Checking in from flu land

Hi, everybody. I wanted to let you know how things are going health-wise.

Both Aunt Annie and I got the flu–plain old influenza–about two weeks ago, and things got particularly bad last week. We both had the kind of body aches that people write about in tales of hospital-bound flu, our fatigue was off the charts, so we were both sleeping most of the day and night, I had a fever, and both of us had “grumbly tummies.”

It took a full week’s worth of being very, very quiet and taking a lot of Tylenol to deal with the physical pain to come out on the “still exhausted” side of things, but AA and I are starting to get better. I’m not going to put a date on when I’m coming back as that’s often a dangerous self-fulfilling prophecy, but this week seems likely.

I’d like to do two things: 1. Thank you for your support and; 2. Remind you to get your flu shot if you have not gotten it (it’s never too late to get your vaccine).

Even with the influenza vaccine, this bugger of a flu bug hit me rather viciously hard, but I know people who’ve been hospitalized with influenza this year, and I got to skip that part of the physical fandango.

Hockey-wise, the Wings are doing okay, and I miss talking with you guys and gals, so I’ll get back to work as soon as I can.

For the present moment, stay safe if you are in Southeastern Michigan as we’re going to get somewhere between 5-10 inches of snow overnight, get your flu shot if you haven’t gotten it, and know that I’ll be back ASAP because I miss talking with you. Again, thanks for your well-wishes.

See you soon!

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      1. Just surprised me for a minute, hope all is well

        Not a Big Fan of Brooks, so I nearly missed StevieY babble.

        Not sure I would read something into StevieYs words. Safe for now, I am across a border that is supposed to be closed but a lot find ways and cross it. Guy works in Detroit, crosses often from Canada to USA and return. Essential travel, until he missed a day of work, Fined $3000 plus Tax . Sometimes Govts scare me when I am relaxing my brain!

        Hope to see you soon..on your Blog!

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