A hockey-speak familial medical update

We’re into January, and I’m sure you have some questions as to my whereabouts, but I have a slight problem in affording you a full update: the mom has yet to…declassify her situation…so what I can tell you is very limited.

As a result, I’m going to do my best to explain what’s going on in hockey injury terms. So:

Mom has an upper-body anomaly, and we spent the latter half of December dealing with that anomaly. She’s had over seven hours’ worth of imaging thereof…

But her specialist wants to determine the anomaly’s composition, and as such, the mom’s having a diagnostic procedure next week.

The procedure’s result will determine how the anomaly is treated, so that’s yielded a fair amount of anxiety for everyone.

That’s where the family is at. We spent half a month ferrying the mom to doctor’s appointments; now we’re en route to the big day and big diagnosis.

I will inform you of the status of the return-to-blogging eventuality when that’s possible. Right now, the familial medical adventures are taking precedence.