Every summer is the ‘summer of Ken, veteran’

This was coming. That’s my “bottom line” thought about the Red Wings and Ken Holland’s decisions to re-sign Mike Green, bring Thomas Vanek back and ink Jonathan Bernier to a generous 3-year contract–that all of this was coming.

When I left the Wings’ summer development camp on Saturday, I understood that Ken Holland was going to put some roadblocks in the faces of the players the team had spent the week promoting, and I knew that from the instant the Wings re-signed Holland himself.

In my opinion, there’s just nothing to be enraged or infuriated about not because Kenny wasn’t gonna do what he does, but instead, precisely because Kenny Holland has never, ever changed his stripes as it relates to padding the roster with veteran players.

It happens every summer, no matter how damn good the young players are, and the only people that can fight the battles against the Old Guardian are the Wings’ young players, not you nor I, so I just try my best to sigh heavily and move on with my day.

I hope that you can find your happy place and know that the enthusiasm I conveyed regarding the Red Wings’ young players this past week is still very real, and that they are still the future, regardless of how many roadblocks Holland places along their path toward the NHL. In the end, talent prevails, and over the long haul, the Wings’ best players will shine through…

It’s just going to take a little longer to get to that bright future than you or I would like, because “our team’s” general manager is one stubborn old codger.

That’s my take, at least.

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5 thoughts on “Every summer is the ‘summer of Ken, veteran’”

  1. I think there is a lot we don’t see, a lot we take for granted, and a lot that we forget.

    Injuries, trades, and unforseen circumstances will lead to openings in the lineup. Who is to say Nyquist or Helm won’t head out this year. Will Kronwall’s knees hold out? Will Hank’s back? Who would have guessed we would be able to ship Pav’s cap hit to Arizona? But it happened. Maybe Bylsma can spark a few younger guys to progress or some of these guys find their second wind. Who knows?

    We made the playoffs for so long, it was no longer enough for Wings fans. If we didn’t win it all, the season almost felt like a failure. That’s not a bad thing, strive for greatness every day, but it’s also not the norm. This is strange territory for us as a fan base. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t agree with KH on some of his moves, but I’m also not a GM (and as much as anyone might disagree, a pretty damn good one when push comes to shove).

    WE are fans, not players. Imagine being a 19 year old kid, who has just had his dreams come true. You’re in the NHL. Now you’re playing against, literally, the best players in the world. On a team that’s in a transition period. Try for one second to imagine the pressure that you’d be under. That some of these guys ARE under. Is it really better to throw them to the wolves, destroy their confidence against men in their prime, and watch the pieces burn? Or does it make sense to bring them in slowly? Slow exposure, veteran presence and guidance, makes sense to me. Regardless, we will hit a turning point in the next year or two (in my humble opinion). Cap space clears, we have a solid core that isn’t completely devestated by losing, a brand new arena, a healthy farm system, and hope for the future. We really aren’t that far off now. A couple sparks here or there, better play out of a few guys, and we’re relevant.

    My point is, before we go and give up on the season completely, let’s get a few games under our belt. See how this all shakes out. If I’d of said last year at this time, that Karlsson would put up 40 goals in Vegas, I’d have been locked up at Pineview, and rightfully so. But, lo and behold, a year and 43 goals later, it’s proven that you never know what might happen. Food for thought.

  2. “our team’s” general manager is one stubborn old codger.”

    what are the chances he is mentally challenged at his age (Dementia coming, etc). Name another GM holding prospects back and bending over for Vets (2 more NTCs).

    He has lost whatever he had when the Salary Cap era started.

    $9M to sign Larkin, Mantha and AA. Probably not enough to sign Larkin and Mantha. In Cap Hell again

  3. At least the team should be better lol. But I don’t see sheltered Vanek being the role model you need for AA.

    Or 3rd pair Green… etc.

  4. I’ve seen lots of comments today about contracts ending in a year or two. There is no reason to think that KH is going change his M.O. and not resign some if those FA or others not currently in the organization.

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