Two things: Khan on the Wings moving up in the draft; Ouellet’s future likely lies elsewhere

Of Red Wings-related note this morning:

1. MLive’s Ansar Khan answered reader questions in a mailbag article, and Khan answered a couple of draft-related questions:

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10 thoughts on “Two things: Khan on the Wings moving up in the draft; Ouellet’s future likely lies elsewhere”

  1. It would be awkward if Kenny doesn’t trade Ouellet…and then he comes to camp and outperforms guys like Kronwall, Ericsson, Jensen, Hicketts, etc…

    I wonder why Ouellet wants out so bad? Fractured room? Not a fan of the process? Feels that he’s better than Kronwall?

    1. Oh man!!!!! This team is a mess!!!!! The locker room is a daily fist fight (fortunately no one on the team can actually fight or at least Jensen is afraid of lil’ Bert). I’m too imagining Z limp wrist slapping Nelson.

    2. “I wonder why Ouellet wants out so bad?”

      I think it’s pretty cut and dry. He’s not playing. He’s a hockey player who probably wants to play hockey and he’s not getting the chance.

      You act like everything involving this team is a day’s of our lives spinoff.

  2. Nearly 5 years of treading water with any coach would be a challenge.

    Hey Rangers! Mr. Sprouls perfect pairing partner! How about a 2nd and a 3rd?:)

  3. It sucks when one of our young D cant outlplay a vet on one knee, a guy who needed neck surgery, another with a degenerative hip issue, another guy who disnt score a goal at all this year, etc.

    1. I would have played Ouellet for 82 games. Kronwall could have been scratched. Not sure why Jensen was on such a long leash. So I wouldn’t claim Ouellet couldn’t outplay these guys…Blashill just didn’t believe in him. Scratching Kronwall would also hurt feelings in the country club.

  4. It is what is regarding the veteran D – assume Kronwall and E will play out their contracts. If mgmt believed in playing young(er) D a ton to see once and for all what they can do, they wouldn’t have signed Daley and wouldn’t be so strongly interested in bringing back Green.

    It seemed like Jensen’s greater mobility and right shot gave him the edge over Ouellet.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but with veteran’s dominating the roster that’s all it took, to relegate Ouellet to spot duty. The games where he played like five mins as the 7th D must have been especially puzzling.

    The same principals are returning who make those decisions, so I’m sure Ouellet feels blocked. From other team’s perspectives, why give up an asset for a #7 D who is no longer really a prospect?

    Likely either a team with injuries will pick up Ouellet on waivers, or…five(!) veteran D will be clogging the roster in Grand Rapids, right when at least four prospects who need to play will be (re)joining the roster.

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