regarding his start with the SHL’s Malmo Redhawks. Here’s a rough translation of the Swedish article:

NHL-loaned forward about his form and first time in Malmö: “Will get into it”

He is seen as one of Detroit’s biggest hopes for the future.

But the transition from North America to the SHL and Swedish hockey has not been entirely easy for NHL loan Joe Veleno so far.

“I get to play a lot, and in many important situations, so I will get into it,” he says to HockeyNews.se.

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The 2020 draft bumped the Red Wings up 5 spots in The Athletic’s Pronman’s organizational rankings

The Athletic’s Corey Pronman analyzed and ranked the prospect pipelines of each and every one of the NHL’s 31 teams prior to the 2020 draft, ranking the Red Wings 18th, but there’s some good news for Wings fans this morning: Pronman has reassessed said prospect pools after the 2020 draft, revising his rankings, and the Wings now sit 13th:

Detroit Red Wings

Pre-draft org ranking: No. 18
2020 NHL Draft grade: A-

Things are getting better in Detroit. There’s still a lot of work to do given the Red Wings won 17 games last season. In terms of young players, they still need a lot more, particularly of the top of the lineup variety, but things are moving in the right direction. Their No. 4 pick Lucas Raymond has the potential to be one of the keys to ending the tough times.

1. Lucas Raymond, LW
2. Moritz Seider, D
3. Filip Hronek, D
4. Filip Zadina, RW
5. Joe Veleno, C
6. Jared McIsaac, D
7. Michael Rasmussen, C
8. William Wallinder, D
9. Dennis Cholowski, D
10. Jonatan Berggren, RW
11. Elmer Soderblom, RW
12. Robert Mastrosimone, LW
13. Donovan Sebrango, D
14. Albert Johansson, D

Continued (paywall); you’ll notice that many of the Wings’ “top prospects” per Pronman’s estimation are at or near the NHL level, which is a bit of a concern, but the Wings really are rebuilding their prospect pool, so any progress forward is good progress.

I should note that Swedish sports tabloid Aftonbladet produced a tell-all article about Jonatan Berggren’s comeback from back and shoulder injuries a couple of days ago, but the article is regrettably behind a paywall. Berggren sits 2nd in the SHL in points right now, having posted 2 goals and 11 assists for 13 points in 9 games played.

Down Goes Brown thanks the Wings for the S-O-L point

The Athletic’s Sean McIndoe, a.k.a. Down Goes Brown, compiled a list of neutral and/or unfortunate things about the NHL that one may “blame” upon Eastern Conference teams, and he’s not wrong in suggesting that Red Wings senior Vice President Jimmy Devellano is to “blame” for the shootout loss point (and Ken Holland came up with the Regulation-or-Overtime Win tiebreaker):

Detroit Red Wings

Thank them for: The loser point

Who should we blame for the dumbest rule in the NHL? Everyone. From Gary Bettman to the GMs who could change it to the coaches who alter their strategies to the media that still lets the league get away with spouting nonsense about it, it’s a stain on the entire sport.

But who can we blame for coming up with the idea? That would apparently be Red Wings legend Jimmy Devellano.

The longtime Wings executive and former GM is the one that typically gets the credit for suggesting the NHL’s new overtime format in 1999. And at the time, it made at least a little bit of sense – teams were playing for ties in overtime, making sudden death a boring slog. Remember, this was before the shootout, so Devellano’s idea to encourage teams to go for the win had some merit. And he also got the league to adopt 4-on-4 overtime, which led to today’s 3-on-3, so if you like that then you can thank Devellano.

But yeah, that stupid loser point. Whatever sense it made in 1999 was wiped out by the shootout’s arrival and the end of ties in 2005, yet we’re still stuck with it to this day. Is that Devellano’s fault? Probably not, but like the mad scientist who sees his well-intentioned creation break free and wreak havoc, he’ll always shoulder at least some of the blame for the misery his idea has caused.

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