Khan on the Wings moving up, RFA talk and Green

According to MLive’s Ansar Khan:

  1. The Red Wings have indeed considered moving up in the draft…

The Detroit Red Wings have the sixth pick in the June 22 draft, their highest selection since 1990.

But it might not be high enough to suit them. A couple of the players they covet, right wing Filip Zadina and defenseman Evan Bouchard, might be off the board.

That’s why the Red Wings are trying to move up the draft, to as high as No. 3, a league source said.

2. The Wings have begun to speak with their restricted free agents’ representatives (see: Andreas Athanasiou, Tyler Bertuzzi, Martin Frk, Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha)..

Darren Ferris, the agent for Andreas Athanasiou, said he and Red Wings general manager Ken Holland had preliminary discussions during this week’s NHL Scouting Combine in Buffalo. Athanasiou is arbitration-eligible this year, unlike last season, when he didn’t sign until October. If either side files for arbitration, it will assure him of having a contract no later than early August.

3. And Khan reports that the Wings are trying to re-sign Mike Green:

The Red Wings remain interested in re-signing defenseman Mike Green, if he’ll accept a two-year deal, and had talks with his representative in Buffalo. Green is an unrestricted free agent whose season ended in late March due to neck surgery.

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41 thoughts on “Khan on the Wings moving up, RFA talk and Green”

  1. Welp, this sounds like more than conjecture that the Wings want to sign Green. Serious neck surgery, requiring surgery, and a team offers you a 2 year deal? Who will offer more?

    I’m not a fan of this.

  2. So yesterday I wrote about how the Wings would trade up to #3 and draft Bouchard who would likely be there at #6 anyway. That did not go over well here. And now Khan is speculating with that exact scenario. Priceless.

    And also stupid. Save your assets and pick #6. If Bouchard is gone in the top 5…then that means someone like Dobson, Zadina, Wahlstrom, Hughes is on the board at #6. Is Bouchard really head and shoulders above these guys? There have been numerous drafts when I’ve wanted us to move up 3 or 4 spots and we never do…and now when it’s not necessary we’re talking about squandering assets to do it. If you are going to move up, move the 30/31 pick and climb up 5-10 spots. Watch it cost AA +2nd to move from #6 to #3.

  3. We need to rebuild our defense. It’s old.

    But first let me re-sign Mike Green to stand in the way of Hronek/Hicketts. I’m also giving away Ouellet.

    Yeah we definitely have the right GM for the rebuild!!

    1. Ken Holland would’ve the option of either one or two years, More then likely Holland always opts for the two year deal.

  4. You either need to get a new hobby or find another team to root for. Or are you just here to troll and see what kind of reaction you can get by being an ass.

  5. It’s hilarious to me that a rumour comes out and people flip a lid over it. Point of discussion, sure.

    To blast an organization for something they haven’t even done….lol.

    Conversations. Draft rankings. Other teams. Coaches, scouts, etc. If Kenny wasnt exploring all options, he’d be a worse GM than he already is.

    1. I don’t know what’s worse FS or the FS rabid leeches…

      None the less. I like Green, he was a component to our defense that we didn’t have and don’t currently(Hronik?). In fact, IMO he is valuable. There is a but here. would love to resign him but we already have 7 D contracts. Jenson and Witkowski are the only contracts that something can happen with. Hopefully i’m wrong for a good reason.

      1. Yeah, Green is the only real offensive defenseman the wings had.

        And honestly, I dont see a need to rush Hronek up because why waste a year of him in the NHL for this team? I kind of appreciate that Kenny is slow rolling this rebuild, not giving up assets. It may be misguided, but I can’t change that.

        But Green’s injury makes him a no for me unless he comes in on a PTO and earns it.

        1. We don’t know the details of his surgery or the risk in his transition.

          IMO you can’t have 5-6 veteran D-man on this team in October. At training camp and the preseason the tie has to stop going to most veterans. I understand it’s a process but get on with it.

          1. True on the surgery, but it still holds me back. PTO is a fair offer to me; prove it and you can stay. A bit of loyalty, but also a bit of team need. And if he moves on, then one less vet to have blocking Hicketts/Hronek.

            As the years pass, vets leave, and you don’t fill with another vet unless no one is ready (Which would be disastrous for this team).

          2. How can Kenny even consider signing Green after stating the defense is too old and must be rebuilt? Because all the other vets have NTCs. So dump Ouellet and bring back Green. Sorry, but this is absurd. This is why we need a new GM with an actual vision.

          3. Worst case scenario is Green goes on IR and the cycle of young guys move up. This creates a situation where guys are being brought in a a “trial by fire”. They get a look at the game at the NHL level and then go back to GR to work on the things they are deficient in.

