Seidel on Filip Zadina’s longer developmental timeline

The Free Press’s Jeff Seidel discusses Filip Zadina’s longer developmental timeline in a column this morning:

“We want him to be important and he will be important in Grand Rapids,” Wings general manager Ken Holland said. “He’s going to play important situations. He’s going to play in the top two lines.”

You have to remember that Zadina is 19 years old.

“I want Filip Zadina to be fully developed by the time he’s 22, or 21, or 22,” Holland said.

As Holland talked, as he changed those numbers, it sounded interesting, if not revealing.

Like he was debating in his own head.

Obviously, there is no firm timeline.

And this is nothing new. Wings fans have heard this kind of talk before, waiting for prospects in Grand Rapids.

And frankly, it drives them nuts.

“When Henrik Zetterberg showed up in North America, I think he was 21 years of age,” Holland said. “Pavel Datsyuk showed up in North America when he was 22 years of age. Then, in Pav’s first year he scored 11 goals his first year and 12 goals the next year. They became who they were, when they were 24 and 25 years of age.”



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5 thoughts on “Seidel on Filip Zadina’s longer developmental timeline”

  1. Can we please fire this guy already? His views of this game are archaic. All over the league young players are allowed to step in a flourish, and allowed to work through their growing pains. Here, you are either in Grand Rapids for way too long, or playing on the 4th line when your game doesn’t suit that. We have finally gotten the influx of good young talent that we need. Now its time to inject some light into the front office. They clearly just don’t get it.

  2. It seems that most people feel that some time in the AHL is the best thing for Zadina. He clearly looked like he needs a little time to get acclimated to the speed of the game at the pro level. If he kicks ass in Grand Rapids we should see him on the Red Wings by New Years Day. I’m not a big Ken Holland supporter, but I think he has handled the Zadina situation properly at this point.

  3. I’m fine with Z down in GR for a month or two. Let him get 20-30 games in and if he’s lighting them up, then it’s time to bring him up. If he struggles in the AHL, great, that’s where we need him to struggle and find the answers to grow. Don’t let him dominate down there – what is he going to learn by doing that?

  4. Someone should tell KH it is 2018 and Zedena is not going to be in GR 3 or 4 years. I agree that New Years might be a god date to look at. KH really gas to stop talking , he is going to piss off prospects with stupid delusional comments. I enjoyed most of the prospects playing tonite, just off the top of my head , Sulak and little Joe cleaned out or caused mayhem in front of Jimmy. What is with Ras’s ice time? Some Vets showed OLD legs(the best D pairing sure didn’t look like DeK and ?). Glendening was good on a rotten team, Ehn was winning faceoffs and had a short preseason. I am just going to watch the kids as long as they are playing in the NHL. Honestly not looking for some Vets to comeback, Errorson, 1 legged Kronner,,,,,

  5. Zadina looked good at times and bad at times during the preseason. His finishing is elite already, but most of the rest of his game looks like it could use a bit of polishing from what I saw. Half a year or even the full year in GR wouldn’t hurt him. Next year he should be on the team though, baring a bad year in GR.

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