            Of course that’s being a half glass full position. I’m sure there’s a half empty take too.

        2. “I kind of appreciate that Kenny is slow rolling this rebuild, not giving up assets.”

          In some ways it may be better to have a log jam then too few prospects. Sure some guys may not get the best opportunities or a look soon as most fans would like, but IF those guys can’t cut it at the A or E levels then why do they deserve a look in the NHL?

      2. I think it’s us leeches. But, I’ll ask you this, if Fatty didn’t exist, would the leeches exist?

        At any rate, I too like Green. He’s the Red Wing that got away back when KH traded that first round pick. Oh….my….what Detroit would have looked like then.

        Still, I’d prefer Green over XO and Jensen. Those two guys probably won’t reach their full potential as Red Wings, if Jensen does at all. I think he has peaked. Both those guys are replaceable by younger players. I don’t really feel either adds anything to the team.

      3. Trant says:
        June 2, 2018 at 8:32 PM

        I don’t know what’s worse FS or the FS rabid leeches…

        I don’t know what’s worse, FS or the FS cheerleaders…

        we can all play this game, can’t we?

  6. Mike Green and the sound of inevitability. Even without the neck issues I’ve never been impressed by him especially for his price tag. Of course I also think Blash never put him in the best position to succeed either like so many other players.

  7. Something most armchair GM’s fail to consider: Loyalty goes both ways. Perhaps Green is interested in paying it forward to the Red Wings for the way they’ve stood by him through his injuries and (to some here) his disappointing seasons?

    Perhaps Mr. Holland is interested in bringing him in on a reasonable 2 year contract with the sole intent of trading him to a contender for more future assets at the deadline?

    Perhaps Mike Green has discussed this with Kenny?

    Perhaps Mike Green is interested in this scenario because he would be able to have some control over which team he goes to?

    Perhaps it is easier to pick a Cup contender closer to the deadline than at the start of the year?

    There is more than one angle to be played here.

    The constant drumbeat demeaning all Red Wings decisions and thought processes, even before they’ve made any at all is unfortunate.

    I’ll stand by the management team. Ken is smarter than the bandwagon haters give him credit for.

    But I’m not a fan of Blashill…

    1. Exactly, I stand by them as well. Collectively the team probably has a couple hundred years of experience. I take their advice before anyone on a board. To call them idiots and claim they don’t know much or are in cruise control or whatever is nothing but arrogance. These guys eat, sleep and breath hockey…PROFESSIONAL hockey. We might not like their decisions but they know a heck of a lot more than any of us. To think you know more is asinine.

      1. I’d also add that being professionally employed does not automatically mean these guys know more than all of us! I’d say most fans hated the Abby contract from the moment it was signed. We knew his stats were inflated by Datsyuk. And we’ve all been correct on this. We all hated the Cleary situation. Many said Stamkos would never come here. Many said Kronwall shouldn’t be on the PP. On and on. Sometimes being emotionally detached allows for more logical decisions. ..

        1. I don’t like you and I will soon put you on ignore, so I do not really want to dignify ANY of your posts with a reply, but I feel I must in this instance.

          When you say “we” you NEVER speak for me.
          You can put that mouse back in your pocket right now…

    2. Yes you can sign Green…and if he stays healthy…and if he plays well…thats 2 big it’s there…then you can trade him for what, a 3d round pick? Maybe a 2nd? At this stage, this extra pick isn’t worth stunting another year of development for a young player. Let Hronek and Hicketts and Cholowski and Sulak actually battle for a real job. How can you rebuild your defense when the only change is giving away Ouellet and then having Hicketts split time as your 7th d-man. Sorry. I get the loyalty angle. I get the trade value. But at this stage it’s absurd.

    3. There are absolutely better ways to critique front offices with a level of respect. Gotta at least try to make it not look like a personal vendetta haha

      1. There is the philosophy about how competition brings the best out of people while the bad ones crumble…..but that’s the American way. Who in their right mind would prefer that when they can just live in Mom & Dad’s basement until they get sued for not leaving by age 30.

        Gahk. Hard work or expected privilege?

        1. I agree with Red Wing management’s philosophy of being competitive. Internally and in season. I never want the Wings to tank.

          And I expect hard work. They are professionals. Pro’s don’t quit.

          Don’t understand the mom’s basement analogy, but that’s okay I guess?

  8. Forum warriors NEVER thought Holland would get the return he did on Smith.

    Forum warriors NEVER thought Holland would get the return he did on Tatar.

    1. Yes some nice returns on Tatar, Jurco, Smith, etc…I always give credit when due.

      But I also have no problem criticizing when I feel its due. Like wasting a 3rd on Sadowy. He’s nothing more than a training camp invite to fill out an AHL roster.

      How about botching the expansion draft and losing Nosek when he should have been protected over Abby.

      How about failing to realize that Jarnkrok was NHL ready? Or including him in the first place when Nill asked for Jurco, as reported in numerous places.

      How about the 4-year deal to Kindl? Signing Colaiacovo, Tootoo, Weiss, Nielsen.

      Could go on and on. More mistakes than smart moves. Every GM makes mistakes. I’m not expecting an infallible manager. But the list of mistakes far outweighs a couple of player-for-picks deals.

      1. “Could go on and on.”

        ahh, the irresistible force. No one has any doubt.

        “Every GM makes mistakes.”

        Enough said.

      2. “like wasting a 3rd on Sadoway”

        Sadoway is not written off JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY SO.

        Was not Sadoway a 3rd round pick himself (2014)?

        So it is not reasonable to think that perhaps he was most likely more developed than 3rd round picks in his equivalent value trade year (2017)?

        Who did San Jose get with that pick?
        MacKenzie Entwistle

        Would we be better off with Entwistle than Sadoway?
        Is this what the discourse boils down to?


        Would take Abby over Nosek every day.

        Jarnkrok is WAY overrated by things like you.

        Go ahead and research as many years as you’d like.
        You’re not expecting an infallible GM because they do not exist.

        Yet you hold them to such a standard by your armchair.

        1. “Would we be better off with Entwistle than Sadoway?”

          That’s assuming Fatty even thinks Detroit would have drafted a good player like Entwistle.

          1. I think the Entwistle pick is erroneously credited, but my point still stands.

          2. In my opinion, what San Jose did with that pick is meaningless. They could have approached the draft podium and announced they were going to default this pick. That does not make it a good trade by Kenny.

            At the end of the day, a 3rd round pick is an asset. We could have selected Entwistle. Or someone even better. Or used it as currency to trade up in the draft. Or to acquire another player. Infinite possibilities.

            Instead we used that asset to add a guy that was projected to be a 3rd line winger at best. This was not a team need. We’re already drowning in bottom 6 wingers. Not to mention you can add guys like Sadowy every summer in free agency. Or anytime of year on the waiver wire. So this was a squandered asset that has nothing to do with what the other team did with it. Acquiring a young asset always comes with risks, every GM makes mistakes, but if you are going to use a 3rd round pick to acquire a prospect, at least try to address the organizational need at center or on defense. If Kenny did that and the kid turned out to be a dud, well, at least he tried. But wasting a 3rd for a depth winger was just pointless.

            Just my opinion though. If you think the trade was good because that particular pick didn’t pan out, well then I guess we have different philosophies. Imagine being on the other end and see if you still agree…so for example, most would agree that getting a 3rd round pick for Jurco was a pretty good trade. We picked Petruzelli with that pick. If he doesn’t become an NHL goalie does that make this a bad trade by Kenny? I don’t think so. It was a great trade. Do you really think Hawks fans are happy wasting a 3rd for Jurco? They don’t care whether Petruzelli makes it or not. What matters to them is a 3rd round pick has value, and it was squandered.

          3. “Infinite possibilities.”
            Space Aliens!
            “Acquiring a young asset always comes with risks…”
            Was Sadoway an old man? no.
            “….every GM makes mistakes…”
            Except you are holding Holland to the fire for this one. So I guess this is not as excusable as you are implying you would give to any other GM.
            “If Kenny did that and the kid turned out to be a dud, well, at least he tried.”
            Christoffer Ehn
            Riley Sheahan
            Alan Quine
            Louis-Marc Aubry
            Landon Ferraro
            Julien Cayer
            Stephen Johnston
            Jesper Samuelsson
            Joakim Andersson
            Randy Cameron
            Zack Torquato
            It sure seems like you have recently been criticizing KH for drafting poorly and not attempting to fill holes, yet, you can excuse ALL other GMs for making mistakes but not KH. Rich.

            “But wasting a 3rd for a depth winger was just pointless.”
            Actually, Detroit doesn’t have many wingers with scoring ability in either the A or the E. Adding Sadoway actually addressed that need. Adding Matt Puempel this year also addressed that need.

            So while, yes that third round pick was a kind of Schrodenger’s, what it would have only bought the Wings was another player needing 3 years of Jr development while they need AHL level wingers who might blossom into something more right now. But that’s okay, young, bottom 6 forwards, still with potential are a dime a dozen on waivers at the start of the season.
            Uhhhh….on second thought…..
            Of the 115 players put on waivers from Sept to Dec 2017 only 8 (7%) were within 2-3 years (23-24) of Sadoway’s age (21).

  9. Definitely have been some good returns in draft picks the last couple of years. Jurco will get his last chance yet again this upcoming season.

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